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  1. JazakAllah khayran 4 a much needed interview…cud you ples let me know if its possible to contact Nour Zibdeh through any way,it would b a great favour to me…JazakumAllah khayran..salAmz

  2. Assalamualaikum
    please can you tell me where I can see this sister is she based in the UK? I am desperate. My son is suffering from terrible eczema on his legs. He is bleeding. Please help!!!

    • Sister i just wanted to suggest a few things, i’m not sure if you have already tried them but just thought i’d mention them. There is a cream called Jild cream the number to call is 07597756722. Through Allah’s mercy this cream cured mine maybe ask the supplier if it would be suitable for children first. I also went on a 9 month detox where i stopped eating sugar, which meant i cooked everything fresh and didn’t even eat savoury foods out of a packet. Each individual has foods that there body can’t tolerate it’s a process of elimination to determine what food is causing his. Others things to try is mix mustard oil with a bit of water and rub with finger until it turns a bit murky. Rub it onto the effected skin. Another child was found to be low in iron and this was causing her excema. Maybe ask your doctor to check his. May Allah grant your son a cure soon ameen.

      • Assalamualalikum jazakallah Khair for your suggestions they are extremely helpful.
        Wassalam um Abdul karim

      • Assalamualalikum I am trying to call the number you gave me and have left numerous messages but no one has called me back please let me knw if there is another number or a website. Jazakallah

      • salaam sister have you possibly got any other contact nmumber for the jild cream as i need some urgently and the number that you have given there is no response. it is very frustrating as my son suffers very badly and he had it in the past and mahshallah it cleared up. so i need to contact the brother who supplies it but the number no ansswer jazakallah

      • Hey amra Ive placed an order for jild cream but the guy stilk hasnt sent it me I domt know if its same person uve ordered from

  3. I’m in hospital recovering from a broken leg and ankle surgery. And with different dietary needs attributed to reduced and inactivity; effect of medication on digestion; and the necessity of keeping halal and so forth, this pod-cast/article couldn’t have come at a better time! Masha’Allah.

  4. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    Absolutely inspiring interview! Love the idea of healthy eating,balanced die,t etc.. I’m on my way to establish a healthy eating habit and mashaAllah great tips shared by sister Nour! Can’t wait to visit your blog;)
    JazakAllahu khair!

  5. Assalaam ‘alaikum.
    I haven’t listen the audio. I am confident of that based on above comments. In sha Allah, I’ll go through. Jazakallah Khair.


  6. salaam i need to get the jild cream and the number i have there is no answer i need it has anybody got any? or give me some contact so i can get some please. jazakallah

  7. I placed an order for jild cream months ago but he didn’t send it abd now there is no answer to his mob im a little pissed ofc at him for doing that

    • Asalam alikaum,

      I pray all is well. I have tried the mobile too and there doesn’t seem to be an answer. It is slightly heartening to know that he did answer but unfortunately i have no idea how to get in touch with him either. I have posted another number on here not sure if thats any use.

      May Allah help us ameen

      • Hey amra whats his number as id love to get in touch and find out why he hasnt posted my creams after takin my money

    • I also ordered it, his company has went into some sort of liquidation as it says this on the Companies House website. Jilds cream was amazing, it worked really well but unfortunately the guy is nowhere to be seen now. Has anyone had any luck?

  8. hi I need to order some more jild cream for my 4 year old excema iv tried the mobile number I have always used but it’s saying it’s not available can anyone advise please? has it changed its name again when I started to buy it 4 years ago it was called super soraderm?