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  1. Dear Sister Jihan,
    Thanks for the brilliant article but I have a suggestion. There are 10 points to the article. I suggest if you breakdown each point into 2 portions. One portion explaining what to do and the second portion comparing it with Salah (like in points 5 & 7). Thanks again.

    • Dear Brother Muaz,
      thanks for stopping by and leaving a constructive comment. You have exactly caught the purpose of the article: extrapolate consistency tips from the salat model. Your observation regarding how to break down the points was the line i was following, except i omitted points i thought were obvious. Since the piece has already been published, feel free to ask about any part that was not entirely clear. :) 
      Thank you.

  2. jazaki Allah khairan for this brilliant subject, i always want to be consistent in my tasks but i always give up after few time,
    but Alhamdulillah  i realize that i was fixing many tasks that i became overwhelmed  by them
    so my advise for my brothers  is to fixe a very small task in the beginning , and to be consistent ( the relation between salah and consistency is very smart idea) and try to improving it with time
    thanks for this amazing website, who really makes  the Muslim productive

  3. That is great PM group keep it up. Knowledge is at its best when it is universally useful. We are people of a knowledge based religion. Deen.

    • Assalamu Aleikum Syara, :) the fact that you are concerned about it is already a good sign, InshaAllah we’ll have an article about it.

  4. An amazing point of view, fatah allah aleeky :)
    it really gave me insights in how things can be achieved in life :)

  5. Assalamu Alaikum
    i request you to make the 10th point more clear,as in how to do sharpen the skills in private.
    MashaAllah,a purposeful article.
    JazakAllah Khair 

    • Wa Aleikum AlSalam Sumeya :)

      writing the 10th point i had in mind the importance of doing acts consistently with pure intentions, the “how to improve” exactly depends on the task you have chosen but the advice to do it away from other people will prove useful nevertheless.

      The Prophet, sallaAllahu Alehi wa sallam, said:

      I fear for you the most is the minor shirk, that is ar-riya. Allah will say on the Day of Judgement when
      He is rewarding the people for their actions: Go to those for whom you
      did riya for in the world then see
      if you find the reward with them.”Also the man who hides his charity so much that “his left hand does not know what the right hand has given” is highly praised.

      Whenever we decide to build consistency we should be aware that doing the action in the presence of others might distracts us from our primary intentions and we resolve in continuing to perform it in order to impress others rather than to make progress in whatever we set our minds to improve in.Hope that helped


  6. masha’Allah I love how you related many points to Salah…i will definitely keep this is mind insha’Allah every time I have too much work to do!

  7. Thank you for the useful tips , however I was looking for some duas I can read to help me be consistent with my prayers