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  1. as Salamu aleykum,

    for the days when you are not working out I would recommend to put an islamic lecture or some quranrecitation or audiobook on your smartphone and go for a walk for one hour while listening to the lecture. Better then listening to it while sitting infront of a computer. By listening while walking you do something for your mind and body at the same time.

  2. My college has multiple sub-campuses. I get off the bus at the first stop of the subcampus and get on the last stop and walk all that’s in between!

  3. Assalamu alaikum. As far as I’m concerned I would just search for it in YouTube. And also for websites like sunnahstrength, Muslim bodybuilding etc.. Jazak allah

  4. For ladies: I can tell about two things I love: Blogilates and Tiffany Rothe Workouts (both on youtube). For some reason Cassey from Blogilates is just fun and she makes me smile while I’m exercising and she gives great motivation. Also she has blogilates site where you do register thing and then you have available begginer calendar of workouts for whole month and also calendar of present month. Tiffany Rothe is all about 10 minutes workouts and she is good too. I love mixing their exercises and I do it at home and that’s it.

  5. I think starting small is key and being consistent will lead to successful exercise habits. I think the big mistake is being too ambitious initially. This is like a life goal or habit and starting small and consistency really helps tremendously! I read a book titled ” activate your brain” by Scott c halford. He basically tells you to sweat the small stuff. Start small, start now.
    If you exercise for just 5 min but you do it everyday for a month and then increase 5 min second month and so forth- you’ll have the strength to exercise 1/2 hour by the end 6 months and you can increase if you want to do more. See those 6 months compared to the rest of your and it’s a very small time frame to establish a habit. This type of mindset has helped me tremendously. Hope this helps inshaAllah.

    • I agree. It also takes self discipline and accountability. I work out at home 5 days a week. i love TKD but have no nearby schools where I can go and practice so I do it at home by myself. I look at other people my age when I go out and look at how lethargic they are and that gives me the motivation to keep going forward because I don’t ever want to be like that. It comes down to motivating yourself. Plus when we’re doing it to seek the pleasure of Allah because our health is a gift from Him then that also makes it that much easier. in Sha Allah I hope this helps.

    • I agree with starting small and working your way up. Small changes which is sustainable is much better than big goals which gets you demoralised when you don’t achieve them. Most important is be comfortable and consistent

  6. Definitely agree with Aasia sister, if you’re a student, let the elderly woman sit on the bus so you can stand. It may sound small, but if you do this consistently (as well as other activities!) you will notice a difference!

  7. Three essential things to not waste time at the gym:
    1. A goal – Without a goal in mind, your exercising at the gym can seem like a chore. It will get you to the gym, make you more determined not to miss a workout and keep your eye on the prize when you feel your motivation is lacking.

    Personally, I sign up for races like Tough Mudder and Dirty Dozen (and raise money through sponsorship for charitable causes I believe in). While I understand this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it gets me to the gym after Fajr when going back to bed is a more attractive alternative otherwise.

    2. Commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle. Going to the gym is 33% of leading a healthier lifestyle. The other thirds are effective nutrition and rest. Without 1 of these 3 you are likely to face more stumbling blocks. Create a schedule that suits your lifestyle and stick to it. It’s easier to stick to with a gym buddy – then you have a commitment to each other.

    3. A program to get you to your goal. Be this for strength, conditioning, cardio or for a specific sport. Taking small, manageable steps through a program is likely to get you to your goal. Keep changing things up every 8 weeks so you don’t plateau and your motivation doesn’t drop. Also remember to take a week off from the gym after every 8-10 weeks to give you a chance to fully recover and keep motivation levels high.

    Insha’Allah may Allah swt accept our intention and make us all more successful, healthier, fitter Muslims. Ameen.


  8. Swimming is a great way to stay fit. Its fun and energizing and does not cost the Earth. You don’t need to tie yourself down with a membership, like the gym, and you can go swimming as and when you please. Just swimming once a week is a great way to shed some pounds and get the heart rate pumping. you will feel your muscles working and it will be awesome to know you have had a proper workout..
    Some people disregard swimming totally, because they just don’t feel comfortable being seen in swimwear, by strangers. Or the hijabi/niqabi sisters may feel too exposed, but don’t worry there is another option….Private pool hire! Many large households with a private indoor pool are now renting out their pool to the public. You can take your friends/sisters/your other half and have the pool to yourselves for an hour, for as little as £18 for 3 people, depending on what the family themselves want to charge. Just search online for a private pool near you, and your on your way to a healthier you, inshaAllah. Give it a go, you’ll never know if you don’t try.

  9. I have a 7 minute app, that is on android but I’m sure on Apple too (just search up “7 minute app”), that really gets my blood pumping. Doing it after Fajr is best because that is when I have the most time which I’m sure that’s when a lot of us have time to spare too. It’s fairly simple. All your doing is one of thirteen exersices every 30 seconds. Which means that this app doesn’t go by repetions, but by how much you can do in those 30 secs. Another plus is that since I push myself this early in the morning, I feel awakened and full of energy for the rest of the day.

  10. I am a firm believer in active lifestyle than gym memberships and stuff. To be physically active, try and incorporate things that you would have fun doing. i.e, for me it is taking a walk in the evening, I have been drooling over hiking but so far, no one has took me in some hiking station, I am a member of really lazy family. :/
    Befriend with the kids around you and rest assured, those little devils won’t let you sit in any moment. Thus the incorporation of active lifestyle.
    Household chores are also something that keep me active all the time (with voices from all around the house being shot at me to do this or that or find me this file or that pair of jeans)
    And I have been saving the best one for last, eat as Sunnah suggests. With hunger still remaining. I have made this a habit of myself and now I hate getting stuffed. It makes me feel lazy and I have come to hate being lazy as well.
    I am not the perfect example of activeness or anything, but just sharing my own ways of doing things. Hope to find more amazing suggestions that could be incorporated in my life.

    Jazak Allah for such a fun topic to discuss. ;)

  11. Asalamwalaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    A really interesting topic to be discussed on…

    In my opinion, the following points will help to stay fit :

    – Having a sound sleep for at least 7 hours a day.
    – Eating healthy food but in the Sunnah way i.e. 1/3 of food, 1/3 of water and 1/3 of empty stomach for air.
    – Doing warm-up exercises early in the morning for 15 to 30 minutes.
    – Staying active and productive by avoiding laziness,
    and most importantly..
    – by never missing the namaaz prayers five times a day. ( especially Asr prayer keeps us healthy ).

    InshAllah.. this will help and i am excited to read and learn more suggestions to this topic. :)

    • Hello Brother Osman,
      Assala Mualaikum,

      Your opinion and points you raised are fantastic to become a productive Muslim or Muslima.But in practice we will find a few number among ourselves who really a practice Islam to become productive both here in dunia and hereafter.That’s why a mental and intellectual exercise is awfully necessary which is reading the Quran with understanding. This understanding of the message of the Quran would help us to judge the limit of our activities of worldly affairs.
      Thank you very much o my brother in Islam .Harun

      • Walaikum assalam Brother Harun.

        I Agree with you that we need to understand the Quran for any solutions. Quran is the best book which provides perfect answers to any questions and problems we have and that Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWS) life is the best example for any matter including the ways to become physically active.

    • I agree 100% . To be physically active exercise and workouts are the main thing but there are things that help you to prepare for a active lifestyle. Getting adequate rest is essential. Plus eating healthy. For me a low carb and low sugar diet has helped tremendously. Also eating good fats like organic butter and coconut oil – a couple of tablespoons daily and organic apple cider vinegar twice daily with water has really helped me banish fatigue and tiredness( I’m a mom to a very active toddler) . Eating less and not responding to every hunger pang is also key but that requires a lot of self control and it’s best to take this endeavor gradually ( a span of two years is good time frame ) – I tried eating less when I was 17 years old and it took me two or three years to establish the habit and now 10 years down the road I cannot help thanking Allah for endowing me with this type of self- control.

      • I have seen older people that have heart problems and other medical issues and they can’t fast or pray as a normal adult human being can so seeing them I try to make intention to preserve my health so that when I’m old I can pray and fast as easily I can now. Furthermore, having the habit of eating less, sleeping less , have good physical endurance and generally having good self- restraint is that these habits are a great help in times of hardship and one can bear the difficulties with beautiful patience and no complaints alhamdulilah which I think is success in and of itself.

      • Nice to hear that..
        To add upon.. Having honey with warm water early in the morning keeps us away from many diseases. The healing benefit of honey is also mentioned in the Quran.
        And eating dates… there’s a saying “A home without dates is a home without food”.
        Eating Almonds and fish are good for mental health. It increases the learning power. Especially good for growing children.
        Research have found that people who perform ablution frequently are less prone to depression.
        I appreciate you for your control and consistency. Many of us keep the intention of following the good habits but seldom do that continuously, and that’s where we fail. we should be consistent.
        Thank You.

  12. Salam..
    I can share my ideas from a student point of view, which i have been applying for years. The help me a lot. Especially, during exam time when a student has to sit for prolong hours. When you sit to learn a topic…go through it well, once you give it a read and it is in your short term memory. When you want to consolidate that through revision then sit up and walk. Revise the topic in your mind. It will improve your body circulation.
    Many neurophysician says that after forty five minutes of study..if you do some physical activity, it will make you fresh. It can be 10 to 15 minute walk as well.
    When we exercise or walk, our body releases happy hormones and we feel a great improvement in mood.

  13. i prefer dance workouts since they are more fun than the traditions gym workouts.Involving yourself in outdoors is the most superb way of staying active.I prefer walking to work as compared to driving to work since walking burn out more calories and it could be faster than driving if you live in a city like Nairobi where there is heavy traffic in the morning…Swimming during weekends is also a great way of staying active and last hanging around good people who always keep you laughing.

  14. From my childhood I was always an active kid. But as I aged especially after 30’s I started gaining weight and due to work I didn’t have much time/scope to work out. Well, I never worked out and I have always preferred sports (of any kind) instead of hitting the gym. Then one day two of my friends wanted to start working out (at least in some form). So we decided to walk/run/jog every other day. My friends were more fit than me, better built. They ran while I “walked” in the same park. In 3 months time we all lost weight and became more active. My friends more than me…but I haven’t done bad either. So my points here are: 1. Find out friends/co-workers/neighbors who has the same intentions to be active. 2. Do it regularly even if its for 5-10 mins every other day or once in a week. Maintain the routine. 3. Eat less carbohydrates, especially sugary substance. Trust me YOU CAN DO IT. All it needs is continuity. The amount doesnt matter.

  15. Ma sha Allah. Since our bodies are amanah (trust) from Allah, we are obliged to keep them fit and healthy. I agree with Sis Samira, swimming is an area we overlook as a Ummah as a form of exercise due to the attire attached to it. There is an abundance of modest swimming wears online. I had my first swimming class so days ago and really enjoyed it. I also use a 7-mins Apps for exercising. The App is good for the busy people. :)

  16. It is nice to share ones experiences and personal feeling which is some thing beneficial to others. I am 65 years old
    Al hamdulillah I am alright on health point of you, but I am diabetic for the last 22 years. I am now a insulin dependent for the last one year eight months. My routine is to get up about 45 mts before Adhan for the fajar prayer. Then I walk down the lane to the mosque and then come back home , read Quran and duas for 20mts and offer Ishraaq prayer at appropriate time and then move on to community sports complex. I play table tennis for almost one hour to one and a half hour both with youngsters and old people. Then I will come back to home and have some light refreshments and sleep off for about 2 to 3 hours. As per this routine my health is Al hamdulillah normal and good.

  17. I walk alot and i do that consistently. My schedule is a busy one, so i planned my sleep pattern. Rest is also a way of been physical active because it calms the mind and body.

  18. Assalamu alaykum and wa alaykumussalam to all of you,

    I belive that
    1. NAMAAZ/prayer
    2. Eating the sunnah way and eating the foods mentioned in the Quran and Hadiths
    3. Fasting (espacially on the days our prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did) and knowing that we may nlt have this phisical health forever
    4. Not looking to haram
    5. Reading and listening to the Qur’an
    6. Reading about the productiveness of the prophets and the sahaba
    7. Reading hadiths about activeness (not only phisical activeness but in general)

    will get you phisically active inshaAllah ♥

  19. I love Yoga to keep myself physically fit. The best part about doing yoga is that you don’t just acquire physical fitness but also feel peaceful. Most importantly, However, you need to perform Salah the proper way, and you’ll open the doors to physical and mental health. If you are a yogi, you would notice that there are certain asanas that resemble Salah poses.

  20. I being principal make attempt not to take lift and take twice the complete round of the school including 2 floors walking

  21. Masha Allah all of you have shared great ways of exercising mind and body but could someone share something exclusively for a new mom i have a 6 month old masha Allah and she requires my attention almost 24/7 so i feel very lost many times.

  22. My friend and I meet up every Saturday at each other’s house, alternately, to do yoga together. We use online yoga videos and just follow them. Sometimes we also do other things like belly dance or circuit training. It is just more enjoyable to share a fitness goal and exercising with a friend.

  23. i take 10 floors stairs every day to work and i also do a 25 min work out by chalene johnson early morning around 6.45-7.15 am before my son wakes up as thats when i have time. Its a HIIT workout video which i can easily do at home. I only do it 4 days a week, so it also gives me a bit of flexibility if I am not in the mood etc.

  24. As for me.. We can always exercise in the bathroom.. No joke.. Coz when we are in the bathroom we wasting time just standing there.. Try do a squat.. Just a moment.. But have so much effect..

  25. AsalamuAlaikum,
    I agree with most of the comments mentioned above, I also recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water, if that’s challenging then eating more hydrating foods such as plenty of fruits and vegetables while reducing sugar and salt intake. Even the idea of a ‘low-sodium’ diet works well in my opinion. Hope this works inshallah ❤

  26. Assalamualaikum

    I am a postgraduate student in Agriculture. Therefore, at least once in a week I will do cleaning in glasshouse that I use to plant the crops. I always consider the works I do during the cleaning such as arranging the pots, planting the seeds and transplanting the crops as a part of exercise and therapy. Sometimes it takes just a few minutes and sometimes can be up to two hours. But I enjoy the works so far, Alhamdulillah. I am so happy to share this with dear friends here.

  27. Everyday I come home from college, and tell myself that I will 2 mi on the treadmill, but I get too caught up with my assignment and constant household chores whenever I want to go exercise, it’s all so frustrating, and then my parents tell me that I should exercise everyday!!!
    Ugh, it’s so frustrating!!!
    Please give me helpful advice my beloved brothers and sisters!

  28. One of the blessings that we have been given is the ability to walk. It’s a really simple and easy way to get the heart rate up (depending on how fast you walk) and is a low impact type of cardio so it’s easy on the joints. Due to it’s low impact nature we can take benefit by walking with a friend whilst conversing (which is something that most people have stopped doing) or listening to out favourite audio book or even memorise a verse of the Quran. 10-20mins everyday will definitely get the blood pumping round the body :)

  29. I have not a specific time of the day for the exercises, but one thing is certain I do not let any day without the exercises may be small or extended sessions it varies . Igenerally performs the exercises at my home in reading room that lets me a comfort in front of my friends I.e books

  30. Every morning, I would ask my 5 yrs old son to jump with me in a big trampoline before he was getting ready for school. We’ve invented so many jumping and playing styles, sometimes we even played throw and catch with balloons on top of the trampoline. We’ve been doing this for the whole month. It is fun bonding time for us, and both of us have got happier, healthier and fitter. I’ve encouraged my husband and my two older children to join us exercising in weekends when they are all at home in the mornings, and they followed suit a bit, at least now they put exercise in their agendas for the weekends ;)

  31. Besides lot of what has already been said one thing I would like to add up is not to sleep again after Fajr and spend that time in Dhikr-o-Fikr,Stroll and to have Sunbath as that used to be one of the routines of Prophet SallallahuAlaihiWasallam.In countries where the Sun doesn’t show up cool morning breezes can also do the job as I read in a book of a saint that morning breezes have benefecial effects like that of Dam-e-Isa.Again Colonic Motility is at higher side in the morning so one stays awake he will get easy Bowel Cleansing which is vital to be active,agile,healthy and fit.