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  1. A revert loses some of the worldly things in his search to truth but what he gains is priceless.

    It is Narrated Abu Sa‘îd Al-Khudri Allah’s Messenger said, “If a person embraces (converts to) Islam sincerely, then Allah shall forgive all his past sins, and after that starts the settlement of accounts: the reward of his good deeds will be ten times to seven hundred times for each good deed, and an evil deed will be recorded as it is unless Allah forgives it.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol.1, Hadith No. 40A).

    Dear Reverts,Welcome to Islam .May allah help you .There is a short guide with free books which you may find useful –

  2. An excellent subject and one that definitely needs to be reflected upon. Based on my experience with revert sisters and brothers, here are my personal pointers:
    1) For some reason, one of the first things we seem to encourage single revert brothers and sisters to do is to get married. Like, NOW. This is definitely important but is also definitely NOT the first thing they should do! They have embraced a completely new way of life, and in many cases this new life has affected relations with siblings, parents, friends and colleagues. Let’s try and support them through just getting to grips with the basic tenets of Islam, before we hurry them into marriage (which in itself is a life changing event)
    2) Start practising what you preach – subhanAllah, a reminder to myself first and foremost. We talk the talk of Islam, but do we walk the walk? Let’s ourselves not miss our prayers, or engage in backbiting, or cut off relations with our kin. Similar to teaching a child, learning is more by seeing what a person does as opposed to what he/she says. So when we talk about our amazing faith and the obligations within it, let’s attempt to better ourselves and enforce stricter standards upon our own lives before we preach to others
    3) Regular communication = invite revert brothers / sisters to small gatherings. Let them be comfortable and meet other Muslims, or better yet, other reverts. Swapping stories and sharing experiences allow them to bond and feel they are not alone in their journey. As born Muslims, many of us are unable to relate to a lot of what revert brothers and sisters have to go through on a practical level
    4) Practical faith – I have found the best literature/media on the subject of the basics of salah to be those written and produced for children. Simple and easy to follow, let’s not inundate new Muslims with in depth and complicated reading. Keep it simple.
    All I can think of for now!

  3. Thank you for this topic/question. I reverted to Islam a little over 1 year ago. My journey since reverting at the mosque has been pretty much in isolation but I remain a Muslim and I stay the course because I truly believe in 1 God, the pillars of Islam and because I am a better person/employee/spouse/friend because of my journey as a Muslim. The only suggestion that I would like to make is that the brothers/sisters at the masjid completely embrace the new revert and not just for a short time after the Shahada. Just as I stay the course, there should be a strategic body at the mosque who will also stay the course with the revert to show us the practical application of the teachings of the Prophet. Praise be to Allah!

    • Bismillah. This is key. I had a Brother who taught me in the beginning, we were together all day.
      The more People get included, the better.
      Every Place With muslims should have someone calling to islam, and those People should help those who come to islam. Or it can be another Group, but it is VITAL to have a mentor in the beginning. I’ve seen it time and time again, like this one guy who came to islam in the masjid, met him later and he had problems With doing salah. However, he had married, and her Brother helped him. Only, it should’ve started a year earlier.

  4. First thing you should do to “help” is to call us what we are: converts. A revert is someone who goes back to what he/she was before. For example, a Muslim becomes an athiest, or converts to Christianity, then decides to become a Muslim again. That person is a revert.

    • Asalamo Alikuim,
      What I understand is that the writer used the word revert and not convert because once you accept islam as the true faith you actually connect to your origin.

      As all human are born with innate realization of one Creator no matter what their surroundings teach them.

      So reverting is finding the missing link that was always there not the pervious life we were living.
      So I think the the word revert is more appropriate.

      I hope I didn’t confuse you:))

  5. Assalamulaikum WW Jazakallah for inviting us to this very important discussion. The problem of reverts is felt even more when different ethnic groups are involved. In Southern Africa Muslims are a minority group and the majority of us are of Asian origin. So our reverts are predominantly Africans. The problem becomes very pronounced on days of festivities like Jumuah or Eid and of course in Ramadhaan. In the Khutbas the Imaams will be speaking about the rejoicing which is what we do when we have been fasting ….After the Eid prayer we the Asian Mulims all go home to our families and we will also start visiting each other and enjoying all the lovely sweets and savouries that we will prepare for this day. Or on Jumuah we leave the Masjid and will go home for a good lunch. So what happens to the revert. We will usually see them standing on the side not knowing what to do.
    In Botswana at our Jamiah Masjid one brother started bringing food for all those who either could not afford lunch or for those who lived far away. This worked for a while but unfortunately it was clear that there were only/mainly reverts so this created another problem in itself. Some of the Masjid officials began to complain of the mess etc. Sadly the Jumuah lunch stopped. From a positive point of view it made the reverts to feel that the religion is caring for them. It made them stay longer and or wanting to come back. In Ramadhaan all Masajids ( the world over) prepare some snacks for the Iftaar (Iftur) and in this situation at least for the first few minutes we sit together where it is possible and break fast together. This too can be viewed as good. But then after the Maghreb salaat all people go home and the reverts remain. this too created another problem because it attracts a lot of “suspect people”who just come for the meal and depart immediately thereafter. It has also created a culture of those reverts who come alive in Ramadhaan because now the so called dominat muslims become generous: so there is food and the odd bit of charity that is distributed sometimes on an adhoc basis.
    At the end of the day the revert can be discriminated, ignored; left to believe that Islam only exist in the Masajids. The moment the prayers are over the muslim brothers do not care.
    So I do agree with this forum that there is a genuine problem of integrating the revert/s and really getting them to see and believe that what they heard of this beautiful deen of Islam is real. The dominant Muslim is not only preaching and talking of Islam but practising it.

  6. Bismilah.
    As a new convert myself I have found it quite challenging to join in, into my new community primarily because everyone around me is at an advanced stage. I have found Muslims to be very supportive people and (Alhamdulillah!) they are always willing to help out however I am very self conscious and was a bit of a loner even in my previous life. It has become easier to just pray at home. I have downloaded lectures from YouTube and I learn from Imams and channels I follow. I have also enrolled for Islamic studies with the IOU so this keeps me busy and I am learning a lot.
    I have tried to gather courage and promised myself that I will attend congregational prayer but somehow I always find a good reason to justify why I was not able to do so. I know for someone in a situation like mine, to get help means to go out and seek it but I get overwhelmed with different thoughts of uncertainty and always decide otherwise.

  7. Assalamu’alaikum dear brothers and sisters,

    The topic raised is really an interesting and very important one at that. Muslims are expected to always try as much as possible to exhibit the best characters to emulate our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw). Now I want to imagine having a revert in a gathering where I belong, I see my behaviour as a serious and very important task that will not only bring comfort to a brother/sister, but a task that will bring comfort to me as Allah will reward every good behaviour as an act of ibadah.

    This takes me to a chapter in the Holy Qur’an (80:34-37) where Allah (swt) explained a day when a man will flee from his brother, his mother, father, wives, children and all that he ever cares for. I personally always interpret these verses to mean that we should get the best of our relationship with others while we still can. Be good to everyone around us and show how much Allah has blessed us with understanding of His Deen (Islam), Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah (swt) bring comfort to the hearts and lives of all Muslims, forgive our shortcomings, and complete His favours on this Ummah by admitting us into Jannah. Ameen ya Rabb!

  8. Assalamualaiqum
    We have to be in constant contact with reverts as they need support from the the first time they take shahadah . Lots of questions arise and we have to do our homework and be thorough Insha Allah then we can help

  9. As reverted muslima from South America i faced many challenges (i still do) but there are some topics i faced and witnessed that I would like to share:
    1) As Hena said below: please, marriage can come after but don’t push the new muslims to take this step without preparation, many sisters new in Islam get married without knowledge at least of her basics rights,because you can be unlawful marrying under tricking the person. For brothers sometimes are not aware about their duties and responsibilities.
    2) For sisters: don’t push them to take the hijab if they are not ready for it yet, (remember, all comes step by step) you don’t know if in her job is not allowed yet because in certain professions or companies sometimes are not ready for this changes (as same for their families), we don’t know the background of the sisters if they have to support their families economically and make them to lose their jobs can cause a huge impact in them and their families.
    3) Don’t judge the new muslims for commit mistakes by lack of knowledge, be sweet with your words and try to explain sweetly the reason why. Be humble in the way you give explanations.
    4) Remember for the prayers there are tiny differences between madhabs for this, if you are not sure which madhab is following the person (sometimes they learned from a friend or watching videos), don’t be quick in judge and reprehend. First try to understand, then help.
    5) Be humble exposing your level of knowledge, sometimes happens that some brothers/sisters knows a lot of things, have memorized tons of hadith and ayats and cite them, you can find that some are not able to receive this kind of information quickly and they can feel bad about it, but also you can find some want to learn everything quick as possible.

  10. For every country or settlement, there should be committee that’ll manage the affairs of the reverts.

    In my own country they have a typical vice affecting the reverts especially in the south western Nigeria.
    1. Poverty : there should be a foundation to manage them especially knowledge and action-wise. The negative impact of poverty cannot be overemphasis, the xtians has the better resources even if they’re convinced to islam and there’s little or no means of sustenance . they’re back to shirk. Fal ya’dhubillah

    Learning more about the Taoheed as the basics makes them stronger.

  11. As a Mexican revert, I’d like help finding more resources to learn Classic Arabic in order to be able to read the Quran directly.

    • Asalamo Alikuim,

      Brother kindly join bayyinahtv. It’s a great online resource to learn the text of Qur’an with minimal charges per month.
      Owned by Ustazah Nouman Ali khan.

  12. Asalamu aleykum dear brotherSir and sisters in faith. The answer of how can we help our new Muslim
    Brothers and sisters is needed at this time of age .slam is today fastest growing religion.
    I think we should teach them love of allah , and the love of the prophets more than Rules of Do and don’t.
    We should teach them tawhiid correctly.
    We should teach islam is not based on groups instead we have to emphasise we are one ummah ,one people, we have one allah, one messenger Muhammed saw. One quran. We are ummah Not Groups.
    We should be inviting people to Allah not to sects. Finally I think we need to train our brothers and sisters who are trying to help others in order to reach our correct goal .thank u all brothers and sisters in Allah.

  13. Assalamualaikum:
    Jazzakallah khair for opening this discussion. I am a convert of four years at present, and have been very fortunate to have had a very positive experience, thanks to the people around me. Some major influences included:
    1) Having close friends who checked up on me frequently, invited me to their families for Eid, and even lived together for a time – this was beyond what I could have asked for. Basically, being around kind, practicing muslims helped me feel comfortable and very happy to be part of the ummah as I was finding my way. Often new converts spend Eid alone (I have done this a few times) and it can get super lonely – for muslims with stable families to invite new converts is truly a wonderful and meaningful gesture. Also actively reaching out to new converts is important as they can easily feel isolated if there aren’t many muslims in their immediate family and might be scared to reach out.
    2) Being among a diverse group of sisters from many countries and cultures was extremely comforting; being able to see them open to other cultures made me also feel comfortable stepping out of my own comfort zone as there can be a sort of culture shock with so many lifestyle changes as a new convert!
    3) Opportunities to learn about the deen – this is so important – since converts mostly have to learn by reading, getting your local community stocked with good, shaykh-approved books of varying levels from basic to advanced would be helpful- plus guidance from community as to what to focus on first, like a learning plan. Converts need access and recommendations to really good Islamic books, such as a reference fiqh book of the five pillars, purification of the heart, a variety of quranic translations, history of the quranic text, sirah, and others, else it can be easy to get distracted by the negative media around Islam on the internet and many.
    4) Access and open communication with a local sheikh – especially for sisters. Sometimes sisters find it difficult to directly approach a sheikh – but Alhamdulillah, my local masjid had an imam that was always open to my questions and didn’t chide me for entering the main hall of the masjid. Converts need to learn basic ettiquette of approaching a sheikh so that they never have a problem seeking out answers – I was informed by another muslim that it was OK to go directly ask our sheikh questions, and what times were the best to seek him out, and I at that point knew to respect distance and to keep a certain level of professionality in our interaction – without this I would have missed out perhaps my most important source for answering difficult questions.
    5) Feeling accepted without being pressured to change halal parts of my heritage culture. I love to learn arabic and about Islamic history, but it is great to feel like I can feel comfortable with my own heritage and personality around other muslims without feeling rejected. Converts already give up many parts of their original culture – it can be intimidating and misleading to pressure converts to change even the halal things they are used to, such as traditional foods, dress (as long as it’s halal), and beneficial activities ~ especially exercise, and their name so long as it is not haram.

  14. Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa barkatuhu.tnx for this article. From my point of view,i think what we ought to do for new reverts/converts is to show them unconditional love.welcome them with open arms,show them that Islam is a religion of love n peace,be there for them especially when they are in doubt. Be available always to answer their questions and clear any lingering doubts on their minds.

  15. Assalaamu alaikum
    I think providing them with correct knowledge of Islam will help them to cope up everything.
    As our beloved prophet told to spread the knowledge of deen even if it’s one verse.
    One should make an effort to help these people by every means possible.

  16. Salamu alaikum!

    It is really good to bring this topic up. My experiences when I started practicing Islam were pretty sad…

    Although I was always very open minded, friendly and never had problems to get in contact with people as well as making friends, in this case my tests by Allah started right away. Siblings weren’t very interested in getting to know each other not to speak of asking who I am and welcoming me to the mosque or another circle. When I tried to start a communication – that’s how it works…normally – there were not much feedback, but actually in one, two, three cases the contrary.
    When one time I dared to say sth. merely true with respect to Ibada and ask a question to it, the woman answered rude and not helpfully.
    The women sitting next to her didn’t say nothing at all. This was only one of quite a couple of situations which actually ashamed me.
    Worse is that in the beginning I thought it was my mistake, that sth. with me was wrong. Allahu akbar, I suffered from that.
    Until one day, by this time I had read a lot and teached myself through books and lectures, I came to the conclusion, that it’s not me who is wrong but the behaviour and reaction or ‘no reaction’ of the others.

    What we can do?
    1. Being friendly
    2. Welcome the new sister/brother
    3. Let her ask questions, no matter what they are
    4. Not thinking we would know all and everything and showing that to the new sis/bro.
    5. Show interest
    6. Invite her/him to come to assemblies/events/what so ever.
    7. Offering help/contact
    8. We ourselves have to understand that everyone is different and has a different story, and that people who are different from us are not weird/wrong/not right enough/worse than us or other degrading views. Only if understand and live this we can be better than others, because than it doesn’t matter where we come from.

    P.S. The mosques and institutions are challenged here aswell, since in a couple of them it’s not better.
    I know it’s not always and for everyone like this (Allah tests people how He wishes), however it is not a single case and shows that there is a need to urgently improve things.

    Another aspect: Don’t tell her/him that now everything will be fine and all is pink flowers.
    Because it is not. The path has just begun and can be pretty tough.
    If people loose their family, friends and even more to take a 180 degrees turn it’s not all easy peasy – it is hard and it hurts, especially when there are no muslim siblings catching you or at least offer help and just have an understanding what it means to you.
    Don’t tell them everything is sunshine now that you are a Muslim and ‘life is just a worthless game’ – don’t interpret Allahs words in a misunderstanding way.

    What to say?
    The truth. Tell her/him how happy you feel, that she/he got the Hidaya and all the good things connected to it. However you should tell her/him aswell that Allah tests the people and that now with this big change it can become challenging and that other people, especially our prophets, went through this aswell. That there WILL BE things, people and situations which hurt you. But Allah tests the people He loves. So if this happens it’s not a bad sign. It’s part of the way which can be stony, but after that you will be stronger than ever and so grateful.
    – offer contact/help/addresses/whatever might be of interest.
    – don’t expect her/him to change over night all and everything. Tell her/him to take its time, cause all needs time. This is how it was in the past when Islam came and it will be. Tell them the stories with respect to this and remind them being patient with themselves and before all to read read and read to get the right knowledge and understanding of Islam; since there are enough people out there who don’t understand it right.

    I hope I could have given some useful reminders and suggestions.

  17. wa alaykum salaam and thanks for the mail on what to do for our reverted brothers and sisters, this is a transformational phase of their life and they need our supportas well as sacrifice, part of the support i think they need most our educational support, they need to learn more about this new phase but must be very gradual,we need to be more receptive and exercise a lot of patience with them because so many things are still strange to them, some may need material support like a sister who may need to adopt a new outlook , she may be offered some scarfs and hijab by sisters around her, in some cases,the need might be shelter because some may be rejected by their family, at that moment, there should be a family to give the warmth and assure them a good reception, some may even lost their job or education to the new faith, we must be ready to offer an alternative as well as a shoulder to lean on, we may need to sacrifice some of our income for thier well beingsome other time, Allahu mustahaan.

  18. Salam Aleykum
    Alhamdulillah I have been Muslimah now for 3 years. Almost everything I learned about Islam I learned myself. I never found my ummah to help me. I went to local masjid and cried for help. First time there I met the sheikh and one sister. Sheikh gave me money and sister showed me where are Islamic shops. Next 3 times I went to masjid and didn’t find anyone. I had questions about prayers etc. Doors were open but I couldn’t find anyone inside not even the Sheikh. After the third time I just stopped going there.

    Every time I have tried to be part of Muslim ummah it has rejected me from left, right and center. Muslim brothers has only brought haram things I my life. Yes they say they wanna marry but reality today is that no man marries you the Islamic way. Everyone wants to have relationship before marriage. Muslim sisters are just a ghost story for me. I can’t find you anywhere, maybe all sisters are hiding at home?! Once in my life I got invited to sisters meeting. After giving my number to many sisters, no one called back. Tried to meet again for tea or something, no one answered.

    So after accepting Islam my old friends left me, my family is weird with me and my new ummah doesn’t really help me at all. But still I will continue on the right way. Alhamdulillah. Even though I have to be alone for the rest of my life I know Islam is the truth and blessing to mankind.

    It’s so sad that these times we are just repeating this: Don’t look at Muslim’s to learn about Islam. Look at Islam. Back in days of the Prophet (peace be upon him) people used to say, look at Muslim’s so you see how is Islam. But not any more Astagfirullah.

    For me key problem today is time. People are too busy with earthly things so we have no more time for religious practises and each other. Internet has taken old face to face conversation to online clicking on Facebook.

    • Thank hena.. I would prefer your advice.. it dear sister, I am from Malaysia, and I am a muslimah, you can talk to me.. we can be online friends… I’m willing to help you sister… since I have a new muslim friend just reverted yesterday on his birthday, InshaaAllah I try my best to help you both

  19. Assalam O Alekum.
    Jazak Allah Khairan for bringing up a very significant subject, “How to help new converts to Islam”.
    There are so many ways to help. The list of effective to do’s and not to do’s can be quite long. But for a bird’s eye approach let’s take it as the first three do’s and don’ts.
    The top 3 “To Do’s”
    1. Develop a Strong, Deep Connection with Allah (SWT) Through ‘ Salah’, ‘Dua’a’ & ‘Dhikr’. Connecting to Allah (SWT).
    Have we ever reflected that our daily life mostly is made up of repetitions and interactions?
    We eat, sleep, wake up, and work… and repeat. A baby learns to stand, walk, and talk…through repetition. We learn to drive a car, cook a meal or say the multiplication table…by practice. We get better and better at reading of the Quran (‘tajweed’)…through recital. And so on.
    We interact with our family, children, spouse, siblings, relatives, friends, co workers, teachers, strangers, etc. on a daily bases. All-in-all, we are connecting daily with people around us as living members of a community.
    Does is make sense to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships and connections with all, except the One who, in the first place, has given you it all!
    ‘Salah’ is whereby we “meet-up, remember, and connect” with our Rabb on a daily basis. Hence, this is what needs to be first developed.
    Surah Taha 20: Ayah 14
    “Verily! I am Allah! La ilaha illa Ana (none has the right to be worshipped but I), so worship Me, and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) for My remembrance.”

    Beware, it is not to be a mindless ritual to be “said and done over with”. It is to be actively pursued, seeking to connecting with your Creator at a deeper, heartfelt, soul penetrating level reaching the state of ‘taqwa’.
    It follows that without establishing the ‘Salah’ new converts (and born Muslims) will be isolated from the greatest help in all matters they can receive for He (SWT) says “seek help” in ‘Salah’ Surah Al Baqarah 2: Ayah 45.

    It also follows that ‘Salah’ will in addition connect one to the ‘Kalam’ of Allah(SWT), the Glorious Quran and its study and to the Ahadith and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH), since the establishment of ‘Salah’ requires learning the Arabic Quranic text and the methodology of taught by the Prophet (PBUH). So oh all my Muslim brothers and sisters ‘Salah’ matters!

    2. Nurture brotherhood retracing the footsteps of the ‘Ansar’ and ‘Muhajiruun’.
    The company of the righteous. This is the second most important need of new convert brothers/sisters-in-Islam. Provide this for them. Such company is imperative for both support and growth on the two fronts, i.e., the practical daily’s of life and the personal moral, character building. Be the Ansar (the helpers) oh you born Muslims to your new convert brothers/sisters-in-Islam who are the Muhajiruun (the emigrants- as they have made ‘hijrah’ into the fold of Islam).
    Bring and encourage them to ‘dawah’/Islamic study circles, mosques, Islamic libraries, learned scholars, workshops, conferences, etc. Needless to say, establishing ‘Salah’ will also aid to this fostering as new brothers and sisters will be frequenting the mosque for the five daily prayers. Remember, company matters!

    3. Towards ‘Tazkiya’ or Self Purification.
    Help them recognize and understand the self in its truth, as the Quran speaks, through the three stages of the self, nafs-e-ammara, nafs-e-lawwama and nafs-e-mutmainna. This is very important. Without knowing one’s own self in truth there is not much one will be able to comprehend regarding its purification and its relation to the submission to the Will of Allah (SWT) i.e., “Islam”. Know that You matter!

    The top 3 “Do Not’s”
    1. Do not enforce.
    Your obligation as an individual is only to convey the Message in its pure, pristine form through the best, gentle manner following the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH), and not to enforce it. Don’t rush and overwhelm your new brothers/sisters-in-Islam. Allow for space and time, and make ‘Dua’a’ for their, and for your own, progress towards ‘Jannah’.

    Surah Al Imran 3: Ayah 20
    “…your duty is only to convey the Message; and Allah is All-Seer of (His) slaves.”

    2. Do not abandon your new bothers/sisters-in-Islam.
    Ask after them and their well-being with sincere intention only for gaining the Pleasure of Allah (SWT). Ensure that they are well integrated and involved in the righteous community. Look after them and keep connected to them.

    3. Do not confuse your new brothers/sisters-in-Islam.
    The source of all that is true and correct is one, the Quran and the Sunnah.

    Surah Al Imran 3: Ayah 103
    “And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah (i.e. this Qur’an), and be not divided among yourselves,…

    Surah An Nisa 4: Ayah 59
    “… (And) if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger (SAW),…”

    And Allah(SWT) knows best.

  20. Maa shaa Allah tabaarak Allah. This is a fantastic topic and I’ve enjoyed reading the discussion so far.

    To our new sisters and brothers, assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu, truly may you always be encompassed by The Giver of peace, safety and immunity, may you always be recipients of abundant and boundless mercy and may you always be gifted with divine intervention in your focus, energy and time aameen yaa Salaam, yaa Rahman, yaa Raheem.

    As our sisters and brothers have mentioned below helping new Muslim’s starts with ‘self- leadership’ to quote a PM email.

    This is elegantly put in the Qur’aan:
    إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتَّىٰ يُغَيِّرُوا مَا بِأَنفُسِهِمْ وَإِذَا
    أَرَادَ اللَّهُ بِقَوْمٍ سُوءًا فَلَا مَرَدَّ لَهُ وَمَا لَهُم مِّن دُونِهِ مِن وَالٍ”

    …Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.

    Was salaam wafee amaan illah

  21. Walaikum salaam warahmatullah
    To help our revert brothers and sisters we must spend time with them to give them company and tell them the basic information about the islam
    Tell them stories of of different personalities of islam especially humorous ones.
    Jazakallah khairan.

  22. Salaam Alaikum,

    As someone who is a revert/convert may I make the following statement. It was with great joy I made Shahada. I was so excited. Then I became the token convert/revert. I didn’t want nor need to change everything with regards to my name, my food, my dress. Please let me explain that I had studied and given deep thought and had many conversations before converting/reverting. With that in mind, please understand that the new Muslim does not need to dress like they just came from some the desert or wherever you are culturally from. I can be modest with a hint of the Western. I am a foodie and love to be gastronomically challenged. I also love my halal comfort foods. Please don’t take away my macaroni and cheese in the name of religion because the yellow gelanenous concoction is not your favorite. My name is the first gift my parents gave me. It has a wonderful connotation. Please if it isn’t something haram please don’t tell me I need to change it to something Arabic. Please know I may have given up people places traditions to embrace this faith. I did that willingly and with a greatful heart, but bashing and hashing of Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day and the like are not helpful. Infact I may need to remember Thanksgiving and everyone can be greatful. We honor our parents especially mothers. Please let me honor them in the ways that my parents who are very confused as to my conversation in a way they know and accept. Please accept that holidays both from my old faith and new can be terribly difficult and even lonely. My family dynamics have changed because of my faith. Family gatherings are not the same. I won’t be celebrating most is the family holidays as I knew them. I won’t be honoring traditions that are firmly a part of the culture I grew up in. I will be making new traditions but they take time. Eid can be lonely after the prayer. Ask me to join your family in celebrating. Please be patient. Know I am learning and adjusting in ways neither one of us would imagine.

  23. اسلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركاته
    The most important aspect for reverts is the financial support system.
    When they embrace Islam, family & friends absolve from them, specially women.
    May b we can start welfares that solely concentrate on helping such reverts.
    A parent welfare and similarly branches all over the world.

  24. How I think we should help new convert, is to engage them as regular people. Do normal activities with them….remind them that life doesn’t have to change drastically. If they are new, tell them there are different opinions on halal vs zabiha meat.
    When it comes to religious matters , refer to the pros and give them names of open minded, non-imported imams.

    Many converts leave Islam , let’s not be the reason why they do that, and show them the beauty of it and the mercy aspect.

  25. As Salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu! I am a revert, 5 years on the 11th of November. Masha’Allah. When I reverted to Islam I had no sisters to reach out to me and I was completely at a loss for certain things that I should perform (I.e. Ghusul). My advice to myself first is to reach out more, whether it be a simple phone call or a short visit. Those things go a long way. Also, try not become the haram police. For reverts, you literally have to start over and take baby steps. So everyone’s struggle is different, give sound advice but in a gentle and caring manner. If that doesn’t work then your actions and character should shine through. This way of life is perfect, it is the humans that are not. If I have said anything of benefit to anyone all praise is for Allah and if I have made any mistakes it is on me. May Allah forgive me and may He guide us all. Ameen

  26. Assalamum alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuh… I’m an Islamic revert who reverted two and half years back… Alhamdhulilahi rabbil Alamein …now I’m trying to help few sisters in Islam who are also Islamic reverts. Here are few ways I use in helping my sisters in Islam for the sake of Allaah…

    1. I constantly try to stay in touch with them in knowing how they are, how are things going on in their life so that they can trust me and understand that I care about them for the sake of Allaah Subhanaho wa ta’ala

    2. I try to send few blogs and articles informative sspecially related to scientific facts established in Al-Qu’ran to make them understand that islaam is indeed the one and only true religion… and also I share books with few pages only with them related to ISLAMIC MONOTHEISM (FUNDAMENTALS)

    3. What i prefer is to help them to get closer to.Allaah Subhanaho wa ta’ala by teaching them how to do prayer in the way of proper sunnah of Rasoolallaah sal allaahu alaihe wassalam and small things that will help them to learn islaam and help me to revise the knowledge I have for the sake of my rabb

    These are few things which I’m trying as a means of my help towards new Islamic reverts for the sake of Allaah Subhanaho wa ta’ala..

    I hope it will b useful for everyone who really wants to help a revert to seek the pleasure of Allaah Subhanaho wa ta’ala…….

    Jazakhmullaahu khayran…

  27. I am a revert. I wanted to say that I was was in very good hands. The sister who finally cane to my house knew what to do. I asked her many questions which she answered in a way I understood
    I had been calling the main mosque three times in a span of three month intervals and every month asking I want to be a Muslims I was told every three months a sister will come and spend the day with you,after six months it did not happen then a sister came to me and said, is it you who wants to become a Muslim I said yes!. All went well the sister had me in letters class with in two weeks I was at the Mosque at prayer times I did not know even know how to but kindly she said to follow me and say Alhamdulillah throughout the prayer I was on my way to becoming smash Allah Muslim.i am so very blessed I have had different teachers also I did not grow up with hearing about anything about the rich history, the greetings any thing really I had heard the word Muslim but nothing else. I hired a painter to paint my home every day he would get off the ladder and start praying . I was shy so I went into the kitchen and made him something to eat. Then I started to ask him questions and the answers made so much sense I was shaken. After about two months I was able to say I might be able to find what I believe in. Much to my own surprise after my home was painted I was in love with Islam and I was ready to continue to seek out how do I become a Muslim.

  28. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatuĺlahi wa barakatuhu,Alhamdulillah,i have observed in my part of the world(Nigeria)women who reverted and got married are often left without getting islamic knowledge.Practical knowledge on how to pray and recite the quran,fihq etc are all not well thought to them.Added to this is the disconnect between true islam and the behaviours of muslims especially the so called spouses.This have in some cases have turned them to there former religions(wayyazubillah)and in most cases they remain muslims in name only.what i suggest is:
    1.Mentoring-this will let the revert feel at ease and can now say what they need from the ummah or their expectation.
    2.Acquiring Islamic knowledge cannot be overemphasised to my mind its like the difference between life and death. meeting the reverts at their points of need this is tied to the 1st point.some could be suffering from persecution due to the new faith while others could be broke or without jobs.others are well off but without the knowledge of the deen and left alone not intergrated into the muslim community.May Allah ease our tasks for us amin.

  29. Shukran jaza khala kheyr

    As a new Muslim, the challenges we face mostly are just after reverting everyone is happy but most of the time, there is no one to follow up on the teachings and islamic way of life eg manners on how to treat your fellow brothers, especially hugging when you meet if he is not your mahram, prayers etc.
    Though Allhamdullilah to my case I really search for information from lectures to internet, and thats how i came across this productivemuslim website which has really thought me alot and educated me, i even discuss and teach my friends and sisters who are not muslim yet about what i read from this website.

    Inshallah Allah reward you abundantly.


  30. As salamu alaikum wrahamatullahi wabarakatuhu. My wife and me are reverted from India. We are leaving home but unfortunately some unexpected gates are closed and we don’t know where to stay and how to survive at such scenario. Kindly help us in terms of anything. Love.