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  1. Masha Allah, that interview was awesome! It really gave me that wakeup call and the need to step up, get that ultimate vision of my life, plan it out step by step and select opportunities or not that will make me closer to that vision insha Allah.

    I think Muslims masha Allah have come to a new age of excellence in every field… And I say, it’s only the beginning insha Allah :)

  2. @ coolboy – he was referring to Sh.Abdul-Hameed Kusk – an amazing Egyptian Islamic Scholar with amazing public speaking skills. Used to move millions in his time with his speeches.

  3. Asalaam u alaikum

    Jazaak Allah khayr for such an awaited interview and mostly for recording it as audio… Muhammad AlShareef and his sister Heba AlShareef both manage to squeeze so much useful knowledge and practical solutions in very little time MashaAllah may they both be rewarded for all that they do ameen

  4. Salaam brother, I was just wondering how i could download this interview? with the other interviews when clicking the ‘divshare’ sign i was able to go to a link to save to my computer but the sign on this video takes me to the divshare homepage. Jazzak Allah Khair for any help.