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  1. ameen

    Asalaam u Alaikum

    Jazaak Allah khayr for your efforts Indeed it is this balance of cleanliness of soul and body that lets one enjoy peace SubhaanAllah Islam is such a blessing in it self… And yes it is so sad to be someone who lived without a purpose and died with no preparation of ahead May Allah keep us all from these unfortunate souls ameen

  2. Jazak allah khairun for this insight, brother. Spiritual uncleaniness is something I’m sure we all go through…times of worry that, a sign that our sins are weighing us down, our conscience bothering us as we leave work thinking we should have done something more before we left, feeling bad for having eating something we know we shouldn’t have eaten…all these things really weigh us down and it really affects what we’re able, or not able, to get done in a week. When you think about your sins, your spiritual uncleanliness, It just opens your eyes to why you’re not getting done what you wanted to get done, but it’s something most of us don’t talk about. So thank you for talking about it on your blog. I think this will benefit many people, insha allah. May Allah reward you for your efforts =)

  3. This sentence killed me “Do you know what the worse punishment Allah can put you through in this life? Making you not feel the weight of your sins, nor enjoy the sweetness of His obedience.” Because we enter such state almost every day without even realizing. Getting distracted from our beloved religion and from the remembrance of Allah, is so easy these days. We NEED to renew our faith daily, remember him in every sec.
    Jazak Alahu kol khayr. Such Sites is our own personal reminders.