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  1. I finished memorising the Quran last year and haven’t focused on it in the past year.

    I didn’t know it so well in the first place but this past year I have let it crumble.

    I plan to rectify this in the next two months (summer vacation). This article has helped inspire me. JazakAllah.

    • Salaam Alaykum! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really glad the article inspired you and I am more than happy to help you achieve your Quran memorization goals. Would love your feedback on our app Insha’Allah :)

    • Insha’Allah with the right discipline, efforts, dua’s, you can most certainly memorize Quran. I would suggest with memorizing 1 Surah first and focusing on achieving weekly goals by memorizing a few ayahs per week. It’s important to first build a solid memorization foundation first and keep increasing the # of ayahs you memorize as you start memorizing more and more. Do take a break as well sometimes iA!

  2. Alhamdulillah! May Allah reward you guys in your effort to help the umma to realise their Qur’an memorization goal.
    Myself I was in one khalaq doing memorization, but my big problem is whenever I memorize a chapter and then move to the next one within two or three days the old chapter will vanished, but I never give up.

  3. AssalamuAlaikum, Br.
    Masha’Allah am really grateful to be reminded about intentions. Honestly that’s what I forgot during my journey to Quran memorization. Plus I find the exercise shown above really functional and helpful! May Allah elevate you all to the highest level of paradise. J.A.K.