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  1. Jazakallah khair for this very informative and useful post! I love how you made the distinction between productivity and efficiency. Indeed I see that unfortunately in my own community waste is very common and this post really does a beautiful job of emphasizing the importance of avoiding waste.

  2. Well written. Most of the issues I feel strongly about. Have circulated to all the sisters at my workplace.

  3. Jazakallah for the encouraging words. It will be great if we can have more tips on reducing the consumption and wastage

  4. thanks for such an enlightening piece. it has great many reminders. really my kind of thoughts on the thriftiness. God bless :)

  5. Thank you so much for your kind and generous guidance.  I am often dismayed at the waste found in our local mosque and native country of Lebanon.  It seems we prefer comfort due to laziness, or as you mentioned, the status related to comfort.  I am encouraged to follow your advice–the sunnah and hadith of our beloved Prophet–peace and blessings be upon him–and to stop being so lazy!  It´s important to remember that we will be held accountable for even the littlest of food leftovers or the water of our wudu.  Thank you and peace be with you.

  6. masha Allah.Alhamdulillah. creating awareness among the ummah.
    to reduce the number of clothes in my closet,i categories my clothes into clothes i wear more and clothes i wear less and at the end of the day i keep them packed to be distributed among less fortunate people in my community through my grandmother living in village.

    2.on a weekly or mothly bases when i clean up my book shelves, i collect the waste papers to be given to the paper recycling company in my country at zero cost.