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  1. Respected sir,
    your article is excellent. i’ve a suggestion for you if it’s acceptable , plz mention Duaa in Arabic Text also coz it will be easy to memorize.

    Best Regards,
    Muhammad Alamgir

    • Br. Alamgir,

      If you follow the reference link [Hisnul Muslim], you’ll find the dua in Arabic along with the translation above.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Brother Alamgir, thank you so much for your suggestion. Inshaa Allah, I’ll put up the Arabic translation as soon as possible. Thank you.

  3. I do appreciate your effort but I think it’s because of articles like this that people with depressions are looked down upon and are being told to have a problem of iman or just don’t get their act together.

    • Brother Sam, my aim while writing this article was not to look down upon people with depression or to suggest they have a problem of iman. But rather to help them get out of depression by utilizing ways and methods suggested by Islam.

      • Assalamu alaykum brother. JazakAllahu Khairan for this beneficial post. The topic has been tackled quite diligently.

        I have personally known people who attribute depression to low Iman, so I can understand Sam’s point. But then again, so what? Shouldn’t we ALWAYS be working on increasing our Iman? Who on this earth can say “Great, I have reached my Iman’s peak and that’s it.” Safe guarding Iman is a life long battle with Shaitan. Sometimes he knocks us down, other times we win. But what matters the most is whether we remain down after being knocked or stand back up and keep trying.

        SubhanAllah, Islam is the perfect deen as it covers all aspects of our life including psychology and social welfare. Looking forward to read more from brother Usman.

      • That’s good and may Allah accept your efforts. But for me it just came across too superficial. Like you just have to do a,b and c and inshaAllah you’ll be all well. And that it’s your own fault if you don’t. It’s not that easy though and it doesn’t leave that quick. That’s what I was missing in your article.

  4. mashalaah … alhamdulila ….. i find it vry diffcult 2 control
    my moods dese days.. may allah remove depressn frm dis ummah!!

  5. Jazakallah Khairan for your effort in sharing this whilst drawing from experience. May Allaah make it easy for us. Ameen.

  6. Wallahi,nothing fixes your mood,depression and anxiety than complete commitment to Allah swt.I’m talking here based on my own experience…whenever I was feeling that I’m having/had panic attacks I was running in the mosque for daily prayers …and wallahi nothing worked except my trust on Allah that he will not leave me alone ! So please whenever you have these kind of feelings don’t run away from Allah but in contrary run towards him [literary],as Allah swt doesn’t want to punish us but instead to be closer to him.Allah swt is my witness.

  7. Thank you for the article. I understand the push and need to turn to Allah (SWT), but when Allah (SWT) is the source of all good and bad, then why does HE put us through such trials? Please don’t say to ‘elevate our station’ because that doesn’t help when you’re on the verge of taking anti-depressants.

    • Why? Because this world is not supposed to be a bed of roses. Because this world is a test. Because every test is a blessing and every blessing is a test. Because there’s a reason why Heaven is for the righteous. Because He never burden us with more than we can bear.

  8. Jazaakumulaahu khieran, i follow you guys, maashaa`alaah you do amazing work, i just thought to my self why not search if they talked about depression and you did alhamdulilaah. inshaa`alaah pray for me, may Allah cure me and give me happiness.

  9. Photo: midnightrook

    from Suhaib Webb website read following reflection. Of course we follow Islamic advice. But sometimes Muslim’s are naive about the severity of depression. In medicine we accept that there can be a biological basis for heart disease (yes electrical abnormalities of physical heart exist). Yet when it comes to depression people make assumption that everyone can control their thoughts. Yet what we know about depression in the medical profession is that it has a biological basis. Depression may also have electrical basis of brain or heart or both. Read the following reflection. I think the writer is so strong living with such difficulty.

    By Anonymous

    Every morning I wake up and wish I hadn’t.

    The months, weeks and days pass with me wishing it’ll be the last, and yet there’s no end.

    At nighttime I cry faintly into my pillow with tears streaming down my cheeks. I whimper in pain, attempting to suppress the sounds that leave my room; I don’t want my family to hear.

    I whisper, “Oh Allah, I don’t want to live anymore. Oh Allah, please, I don’t want to live anymore.”

    I feel broken. I feel alone. I feel empty inside. I am in pain and numb at the same time. Perhaps my pain is so much now that I can no longer distinguish it. It is a physical pain—a weight on my chest crushing my existence, crushing my hopes and dreams.

    I pray five times a day, I make du`a’ (supplications), I say astaghfirullah (I ask forgiveness from Allah) throughout the day and read as much Qur’an as I can. But it’s hard. I have no motivation to keep going. I don’t know what I’m moving towards. My goals and hopes have all slowly faded away.

    I am a façade of who I once was. I constantly lie about how I feel. I must keep up appearances. I smile and laugh when I must. I have to maintain relationships, or else the loneliness will only get worse. I would rather be in this dungeon that I’m in, alone; but my mind knows that the loneliness will only make it worse. I don’t want to unload the hurt I feel onto others. So, I fake a smile and try to converse with family and friends. It is tiring, but I do it. It is a part of living and for now I must live.

    I don’t want to be a burden and I don’t want others to pity me.

    I don’t pity myself. I am not ungrateful. I am thankful. I am thankful for all the blessings Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) has bestowed upon me. I do not complain to others. I try to complain only to Allah (swt). Yaqub `alayhi assalam (peace be upon him) endured the pain of being separated from his beloved Yusuf (as) for many years. Maryam (as) lay beneath a palm tree while in the throes of labor, wishing Allah (swt) had taken her life and spared her from those moments of despair. Musa (as), a fugitive from the land of Pharaoh, found himself without family, wealth, or possessions—he had nothing. Poor and desperate, all he was able to cry was “My Lord, I am in need of any good that you send me.”

    So I complain to Allah (swt) of the pain and sadness I cannot explain. I keep asking, most times not knowing what to say. Just hoping and praying and wishing for salvation from this suffering.

    I don’t know how to explain depression. How do I explain it to family and friends? I heard someone once describe depression as an ever-lingering constant sadness, even when everything in your life is going well.

    It is a total loss of pleasure.

    Nothing gives me pleasure anymore.

    I’m so tired, yet no amount of sleep nourishes me. Eating has become work. Brushing my teeth, answering phone calls, replying to emails; simply existing has become tiresome. I know my pain is not physical to others, but my pain is real. I feel it in every moment. When I sleep, when I eat, when I laugh, when I cry, when I speak. My pain is hidden beneath it all.

    No one wishes to be around someone filled with such overwhelming sadness and gloom. No one wants to hear how my mind aches every day, that I have given up my hopes and dreams or that I wish Allah (swt) would take my life quickly and subtly. My heart hurts every day. I wish I could take a hold of the heart within me, and sever it from my being. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel like this. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel dead inside.

    I think of death all the time. It plays in the background now. I have never understood suicide. But now I do. I wonder about taking my life. Maybe overdose on my medications. But there’s never enough to overdose on. Psychiatrists know suicide is always an option for the depressed, so they are careful when they medicate. When I am driving, I imagine what would happen if I made a slight abrupt turn into a tree. But maybe I wouldn’t die. Maybe I would find myself paralyzed and that would be a worse existence, for then I’d still be alive, but now a physical burden to my family. But the truth is, I am still too scared of Allah (swt) and the Hellfire to ever commit such a sin. I know suicide is not an option. Faith has limited me to only entertaining such an end, but never to commit to it.

    I would never wish what I feel upon another human being. I have no energy or zest for life, and no one cares. The two or three people that know cannot empathize. They only offer support when I reach out to them, but I don’t want to be a burden. Can’t they reach out to me? Can’t they ask how I’m doing? Can’t they tell when I say, “Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah), I’m okay,” that I’m not okay? Can’t they put themselves in my shoes? I so desperately want someone to save me, yet I know only I can save myself. I can use the help of medication, of faith, of family, of friends, but only I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope to reach it one day.

    But I could use some help.

    People say: “Don’t worry, trust Allah.” “This is just a phase. You’ll get over this.” “Be thankful for your life. You’re not dying.”

    But I feel like I am, why can’t they understand?

    They may think depression is a first-world problem. Maybe it is; maybe not. I thought depression was something the weak-spirited suffered. I thought Allah (swt) was enough. I thought medications were simply a bandage. But I’ve realized, unfortunately too personally, that depression is not black and white. It is not something that one can wish away. It is a battle that only the strongest of will win. I know it will take me every fiber of my being to kill this silent lurking monster.

    Even though no one sees the emotional pain and mental agony of depression; I am here to tell you, it is real. Whether it’s due to the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a bad test score or absolutely nothing you can put your finger on—it is real. And you cannot let it get worse. Whether you are the one suffering or someone around you is. We must notice the person who isn’t as cheery as they once were. We must notice the drastic behavior changes in the person we once knew. Notice physical changes: weight loss, weight gain, dark circles, lethargy, unexplained headaches, missed school days and work days.

    Please, help someone around you who is suffering. Maybe they are suffering for unknown reasons; maybe it doesn’t make sense to you. Maybe they have been depressed for a couple of days or maybe they have been depressed for months. Whatever the case, if you can help- help.

    We need to be there for our sister, our brother, our friend, our coworker, our daughter, our son, our student, our neighbor who is suffering. We need to help them. We must not let it get worse. We must not let them fall into an abyss of complete despair.

    We must be forgiving for the missed phone calls and the broken promises and the little changes that make us question our relationship. Be forgiving. Be empathetic. Understand that in the fog of depression, human beings make bad decisions, say things they wish they hadn’t and do things they never would. The regret kills them from within. They are miserable, and they don’t know how to tell anyone. The smile they force hides a world of pain and despair. Notice the fake smile and the blank stares and ask, “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, I’m just tired.” “Oh, I think I’m getting sick.” “Just a little stressed.” Don’t let these answers distract you. Say: “I’m here for you. If you’re going through anything at all, you can talk to me. Don’t forget that.”

    Know that depression lies to the sufferer. It tells them: “You are worthless. The world would be better without you. You are a burden to your family. You are not smart enough. You are not religious enough. You are not beautiful/ handsome enough. You will never reach your goals. You are nothing and you are all alone.” This loneliness consumes the individual, completely paralyzing them.

    Tell them they are not alone. Keep texting, keep calling, keep emailing. Just be there. Don’t let their indifference, or their excuses dissuade you. So many are suffering silently because they believe no one cares. But keep trying. It will make a difference. It will make all the difference. Everyone notices a broken leg but no one notices a broken spirit. Don’t be the person that lets months go by while a friend or an acquaintance falls deeper and deeper into his/ her depression.

    And once they’ve revealed their “secret”, don’t leave them. Don’t forget them. Don’t let weeks pass by without checking up on them. And when you do reach out, don’t simply say: “It’s going to be okay. Just perk up. Be thankful. Don’t just sit around all day. Get out of bed. Call me whenever you need.” Though well-intentioned, this is not enough. Being there for a person who is depressed is mentally and emotionally draining. They will not call you. They will not be the first to reach out. They do not want to be a burden to you.

    I do not want to be a burden to my family and friends. So I will not call and I may not reply until the third text. I know it’s selfish, but that’s what I need now. And I do not want someone to tell me to be thankful. I am already thankful. I pray to Allah (swt) every day, and spend hours thanking Him for what He has given me, in tears. And I ask Him to forgive me for feeling how I feel. I tell Him how hurt I am and how ungrateful I feel. I ask Him why I feel like this. I ask Him to help me. I know I can’t ask Him to take my life, so I ask Him what I’m allowed to: “Grant me life as long as it is good for me, and grant me death when it is better for me.” Always hoping the latter is what is better.

    If we want to be pillars of support for those who are suffering, it will require effort. Over and over and over again.

    I am writing this having suffered this overwhelming illness for about more than a year. I am okay today, so I am able to write this. Yesterday I was a mess, inconsolably crying filled with anxiety and despair. I am writing this because I want to tell you how I feel. And I want anyone suffering like me to know that there are others that are observant, struggling Muslims and that they feel the way you are feeling. And that you should see a psychiatrist, that you can take medication if that’s what you need right now, and that it is okay to tell the people who you love. And finally, always remember- even when people disappoint you, Allah (swt) will never. He is always there and He will always be there for you. If He has kept you breathing, He has a purpose for you, insha`Allah (by the will of God).

    “…And whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from an unexpected source. And when someone puts all his trust in Allah, He will be enough for him.” [Qur’an, 65:2-3]

    May Allah (swt) cure you all of your illnesses, your distresses, your pains and grant you the best of healing. Ameen.

    An excellent video to better understand depression:

    • Jazakillahu khayran
      This is exactly how I feel and what I think. I feel like I wrote it. It has helped me to know that I wasn’t going crazy, that I’m not just attention seeking or very very low on my imaan.
      For now, I only have Allah to help me.
      I wish I didn’t cry anymore.

    • u just suffered only 1 year and i suffer it more then 10 years,so what r u even talking abt?and i am still suffering with it every moment.

      • Lamisa. U must understand and learn from stories of the Prophets. Their problems were not sorted overnight. I saw a you tube lecture from a female scholar (I think it was called ‘begging duas’ or sthng like that.)
        Anyway she said that when allah tests u and then u turn to allah through repetitive duas etc then it was allahs way of BRINGIING YOU CLOSER TO ALLAH. What to mention the rewards for you for doing sincere duas etc.
        it is said that ppl on judgement day will look on with wanderment at the pple who have persevered with all their difficulties and see their rewards and wish that they were ill on earth to get the same amount of rewards as well.

  10. Wallahi I am going through the same thing. I pray five times a day, gave up whatever bad habits I had, adopted the hijab, reading Quran, memorizing, duas, going for jummah, give out sadaqah, repenting to Allah(swt) yet nothing is helping. I feel so lost And can’t pick out where did I go so wrong that Allah(swt) won’t answer my duas. Allah(swt) knows that I mean well, all I’m trying to do is dedicate my entire life to him…doing deeds that are pleasing to him and refrain from all that incurs his anger yet it’s not working. I feel so helpless and I love Allah(swt) and his rasoul(saw). I don’t want to take anti depressants. I want Allah Ta’ala to grant me shifa from him but he’s ignoring me.
    How I wish I’d wake up and feel like a normal person again. I do not wish to die upon anything besides on Al-Islam. So insha’Allah even if Allah(swt) doesn’t grant me shifa, as much as it hurts, I will continue to strive till my very last breath to earn his Rahmah. I would give up my life to earn Allah’s mercy and cure…that’s how much I love Allah(swt) and want to be close to him.
    At times I can’t help but cry…wishing that Allah Ta’ala would lift up the barrier between I and him?

  11. Thank you for the article. I feel like im sinking into depression ever since i started architecture. I try very hard to contain it. And i keep to myself about this even though my friends know i am deeply stressed, i do not want to trouble them with my own. I do believe there is ease after hardship but thinking about all the times i lock myself in the room crying makes me feel like it’s not worth going through the hardship. I do love what im studying but it gets overwhelming at times. I do pray to Allah to feel better but sometimes it doesnt happen? Or maybe im not praying enough. Im thinking whether i should seek professional help or is just praying to Allah enough?

  12. im totally depressed im 13 my parents have been away for 3 years ive done all i could to bring my family together its not a fight or anything but every one works in different regions honestly thres only one moment in my life that i can remember where my whole family was together ive crossed the atlantic 2 times alone to visit my parents every time they make a plan to come something drws them away

  13. ManshALLAH this is a very article……… but one of the most wonderful anti-depression of which i my self have tested and practically worked is ‘DHIKRI OF ALLAH’ (i.e SUBHANA ALLAH, AL-HAMDULILAH, ALLAHU AKBAR, AND LAA ILLAHA ILA LAH), recite that every day from 100 each (each of the above) up to your and the time you have and InshALLAH you see your self depressed again… don’t we had ALLAH’S words..(alla birdlike-llahi tadmainul quluub).

    • ManshALLAH this is a very good article……… but one of the most wonderful anti-depression of which i my self have tested and practically worked is ‘DHIKRI OF ALLAH’ (i.e SUBHANA ALLAH, AL-HAMDULILAH, ALLAHU AKBAR, AND LAA ILLAHA ILA LAH), recite that every day from 100 each (each of the above) up to your and the time you have and InshALLAH you wont see your self depressed again… don’t we had ALLAH’S words..(alla birdlike-llahi tadmainul quluub).

  14. Salaam. I’ve been depressed for about 10 years and I’ve been feeling suicidal for the past 5 or 6 years. I’m 29 and so fed up of living. i wish Allah hadn’t created me. I hate being alive. I think i am will go to hell in the end anyway so why not kill myself now. If Islam didnt say anything about suicide I would have taken my life years ago but unfortunately it is haraam so i must carry on living my pointless, empty life.

    i dont want to marry, i hate myself. i wish i could live alone in alaska and never see another person. im trapped here in the UK. I just hate who i am and i wish Allah had never created me. i’m so tired of living. how on earth am i going to survive another 5 decades of life when i already feel so fed up of it?!

    perhaps Allah will forgive suicide? its not as bad as shirk so maybe Allah will forgive it?

    • Don’t let the evil take you bro. Listen, there is a reason you are here and I am here. We both have a problem that’s plaguing our emotions; we feel that its pointless to go on. But, we must be patient and believe. Its all just a test, and we must be patient. I had anxiety in the past and it was tough, but I beat it. But I succeeded because I didn’t give up. I did my hardest to forget the bad thoughts, by going and hanging out with friends, doing something that kept my mind busy and happy.
      I am going through the same situation now, and I know its a test. I need to believe in Allah and ask for forgiveness. I have been much distant from Islam. I need to start praying every day, and I must not allow the evil to stop me. This anxiety to some is a test, and to some a punishment. But at the same time it is a second chance to us. We have to be thankful that we are alive and healthy; this emotional thing that we are going through is just bad thoughts, and we can beat it. We just have to be closer to Islam and pray, pray to ALLAH and ask for forgiveness. If you see this reply comment, just remember its not too late, you can beat it. Just stay strong, what you think is not true. The evil is trying to make the world seem pointless to you. But it is not.

    • Was-Salaam Isa

      When I read your post I felt I was reading something I had actually written. Can we perhaps communicate?

  15. Salaam,

    I have been through, on and off of Depression, seems like an ingrained negativity sadness that wants to stop me, hold me and put me always in Grief.
    It took me around 20 years to realize that this is a kind of depression.
    Before it most of the time I was struggling with my thought patterns, correcting my negative thinking in many ways, focusing on Ibadat also more and more and making Dua..many times and with more and more intensity.

    No doubt my constant struggle and efforts of understanding it paid off. It made me more matured, concerned, selfless and maumin person. But I can say that depression is real, probably it is something related with Soul and no medical science can study and find the correct reason and cure for it . Probably it comes to you so you can work on your soul and make yourself better in all aspects. Probably it is your test to work on your Soul and cleanse it purify it. But it is pretty real.

    What I understood that we should get some medications so we can avoid stop moments and keep going.
    Keep dive down into your soul and try to understand self
    Take medication to keep you going
    Have those right stands that should make your personality like stand for poor, stand against zulm stand against injustice, stand for equality, stand for maroof values and against munkir…
    I think these solid stands for humanity for your creator for your life finally defeats the Depression, but for this journey along with good books, friends, quran and ibadat do take help of the medication also. Keep purifying and making yourself great and I am sure you will be out of depression one day…..

  16. I have fought depression for around 15+ years.
    It took lot of time first to understand what is happening to me.
    Initially it was just racing thoughts that you need to fight always ad drag yourself for those routines that are important to your life. It becomes more and more difficult to understand and conclude something as the same tools you use to understand are sick now, your own self seems sick, and fighting is most difficult if it is against self.

    Finally when those moments came when I can see my self free from it or at least empowered to such a level that I can deal with calmly (After hours,weeks and months introspection and resolution for self) I realized that my kind of depression thrives on impurity of self, it becomes a blind spot for you as you can put yourself under magnifying glass and honestly judge yourself where you are wrong. In my case the sadness grief and depression looked to me that it was linked with my self inflation, self righteousness and a kind of internal kibr…the more and more I submitted and surrendered myself to my creator the hold of depression on myself became weaker and weaker…. I believe working om self purification is the key for depression, with more recitation to Surah Nas as theses are internal suggestion of self that make a person vulnerable. Taking help of medication along the journey must be there as you do with any other illness…. This is a chance for you to build your personality.

  17. One point agenda to fight DEPPRREESSIOON..

    *****If nothing is working for you, do following first:
    Tahajjud prayers or any salaah or any time of the day or night, during whole salaah while going for rukoo and in sujood, or even when not in salah recite following Dua:
    Rabbi aaojubika min sharri nafsi
    La ilaha ilaa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minnazaalimeen*****

    After you feel comfortable chart a plan for following and practice it lot and lot………

    1. Develop big humility in you so small matters and thoughts and setback don’t take you to gloomy situation. BE a REAL Submitter (surrender to your creator)
    2. Always try to be in the presence of Allah, especially when you are feeling low.
    3. Do more and more Sadaqa and help humanity, spend time with good people work for social cause, don’t always think of your self, your self interests, your problems etc… become broader and broader in your thoughts to cover all humanity, develop a hobby also.
    4. Develop attitude of Shukr in the whole life, you did not contribute/help anything to the creator in HIS creation, whatever you got is a gift and you need to realize and appreciate that, be Thankful as it is antidote of DEEPPRREESSION

  18. The point is:

    1. You should control your wasa wis in Nafs, deep inside your nafs, for that Surah Naas is there.
    keep reciting it day and night, morning and evening, eating and drinking, as it is Quranic prescription and will surely work.
    It will cure the core of the problem:–

    Once you get a break from internal oozing negativity: —
    2. You should develop humility so even if negative thoughts that stops you comes, you know that you need to do your duties and continue with your routine that will break the idling cycle of depression. The same way as if when you are having fever but if you are humble, still you will cater to the needy and to the needs of the family.

    It is the same lack of humility which blocks your mind to asses the reality and take the right decisions, even when your brains says what steps needed to take the internal rigidity of minds stops you, this rigidity is the pride, kibr, lack of humility and ignorance, remove this and remove your rigidity and blocks to your vitality and win the depression.

  19. As someone who is living with major depression, I feel the need to offer perspective. It’s not that we’re depressed because we refuse to look at the bright side. We become depressed because our brain chemistry turns every bright side into a point of pain. Take Point 6 “Think about how easy your life is” as an example. It might seem like it follows a simple logical progression of [Rasullullah’s Challenges > My Life Challenges] ergo [My Life = Good]. But what actually happens in my brain at that is [Rasullullah’s Challenges > My Life Challenges] ergo [Me = complete utter failure at life, I’m so weak and useless]. Repeatedly telling me that, “Look, you’re life isn’t that bad!” only serves to crush my self-esteem even more.

    • That is the Vasavis, that constantly whispered and alters your personality as well that it become difficult to distinguish what is whispered from outside and what is self generated.
      Hence reciting surah naas will break this icy depression and vicious cycle, but recitation should be constant, continue and with powerful determination

  20. Please remove this article. Depression is a medical condition and has nothing to do w religion. In that case, islam would have spoken of all psychiatric illnesses

    • As Muslim with a Mother who is suffering from Deoression, I can say that I 100% agree with Zahra.

      Depression isn’t a lack of faith or iman. And it certainly can’t be fixed simply by just praying.

      It’s a lack of serotonin in the brain. This causes the sadness and feeling of hopelessness. It’s an actual mental disorder which needs to be more recognised.

      Unfortunately many of the Muslims in this page pin it down to people not being religious enough and that’s the big problem in our community.

      Stop think depression means that you’re not being a good enough Muslim. It is nothing to do with that. Stop using any excuse to face the fact that mental disorders do exist.

      • Mental disorders.. exist who created humans? Who created the human mind? Who gave man intellect? Who taught man elequent speech? Who cures man and responds to the one that is desperate? Who will we all return to? Everyone will suffer in this world at one point in their life that doesn’t mean ur a bad person or evil or anything like that it means Allah loves u and wants u to have the best in the hereafter which u may not be able to achieve by actions etc… People with mental health illnesses just need people to show them that they still love them they need people to talk to them for a while they don’t require all your time just some… Hardships do come to an end there’s countless people who have gone through hardships and then came back to ease rather than getting frustrated we need to adopt patience and make lots of dhikr and dua and be patient on the cures we seek also eat well sleep well eat nutritious foods look after ourselves the best we can and use Quran and read it in a language we understand so we can benefit from Gods message… And understanding the Quran will help us in life Insha’Allah… Mental health illnesses are seen as spiritual illnesses in Islam so ruqya cupping etc are prescribed for them… Healthy people have a duty of care to help their brothers and sisters who are sick to help them on their journey to seek a cure… If people don’t become helpful how will we ever be a United ummah??

  21. I do not agree with islam not condoming depression. Its like saying it does not exists when people suffer with it deeply. I dont even think allah is all understanding about people and their problems. I dont even want to be a muslim anymore because the more i submit to the ‘almighty’ the worst i feel and the more depressed i get.

    • Feel depressed without Allah and feel depressed with Allah which is easier? Talk to yourself or talk to someone which is better? Satan the cursed is our clear enemy he whispers into our hearts and he wants us to deviate and lose hope and become disbelievers but we shouldn’t do actions and say things of this nature out loud and then regret them someday.. Whispers subside when we seek refuge in Allah from Satan the cursed.. It’s our fault we don’t learn and use all the tools Allah has provided us with then we think that by getting angry we take anything away from Allah? Nope Allah says He is rich and He sees us as poor.. He also says He does not need us but rather we need Him… He is independent whereas we are dependent on sustenance from Him… If Allah was to take away the water and food you eat… Who would provide u with food and water? If He was to take away the air that u breathe who could provide u with air? Satan in the hereafter will tell the people he fooled that he had no authority over them he whispered and they responded.. Allah has promised and satan promises Allah promises the truth whereas Satan promises lies and deception just to lead to hell Allah. Wants to reward us with heaven for a little hardship.. And hardship never lasts forever… So why lose hope and throw everything away? Struggle on just a little more Allah will send ease at the right moment when the lesson has been learned that the world isn’t for our enjoyment don’t get lost in its false temporary enjoyment and hardships are a wake up call so Alhumdulillah for giving us hardships and if we are patient rewards and a good life Alhumdulillah to Allah always. And I wish not to be the ungrateful to my Creator… If I forget Him I lose If He forgets me I’m doomed… All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the worlds… read surah falaq and surah an nas remember Allah ask Him for ease and u will get it Allah said verily in Allah’s remembrance do hearts find rest and that’s true…

  22. Great article. The many these days are suffering from depression and anxiety. Lot of it has to do with going away from the deen of Allah and getting lost in the duniya. These are great topics to discuss. A good site to discuss them is a Muslim forum like, so inshallah come do check it out.

  23. Lamisa. U must understand and learn from stories of the Prophets. Their problems were not sorted overnight. I saw a you tube lecture from a female scholar (I think it was called ‘begging duas’ or sthng like that.)
    Anyway she said that when allah tests u and then u turn to allah through repetitive duas etc then it was allahs way of BRINGIING YOU CLOSER TO ALLAH. What to mention the rewards for you for doing sincere duas etc.
    it is said that ppl on judgement day will look on with wanderment at the pple who have persevered with all their difficulties and see their rewards and wish that they were ill on earth to get the same amount of rewards as well.

  24. Yes. It is the first step. To ask for Allah’s help. Then an effort must be made to investigate the physiological defects in depression too.
    Remember- depression is strongly linked to lost vitality , energy, depleted essential minerals and nutrients in body etc. Its no point just ‘putting a plaster’ on the symptons without addressing underlying cause. Whilst I may not understand depressed pple, I still have a strong desire to pass on information that I have come across linked to this illness. Ppl should investigate usage of :
    – lysine etc (
    – b12
    -fulvic acid.
    if u do intend to take these then firstly make sure they are not reacting with any current meds u are taking. Also, if they r ok to take then take them maybe an hour before or after ur other meds.
    It would be so so beneficial if anyone is taking these steps and reporting back on any effective outcome in the comments section . This will act as a beacon of hope to many others inshallah.

  25. I found the article very interesting, and it reatlly help me in terms of taking out of the anxiety and sorrow…May Allah (s.w.t) reward you abundantly.

  26. Nice reminder May Allah bless u.. Also may I add we are living in the west and their way of life is the total opposite to a Muslims way of life… For a disbeliever this world is paradise and for a believer it is a prison.. This Hadith explains to us that life is suppose to feel difficult after the hardship we will reap the rewards.. If u want to give up then that’s every individuals choice but we should think that we have been patient and struggled to this point do we really want to turn weak and get seduced by the false glitter of the world? It’s a temporary enjoyment do we really want to take a drop of water instead of the ocean that is the afterlife? Question urselfs brothers and sisters do not let the mental trials become something that will take u away from Allah… Also remember that when a person is afflicted with trials it is because Allah wants good for u… what u use to do before U became ill is being written down for u so all is not lost.. Do not let shaaitan mislead u Allah will forgive us aslong as we wish for Allah to forgive us… Keep reading and learning about Islam the more knowledge u have the better u know about Allah and the better u will understand what u are going through… Knowledge is the key… Insha’Allah may Allah make it easy for his true slaves.. And may he bless the ummah of Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and companions… Be happy for a believer everything that happens in this world their is goodness and reward for it.., what’s there to be sad about? And all people sin if u have regrets after.. Then u are of those who Allah Subhana Wa Ta’la Loves insha’Allah because u are of those who will repent.. And the best of sinners are those who repent…life may not be changing at the pace u want it to but it is changing at a pace that is right for u because Allah has decreed Allah matters and His Wisdom is infallible perfect… Blessed be Allah the Lord of the worlds…

  27. Salaams, I need your help , my husband is currently not working ,(he moved from his home town to join me) we have been married for three years , the problem i am working and the bread winner in my family , i stay will my mum my husband my three kids , younger brother and my sister and her three have joined us , yes its a full house.

    My PROBLEM : My husband goes through depression especially when about to have my menstrual cycle,
    He goes in a mood does not want to talk and rather sleep , the problem its happened so many times in a month, i don’t know what to do, i make dua i know i have to be patient his mood or depression is following me ,

    i have depressed before i meet but i managed to over come and face life in a good way. please help because its stressing me out

  28. Great article,sir. It gives the reader an insight to understand more about how beautiful Islam is and how we can strive to become a better Muslim in out busy lives! Alhamdulillah for making me read this !!!!

    • am glad it’s working for everyone else. IT’s definitely NOT working for me. I’ve fought depression my whole life and here I am as a middle aged adult and depression takes me over, and I feel Allah doesn’t care about me. If He did, maybe I’d be cured already. Just how I feel right now.

  29. I have had depression in the past. What helped me was exercise (yoga, gym, swimming, badminton), cutting out junk food and eating healthy and getting 9 hours of sleep. I applied for a new job, spent time with friends doing fun things and took up a few new hobbies. I also painted my room yellow, gave away things I didn’t need to charity and bought a few nice things for my bedroom to make it look good. As I kept myself busy and the days went by, I felt less depressed and I am now really happy. Sitting at home crying, praying and reading the Qur’an wont always help. You should keep yourself busy. Think about your life, what is depressing you? how can you fix it? I am glad that this article just didn’t mention praying and fasting and that you talked about doing charity work, going for walks and taking up a hobby because that really does help with depression.