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  1. Indeed an important reminder always, reading while reflecting and reciting with comprehension holds a greater benefit! Jazakh’Allah Khairan. May Allah (S) always make the Quran our guide (Ameen).

  2. SubhanAllah :) really good article, will definately In Sha Allah try to follow these tips…..JazakAllah for sharing :-)

  3. Jazakallah khairan khatheera for this wonderful gem.
    Subhannah! I received this email just after I had recited quran and felt that I didn’t have enough concentration .
    Alhamdulillah :)

  4. Jazakillah for this strategies on reciting Quran.May Allah make it easy for us to act on this.
    we can work with the loved ones to recite at our convenient time and encourage each other.
    pray to Allah to make recitation and understanding of Quran easier for us.

  5. Jazakhallah khair for these useful tips.
    To share my own tips I usually read Quran in the dark while waiting for the kids to go to sleep. Our bedtime routine is lights off, I tell the boys two stories, we recite an ayah of the Quran, make dua and then instead of me sitting in the dark waiting until i can slip out of the room unnoticed (usually end up nodding off myself!) i pray isha salah and then read the last ayahs of Surah Baqarah and Surah Mulk from my phone. It really sets a peaceful tone for the evening and helps me de-stress. If i achieve nothing else in the day except for praying my salah and reciting Quran in the evening I know my day has been worthwhile and I have been a “productive muslim” :)

  6. jzk for the wonderful article !!

    a friend of mine taught me a good tip (may Allah bless her):

    before we start to pray/ read the Quran – make a list of all the thoughts in our head, whatever we’re thinking of eg tasks not done, grocery list, thinking of someone who’s made us happy or sad, anything at all. by writing it down iA it’ll take our mind off it for a while and we can focus on the Quran/ prayers and supplications that lay ahead

  7. Subhana Allaah. Jazakillah khair for your beneficial article sister :).
    I have encountered this problem again and again, and I was soo frustrated to see day by day the pages of Quran I receite decrease due to the lack of consentration I have :(. It’s also happen this morning. But alhamdulillah I received your article just a couple hours after today recitation time in my inbox. It makes me again amazed of how Allaah swt provides us with solution. Insha Allaah I’ll put it in work and please make dua for me to have a khusyu sould and mind. Insha Allaah., aameen.

  8. Masha ALLAH very good article indeed, i will try to follow the tips and pray that ALLAH give us all understanding and guidance thru QURAN(Ameen)

  9. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah dear sister

    Jazak Allahu khair for ur excellent article.

    May Allah swt help us all to implement all of the strategies and work for His sake alone Ameen.


  10. Assalam-o-alaikum. Jizakal Allha Khair for these practical tips. One tip which I used to do that after reciting set of some verses, I listen those set of verses on audio of any good Qari. Its really affects heart. It is beneficail especially for those people who are not good in recitation.

  11. Jazakallah Khair.The tips are most useful.To add to this is that after the recitation in arabic if one can go through the translation of the read out text, will add great value in understanding the message being delivered from Allah(SWT).

  12. Masha’Allah Jazakallah khair for this tips. I was really having a hard time to focus my mind when im reading Qur’an. When im reading Qur’an my mind thinking every things. I’ve really wanted to focus on what im reading but I don’t know what I do. I hope this tip make me better and could focus :\

  13. spending quality time with your most trustworthy and supportive companion… What a wonderful thing go say… Allahamdullilah… A wonderful and informative..
    thank u..

  14. Muzammil has better proof of the night being more beneficial for reading Quran. 73:6. Bani Israel tells us what to say in tahajjud at 3 am beneficial prayer. Muzammil at the end tells us how to recite when reading. Bani Israel in the beginning tells us how to recite when praying.

    Morning or early dawn just before Fajr is best for praying for Allah’s forgiveness. 3:17 and 3:16 is the prayer for Allah’s forgiveness. Sayyidul istighfar is great before Fajr, too.

    Just a few interestingly important facts to check out.

    • Also, the Quran encourages to say alhamdulillah and subhanAllahi Rabii wa bihamdi and subhanAllah the most. In a day every day. Also send much prayer for Allah’s peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad. I love Quran. alhamdulillah.