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  1. Uplifting and straight from the heart, I benefitted greatly from this interview. Although I am not so young, 33 yearsold, I am also in process of redefining my goals (midlife crisis!!!??) and this gave me new perspective.

    Please, please keep the interviews coming…..I would love one from Nouman Ali Khan.

    Does anyone have the name of book he referred to when talking about leadership and communication?

  2. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I can relate very much to what this sheikh is saying. I have done lots of experimenting with productivity ideas and methodology and planning and goal setting over the last year.

    Two books i would highly recommend are Getting Things Done by David Allen, and Power Of Full engagement by Tony Schwartz.

    I wrote a little about my goal setting on my blog at :

  3. I really appreciate your time to get this done with Allah you are blessed JazakaAllah khairan I would like to join the Academy InShaAllah

  4. Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury is my inspiration.And I only wish I could meet him atleast once in my life. I always watch his videos,listen to his speeches,and have read about his whole life from the internet. I just ask Allah Subhan wa Ta aala to grant him with Jannat ul Firdous.And make me meet him there,in sha Allah. please forward my message to him if possible.Jazakallah.

  5. Sheikh Tawfique is so correct when he talks about inspiring and leading people. This one interview has more value to me
    than most of the business books and autobiographies I had read before. I am 32, and I feel quite old, but when I compare
    the rest of my life and my Aakhirah to my age, I realise it is never too late to make a grand change in life.
    Jazakallah khair to Productive Muslim and Sheikh Tawfique. I always watch your youtube videos, I just downloaded 2 vids
    this morning. I hope to find my ultimate purpose in life and have the courage to follow through. Insha Allah, Ameen.