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  1. Assalaamualaikum Sister Faiza……Mashaa’Allah , may Allah Subhanatallah always Inspire u to achieve even greater heights , Ameen ! What an inspirational and Motivational read ! Wa’salaam and keep it up !

  2. I have a question that I would like to ask.  I used to be a computer junkie in my high school days and as such I was obsessed with the latest gizmos and video games and, as you would expect, far away from Islam.  Things dramatically changed for me, in college, subhanAllah, and i got guided to the straight path.  Now i pray regularly, stay away from movies and music and try to give charity whenever i can.  But i now have a new problem.  I have lost interest in the dunya completely… to levels that are completely unacceptable.  I have no motivation in engineering, the course i have undertook in college.  But before this Islamic revolution in my life, Computers meant everything to me!  I dreamed of working for Intel that designs microprocessors- that was my aim!  Success to me was getting a job in it!  Now, things have changed.  Isn’t it true that REAL Success is only in the hereafter?  Whatever’s here is only temporary?  i’ve become completely lazy and have lost any motivation to study.  There is one part of me saying “what the hell is wrong with you?  There is nothing wrong in striving for a good job!” and there is this other part saying “What difference does it make, whether or not you work hard, real success is only in the hereafter.  And Allah will provide you with sustenance, just stick to Islamic rituals (praying, fasting and dhikr) and don’t worry about getting a job at intel.  you can work in a local company because all you need is money to survive.”

    I don’t get it…what should i do?

    • I understand what you mean. True, real success is only in the Hereafter, but this life we’re living now is too important to just let go. The life we live here on Earth decides the outcome of our forever in the next life, this life is what tests us and drives us and urges us to be more than just another someone.. truth is.. even when we make dua, we as all to give us the best in THIS life, the best in the Hereafter, and to save us from the fire of Hell. 
      When we’re in that imaan high, we sometimes feel like this life really doesn’t need our full effort, when in reality this life needs it all the more because we, as muslims, represent Allah’s message to mankind.
      My advice for you is to believe, really believe, that that college degree is going to open new doors for you, inshallah! You’ll have a wider circle of influence and hence can be a better muslim as well inshallah! In the end, as muslims, we just want the best of both worlds..
      Ask Allah to guide you, believe and stick to it! Allah be with you!

    • my teacher once told me,
      muslims should be holding the highest possible ranks in the world. we should be in the nasa, directors of universities, mncs etc. not because we love duniya but because we can help our deen, our people with our efforts. whenever i don’t feel like studying, i say “IQRA” to myself. “IQRA” in arabic means to read. it is the first word revealed. the beauty of the word is, its not a request from Allah. its a command. u just gotta do it, no matter what.

  3. Keep dreaming and let Allah grip our dream.

    In december 2011, I said to myself, “I want to go abroad”, then I made passport. I just made passport without know where to go.

    and in march 2012, I got experience to go to China, and that was free.

  4. Masha Allah ,an interesting article, anytime I read a post from productive Muslim, is always a boost for me and at that moment have something to do with my life.
    thanks a lot.

  5. Very inspiring story! May Allah reward you the best. I really believe that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Our beloved prophet, peace be upon him, asked us to seek knowledge from cradle all the way to grave. I believe with that with determination and Tawakul on Allah, you will conquer the unknown!!!

  6. Assalamualiakum,

    A good article. Just to add one very important rule to dream is to use brain over heart by choosing a dream which is achievable. Climbing Mountain is one such dream. What if one dreams to fly like birds. Many people do so but its completely insane and almost impossible.

    As reply to Mr. Azmath’s question:

    Brother hereafter is earned from this world only. One first needs to strive to become successful in this world then only one can hope for success in the hereafter. But what is success ? It needs to be well understood. Success is not just material success which often the capitalists define. Physical and Spiritual Health, Family, Safety, Sanity, Education is all part of success. True that real success is to get successful in hereafter but how to get successful there? It is by making the intentions right and following the right path defined by Allah Swt and Prophet SAW which is practiced by Prophet SAW, His Companions and all the righteous people as example for all of us. They all strived to achieve greater success in this world first by getting education, discovering and inventing things such as Algebra, Alchemy, doing open heart surgery, doing business etc. and became better believer each day by remembering Allah Swt in everything they did. We need to follow them in order to become successful.

    We are not advised to abandon this world in order to do ibadah, otherwise jungles would be best place to live in peace and do ibadah. Still many people try to do so but when guided they return to the world to tell their success stories.

    One Shaikh used to say ” Be in this World but not of this World”

    I hope the above will help you to better understand the meaning of this life and how one should live it.

    I’m not a scholar but a mere student and seeker of knowledge. Wish every human all the best. Remember in Dua.
    Was salaam

  7. thank u for that inspiring story. i should share it with my ammi, inshaa Allah. Born into a wealthy, influential and deeni islamic family, she was awakened to the harsh truth of the world by her husband. he tortured us for many years, physically emotionally, before leaving us for another woman, and telling the court that he had a family to take care off, so he wouldn bother with our needs. a young woman found herself on the streets , after years of sacrifice and agony, with two lil kids. but she worked real hard. she prayed, n we prayed with her. she dreamed. and she inspired us to dream. With an eternal ” You CAN do it” spirit, she is today the happy mother of a pediatrician and a medical scientist. After we guys went to college, she wanted to learn law, to help people like her, helpless womenfolk abandoned by their husbands, and families, in gross abhorrence to islamic rules. She got a very good rank in the entrance exam, but the management turned her down. she is till trying. and Inshaa Allah, I pray that success attends her efforts. Ammi we love u.

  8. Inspirational, All Praises to Almighty Allah.
    Faith in Allah results in miracles which we can’t imagine, even if we believe our inability to perform any task. Never forget that for Allah nothing is impossible, it is only we who have a limited knowledge.