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  1. Subhanllah a very nice article.

    I think a lot of us have a hard time figuring out who we really want to be and how we really can help the cause of Islam besides the routine donations and an hour a week volunteering. A lot of us (myself included) have a hard time thinking beyond a normal job at the office . Even though we don’t like it and enjoy it we do not want to give it up and pursue something better which we are more enthusiastic about and would also serve the ummah better because that is going againt the stauts quo and we are scared what the people will say.

    May Allah help us and guide us.

  2. May Allah reward you for this article! Ameen.

    Just to share my thoughts…

    ->Who am I?
    *An African Muslimah

    My-> goal in Life
    *leave a legacy in this life in order to find jannatul Firdaus in the Hereafter. This includes:
    -Teaching Islam to my sibblings and family, in the best possible manner
    -Using my engineering skills to help find long term solutions to poverty alleviation (sadaqa Jaariyah)

  3. جزاك الله خيراً
    اللهم اجعل قراءة هذا المقال الخطوة الأولى بإتجاه التغيير

  4. Jazak Allah khaire for this informative article. According to me its teaching your Children and reaching out to those who want to learn or have been misguided.Reaching out to people living in Rural areas. Contemplate on being a better human and a Muslim

  5. Great article, self reflection is essential in order for us all to be more productive Muslims, which we tend to forget sometimes in our busy lives. We all want to leave a positive mark in the world before we die. Often it’s the simplest little good deeds that we may have done for somebody, which we might have not given much thought to, but to the other person it meant the world to them. It’s our own little actions that we must change in our daily basis, before we can expect others to change, and to show our ‘best’ self to our family friends and community. May Allah give us all the guidance and strength to achieve our goals that will bring blessings and be Sadqa Jariah. Ameen.

  6. This topic is a topic I am always asking my selfrepeatitivel and tody just iI search from internet and got an answer fr my Q.jzk