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  1. Assalamu alaykum.

    I feel that the end of the video (the selfirs of each other), deflected the video from it’s intended message/meaning. If a couple are the coolness of each other’s eyes, then there is no need for showing it to other than each other.

    • I actually think it was just referring back to how the lady was watching the actor surrounded by paparazzi taking his pic. If anything, it was meant to show that the husband and wife should be each others’ fans, instead of looking elsewhere. That was just my understanding though as I realise that picture taking is not acceptable. Hope this helped.
      Fi amanillah.

    • I liked the video, and even at the end i got the idea that they took the pictures so they can KEEP the beautiful vision for the rest of the day; not to share with the world.
      Nice work, and very helpful.
      jazak Allahu khair

  2. Mashallah this series of animation made easy to understand. It turns out one of my favorite visual method. I’m starting to have a good background about marriage after each series. J.A.K for sharing with us.