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  1. AssalamuAlaikum,
    That’s pretty cool! I use iQuran app for years, and if I wanted to know the qiblah and prayer times I use Sajda app. Of course am familiar with Google translate and Google Maps.
    I haven’t tried #HHWT, Quran Companion, ‘Ayah A Day’, and Muslim Pro yet, but I’d love to explore them and share them too! Thanks a lot for sharing! :)
    Jazakum Allah Khair.

  2. Jazakom Allah kul khair for the information and the apps etc

    Apologies I’m a bit paranoid perhaps even a munafiq

    But how does one verify like in all things who is who and who has who’s info and who’s telling who and on and on…….sorry info wars got me going crazy

    Nothing to hide obviously alhamdullah…..!!!? but I value freedoms and of privacy etc

    Apologies. Scaremongering sometimes needed

    Salaam Alaikom

  3. Thank you for this list, Alhamdulilah it was very helpful. Sadly Google Translate does not have the ability to go from Arabic to English with the photo translate tool just yet- for those travelling in the middle east; but will still work if you type it in.