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  1. Thank you so much for a behind the scenes look!! I’m a big fan of all your doodles! Is there any place where I can view every Productive Muslim Doodle so far, like a Pinterest board or something?

  2. MashaAllah! this is so beneficial, i love doodling and i really don’t have any idea how to work it on computers. maybe ill give a try to learn from this inshaAllah.

  3. The article is a bit long. How I wish you would have doodled this too. Overal, informative.
    “Doodles aid memory, prevents daydreaming, thinking too much or too little, and helps one foicus on the present.” Wikipedia
    I also like infographics.

  4. Cool article, it’s different from those we’re used to, but diversity doesn’t hurt. it’s very interesting to see how the doodles are created. It must represent hours of work!

  5. wow..i learnt a lot!! m still confused what kinda tablet should i buy…m a beginner n not an artist..i can scribble very well tho!

    jazakAllah khair for sharing!!

  6. Jazaki Allah Khayr Aneesa for giving us a peak into how things work. I have always been a fan of your doodles as well and wondered how they all came together so its nice to see the process.

    Anyway, keep up all your doing! May Allah accept from you and make these works a source of sadaqal jaariyah.


  7. Really sweet of you to share this info with us dear sister, may Allah grant you the best always! Will try to learn from your article.
    JazakAllah khair!

  8. what a wonderful process – extremely well thought-out and the professionalism behind the layout methodology is truly exemplary – well done!

  9. MashaAllah great work, I simply love your doodles..I was particularly attracted towards this website and community because of these Doodles! Keep up the awesome work and wish you all the best. May Allah reward you all immensely for Productive Muslim.

  10. MashaaAllah sister! Thanks for posting this– I’m currently tapping around in graphic design/ computer art as a hobby, and you just gave me so much inspiration to start some doodles on my own! JazakullahuKhairan! :D

    • Wa’iyyaki Rawda! I used to hang around deviantART a lot as well, to learn from other artists’ works and processes. :) May Allah bless your efforts and grant you joy & benefit from your hobby!

  11. MA SHA ALLAH! I didn’t realize the kind of work you have to put in for these infographics that I happily shared around on pinterest.

    On a separate note, a few years back. I was asked to write a review of productiveMuslim. This was a world before social media, and before facebook became the sharing and like giant that it is today. We were seeing the humble beginning of what would eventually be the internet of today, an almost seamless and integral aspect of our social networking lives.

    In my review, I mentioned that for productive Muslim to maintain its presence for the next 2-3 years, it had to build its social worth. The world was no longer about one blogger dispensing information to the masses. Information was beginning to be a lot more sophisticated than that. In fact, having a huge following alone was not going to secure ones social net worth. Social net worth had to do with the value of information back and forth between the follower and the followed.

    I’m not sure if productive Muslim read that review or if it was ever publised. Lol. But alhamdulillah, I’m glad to see Productive Muslim grow and blossom despite such a niche segment – “productivity” in the Internet based Islamic Information world. I really think aside from quality of content, Productive Muslims continous venture to go beyond simple text type information and to embrace the changing times, such as tapping on your talent to produce info-graphic, production of web based cartoons, is key to this success as it eases sharing and as a result net visibility for productive Muslim. I can’t wait to see productiveMuslim continue to grow and maintain its online presence in an ever changing and dynamic environment.

    May Allah Bless the team in all their endeavors and reward you and your followers for your efforts.


      • Hi, Abu Productive! Will you please add a Facebook ‘Like’ button after the articles? Coz, you know, people don’t wanna ‘share’ everything they come across, sometimes a ‘like’/’recommend’ button is preferred.

        I know this isn’t probably the place for such a request. Was too lazy to write an email :$

  12. ASA, thank you so much for behind the scenes. I love love all your doodles. I am ان شاء الله planning to do a tafsir doodles for kids. I was wondering how long does it take you to make one doodle from start to finish?

    • Wa’alaikumussalam Shaheen!

      MashaAllah, all the best for your tafsir doodle project! For me, a big doodle can take from 2-4 work sessions to complete, and each session would last at least a few hours. So overall, I would estimate an upward of 6 hours to produce a doodle from scratch.

  13. Assalamun alaykum Sister,

    May Allah reward you for your wonderful work, I always like the style of PM doodles and it’s nice to “meet” you from this page. As someone who can’t draw a simple house/cat/whatever without it looking something like a pre-school kid’s scribble, I always appreciate this kind of talent.
    Please forgive me for asking just one little question; I hope your copy of Photoshop is licensed? I know it’s expensive but we (as Muslims, especially) must be careful about copyright (I’m glad you respect that on images etc.). As an alternative, I’m using Paint.Net which is completely FREE and does most of what Photoshop does. I recommend it to all our brothers and sisters who like drawing/doodling/messing with photos etc. We don’t want to have to face those who spent their time developing the program and couldn’t sell it on Judgment Day, do we? :-)

    Keep up the good work, and pray for all of us…