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  1. In My Opinion.For the first two years a couple just need to Observe each other . When we take our Marriage for granted Mishaps happens.So my advice to everyone is vigilence :)

  2. Asalamualikum
    Ya give time and space to each other, and respect the parteners wish this will make marriage easy and comfortable

  3. Alhamdulillah! I think I’ve read this article at the right time as a to-be-groom soon. May Allah bless the writer and help the ProductiveMuslim team to grow and help in all their endeavors!!

  4. well said! Both need to carve out space for one another…..blend their choices and needs.Or else it feels like being nowhere!leaving one disoriented….its sick for the new commer to pull out each stuff from the luggage each time…feels like you are required to be packed cause you may leave any time!

    • Assalamu alekoum sister Sana,

      I’m so sorry you’ve had this experience. I agree that it is vitally important for individuals to have both personal space in a new home and a place to store their possessions so they don’t have to live out of a suitcase. I’ve been married for two years now and some of my things are STILL in suitcases (and I only came with three!) I agree that it is very disorienting and does not make one feel like they are at home, or able to relax into their new space. I pray it gets better for you, insha’Allah!

      ~Janet K.~

  5. MashaAllah, nice article.
    For me, I think the first tym newly weds move in togeda or d first week they spend with each other is to understand their individual
    differences & attitudes. This determines a lot in whether d union will last or not.

  6. Good Article…

    Something good to share for single person like me to know earlier.. As a preparation before entering the ‘marriage world’. The most important thing for newly wed couple is communication, blend with trust and respect. In shaa ALLAH everything will be in a good track.. Hiccup here and there but it will lead to a better life.. Thank you for the article sharing..

  7. Masha Allah wonderful article will keep in mind when my time comes in shaa Allah.
    If we could be productive islamically in one way or another the Ummah can be better understood and may this be the platform where all questions are answered by A llahs will.

  8. Mashallah, this article is easier in giving us clear advices on the idea of being organized. Inshallah we’re all looking forward to a productive Ummah. Thank you for sharing with us Sr. Janet. May Allah bless in dunya and akhira.