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  1. Allahuma barek ! :-) Good article and advices, made I’m sure with sincerity.
    It makes me want to put myself in gardening!
    It would be interesting to have some advices to enjoin us to have an organic garden in order to preserve the amanâh of our body and the Earth. = For a productive, organic, ecological garden ! ;)

    • AOA. Shukran. There is considerable info readily available, including via organicgarden[dot]com. You can access much of this info freely through no subscription IA. All the best IA. AH

  2. Almd, very well written article. I love the holistic approach, just as our creator intended for us. I prefer plants that require very minimal care, e.g. tomatillos, once planted will return with vengeance, the following year. It produces in such a huge harvest, even in a small space, it is easy to share with lots of people.

  3. Shukran for the inspiration. I love the idea of gardening, but have never been quite good at it. I think I’ll do some research and give it another try. Maybe I’ll ask my father for some advice as well, as he was always excellent at keeping plants. May even be a bonding moment. Will definitely use Maryam (RAA) as inspiration as well. It is Allah who grants us sustenance, after all, not our thumbs. :-)

  4. This email reached just in time for me as I am planning to have my own kitchen garden since ramadan this year but somehow cudnt. In a small apartment thought it wud not be possible.
    Only lthis weekend I recharged my wish and started to luk for the posibilities in a small apt when I came across this email.
    thank you for the encourageent., plz do help me start up my an apartment garden by sharing useful links. I wud be really grateful

    • AOA, kindly note, I indicated organicgarden[dot]com above in response to an earlier question, but this doesn’t address your specific question about limited space. I just found this which may be of use: thedailygreen[dot]com may be another resource. We have found many resources via the public libraries in both the children’s and adult sections by just searching under ‘gardening’. We also learned a lot simply by talking to our neighbors who had experimented with different plants, as well as personnel at the local garden/home improvement shops, and of course, there is nothing like trial and error. All the best IA.

  5. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, Jazak Allahu khayran for a great article. Its a great prompt and encouragement for everyone especially those (like me) who have given up on gardening in the past. Alhamdulillah, my kids and i have started a no-dig garden and we are seeing the beautiful vegetables growing everyday. May Allah swt reward you for your references also (Alhamdulillah, i am using them for the kids in their writing practice!!!)

  6. Assalamuiailaikum. the article was very inspiring. In fact I was always bothered with the land space problem whenever i wanted to start gardening. Now, I have a solution. Thankyou. Jazzakallah khair.

  7. Assalamualicum, I really loved your article. I am also a huge fan of gardening. I have a balcony garden. First two years of my gardening, it was a great diseaster . But I kept persistant and by the grace of ALLAH, now I become a successful gardener .