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  1. Assalamu alaikkum sister Lilly,
    Finally you made me do it. Its the first time I ever commented on anyone’s work. But seriously, I think you are from Mars….
    The way you sequenced all of these is really , I would say, AWESOME. I can’t find a better word.
    And honestly, I feel I learned more from this series than those I did ever in my life.
    I would just say that I am double glad that I had found you. Praise be to Allah alone.
    And may Allah bless you and your family and ofcourse your lovely dad. I never miss his comment on your work.

    Oh and my lessons…
    I had learnt the reason behind why I had always been tested on my relationship with people and was always deprived from that which I loved the most. This one was an eye opener for me.

    • Oh Shaher you made me laugh from the heart! Such a sweet comment from one of the sweetest, most amazing girls ever! Thank you so much!
      Amen to your duaa… Especially my dad :) his comments have charmed readers all over the website! I get personal comments and emails from readers around the world telling me how lucky I am to have him
      I so am alhamduallah! Alhamduallah alhamduallah
      When Allah takes something He replaces it with something so much better. Alhamduallah a million times for both my parents and for all my amazing readers who always encourage me and lift me up.
      I’m blessed with all of you…. So please keep commenting :)

  2. As always beautiful, mesmerizing, thought provoking write up. Indeed happiness is elusive! Keep up it good work. Jazakallah Khair!!!

  3. MashaAllah so hooked on this series! loving the lessons they teach always moves me.
    May Allah bless you and your family

  4. Alhamdulillah, I’m ever so grateful to come across this story of yours. It has brought up good feelings in me, and since I started in part 6, I ended up reading all of the previous parts of this series in a row. I love the way you weaved the story lines among the characters, and managed to put in precious lessons to be learned in each part of this series. Seriously charmed by it. Jazaakillah khayran, and keep up the good works!! Really wish that I can write as fluent and mesmerizing as you… Baarakallahu fiik…

    • I hope starting on part six didn’t ruin the plot for you :)
      Touched by your lovely comment Asfira, and I’m sure one day you’ll be writing even better than that inshAllah
      True wishes to please Him bring about inspiration by Him….

  5. I am loving this! The writing is getting better and better, and I LOVE the way you talked about Ramadan! May Allah reward you, and I hope I can write as well someday Insha Allah and be able to inspire others the way you have.

    • InshAllah you so will! I remember having that same dream years ago, and now reading all these comments I can’t help but thank Allah over and over for His kindness, mercy and inspiration

  6. Ramadan to a conscious muslim is the foundation of ultimate happiness. It is the only time of the year when the true personality and self assessment is done by muslims worldwide, the spiritual uplift makes all environment sane therefore Allah in HIS mercy purposely wants us to discover our ability to do more for ourselves in term of IBADAH and have compassion for humanity in general. jazakillahu khayran for the piece. I pray Allah continue to endow you with wisdom. MA SHAA ALLAH my dear sister.

  7. Jazakallahu khair sister……while reading this part it felt as if i m getting answers to the questions running through my mind…..May Allah reward U

  8. Asalaam wa alaikum,
    InshAllah your in good health and Eman,
    I love this series ?
    JazakAllah Khair
    Keep Up The Great Work!!!
    Allahuma Berik

  9. Jazak allahu haire for this wonderful motivating words through out the’s keep going on my mind..I can see every single sentence itself consists of more lessons and more meaning . I again and again read this article..and every time it’s seems to be really fresh. Alhamdulillah…

  10. Happiness really is in making others happy! Anytime I am down, I look for ways to make a person smile.May Allah continue to increase you in knowledge.

  11. I cannot find the best words to describe your awesome and valuable article, ?
    The way you described why Allah take away things we love because HE loves us ,…!!!!
    OMG ? we do that all the time to our children.
    Now I understand So many things much better…thanks to you..
    Jazaki Allah khairan &stay blessed always…
    Excited to read more and more inshaa Allah.

  12. I love the series of therapists saga!!! Each episode i could relate to my own life and subhanallah the perspective the therapist give is so simple at the same time profound. Its reflection and relying on Allah taala wisdom as He has the best of knowledge in everything.

  13. I really love reading this series…And the way you have written about fasting is really touching….May Allah bless you!!

  14. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu :). Subhanallah, yet another thought-provoking episode of inside the therapists office.
    What have I learnt..never to doubt Allahs judgement because He is al-Waduud and how can a lover watch their loved ones go through pain and misery without some kind of reward or a reason. And indeed Allah is the best of ALL planners. It’s made me think about my past experiences and when I look back at my life I think about how grateful I am now that Allah has removed some people in my life and how He has blessed me with the time to spend it with others who make me me, although at the time I didn’t think of it this way. Allahs tests patience in many different ways; taking away loved ones, sickness, divorce etc. But the reward for patience is something no eye has seen and no mind can imagine and what better of a reward? Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen for Islam…it has put so much meaning to my life and the true purpose of life.
    May Allah accept all our good and forgive all our bad. Ameen.

  15. Aslm alaikum sister
    It is true that happiness lies in helping others particularly the less privileged.It’s a wonderfull feeling that cannot be expressed.I like the way you relate true life experiences with quranic quotations,it’s really inspiring and soul searching. Jazakumullahu khairan katheeran

  16. Masha Allah! from all the comments above it can be observed that all the readers are having a great experience in reading all your advices. Its a type of healing experience where each one gets the answer to his/her unanswered questions or doubts. Your writing piece is not just a piece of advice but has a profound impact on the heart. May it be the source of change of hearts in Allah’s path for many more readers..
    Lesson learnt is that each time Allah(swt) gives us a calamity it could be a punishment or a test (to find out the level of Eemaan we are in). If it is a punishment then probably we are into some haram and we could ask forgiveness from Allah(swt) and come out of it. But if it is a test then we need to have Patience and depend on him for support. He also gives a difficulty which could be a blessing for the believer and may replace it with something better.

  17. Assalam Walekum… sister….I can’t explain how you solve my depression, loneliness by this amazing series… I was also going through this same phase of sudden loneliness as one of my very good and inspiring friend suddenly changed his behaviour and stop talking as well (I can’t find any reason:( …) …I was continuously asking Allah about why this happened to me …..
    …..but know I think I find the perfect answer, Alhumdulillah!!..:))
    Jazakallah hu khair… keep inspiring us again and again by ur blessed writing ability ..:))

  18. Ok, been away so didnt have get a chanec to read till now.
    I love the way you took away the high and brought us back to the lessons not just a plot weave…
    Never thought of Ramadhan as a peaceful place, always a training ground for the rest of the year to be closer to Allah…but yes, it is a peaceful place, almost unreal in how different the rest of the year is in comparison that you dont want it to leave…Peple in the office are already counitng the days for me on Ramadhan going…they don’t realise I am sad inside….

    Hmmm on friends that tie you up in knots. I struggle with this but insha Allah, its not because they leave….but Alhamdullilah, I always tie all my relationships to Allah and so no matter how hard or tough the emotional bond is, we always refer it back to our Creator.

    Yeah, so I guess my lesson was in the first paragraph…

  19. With Allah swt’s blessings and will and with syafaat from Rasulullah saw, we are learning more about ourselves and our Deen with each unfolding series… Thanks to the entire team and our humble writer Lily for putting everything together.

    I have been in deep thoughts about the art of disciplining my children and it actually reflects much about my expectation of myself and my achievements / non-achievements in life. While I take some time to reflect upon it this Ramadhan, I ask of Allah swt for me to remain consistent in the right path and have the gift of Iman. I would like to extend my prayers to Lily and all readers here as well.

    A work-in-progress Muslimah

  20. Yes. This is bound to happen. It is an expected outcome. Think for yourself. Would you like it if you loved someone more than everyone else but that person loved someone else more than you. How would you feel? What would you do? You would want to take that person away from your beloved to have your beloved all to yourself. Similarly, Allah loves us more than anyone ever can, even our mothers. ALLAH’S love is 70 times greater than a mother. So when you and me prefer someone else over ALLAH, love someone else more than ALLAH, give more time to this person, a creation, more than ALLAH, think more about them more than ALLAH, cry more for them than we do for Allah, infect only cry for their love and neglect ALLAH, want to be with them more than we want to be with ALLAH , make more sacrifices for them than for ALLAH and then a time comes when we only live for them and not for ALLAH! So when this person leaves us we are hit real hard and we feel there is no meaning to life anymore. This is how far astray we lead ourselves. How did we get this far? Because we lost true direction, we stopped following true guidance, gave in to false love which can be of anyone, your mother, father, brother, sister, friends, other family members, and forgot the ONE TRUE LOVE. Then who saved us? Who took us out from this misery, overwhelming sorrow and lament? Who helped us get out of this darkness? Who removed our depression? who helped us stand up again? Who helped us feel happy again? Who took care of us when we needed to be taken care of the most? Who mend what was broken? Who replaced which was lost? Who gave us the strength to live again? Who said “DO NOT GRIEVE, I AM WITH YOU”? It was no one but OUR LORD. Perhaps if you had not become so attached with this person, you may not have lost them. If you had remembered to pray on time, to fulfill your worship with true love and kept your heart more attached to Allah then all this would not have happened. It is not forbidden to love other human beings. Our Prophet Muhammad loved his wives, daughters, grandsons, friends and slaves greatly but he never loved anyone as EQUAL TO ALLAH, NOT EVEN CLOSE TO EQUAL. That’s the reason he never lost anyone except through their death. We lose people because we forget Allah and then Allah makes that person forget us only so that Allah can have us back because Allah does not like to share us so much with others. And my dear brothers and sisters, OUR true DIGNITY , TRANQUILITY, HAPPINESS AND CONTENTMENT is in loving ALLAH MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD. This is a love which will not bring you any sort of disappointment, regrets and sorrows. I guarantee you this will be the safest, the most rewarding, the most honorable decision you will ever make. To give your heart to ALLAH. I urge you and myself to give our hearts, today to Allah fore ever. To make it impossible for anyone else to steal it from us. No matter how much they show that they care about us, praise us, honor us, REMEMBER, they are a blessing from ALLAH and will only stay with us IF WE LOVE ALLAH MORE. Otherwise we will lose human love. It is a fact that humans need human connection, recognition, belonging and love to live positively so balance it up with justice. Be just. DO not make Allah take it away. DO what He wants. Love ALLAH dearly, more than yourself and Allah will not let you perish. He does not abandon US. WE abandon HIM. WE become disloyal. BECOME LOYAL TO HIM and HE will LOOK after you and grant you whatever is beneficial for you.So do not ask Allah that O Allah make so and so person love me but ask Allah to love you. When He loves you, all of His creation will love you. Keep Allah’s creation in your hand and keep Allah in your heart. May Allah preserve our love for HIM till we meet HIM in peace. Ameen.

  21. Lily mohsen!!! Always leaving me totally speechless by her writings, i must this series is one of the best in productive Muslim if not the best,i must say Productive Muslim is a great gem.Like i said lily always leave me speechless so i dnt know what to say”Jazakalahu khayr” and i want to also say Jazakalahu khayr to Haleema bakar for her inspiring comment.

  22. AssalamuAlaikum
    Masha’Allah this time it seems like an eye-opener. And from this story, I learned that we shouldn’t get attached to anything or anyone more than Allah (s.w.t). And when we do good deeds that’re mentioned above while going through challenges with patience can help you get closer to Allah (s.w.t) and by Allah’s Will happiness will come along in our lives.
    (اللهم لا تعلق قلوبنا إلا بك)
    J.A.K for sharing

    • Salam Sister Maryam,

      Glad you’re benefiting from this Series. Don’t forget to share it to your family and friends and multiply your rewards. :)

      -Customer Support , ProductiveMuslim

  23. I like psychology but I didnt love it and since I have started to read these series, I am in love with psychology.. ur doing a beautiful job sis lilly for the sake of Allah.. IN SHAA ALLAH, now, I am planning to study psychology in order to get closer to people and Allah.. Jazakillahu Khairan.. May Allah reward u

  24. assalaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. shukran lilly for an inspiring series and stories…you have made me realise that Allah is first before anything, and whatever happens to someone’s life whether good or bad is from Allah and there is always a good reason behind it