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  1. Algamdulilah I have learnt a duah a can mention daily to seek help from ALLAH SWT. I would appreciate more tips and duahs to decrease dept and increase income

  2. Indeed, Very good article . Jazakallah for spending time pondering your thoughts and experience to get financially healthy & productive.

    Few points like plan your budget, side business these are things I learnt newly.

  3. In the tech world of today, it’s definitely a great tip to cancel unnecessary memberships, delete apps that are not important yet get addictive while having some in-app purchases to zap your money.

    Although online payment has come to ease life, one has to be careful not to get carried away and keep buying fancy programs and other products just because it only takes a click of the button.

    JazaakAllah Khayr for putting this together. It is relevant information our youth need to engage with – as they are tied to the Internet and technology as though they need it – like air – to survive.