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  1. Do you really think it is possible to take out Quran and Tasbeeh during flight in current Islamophobic environment?

    Don’t you think the passenger will be taken off the flight by doing so.

    • @28f6972957f30c3aeaba92d67c45100f:disqus  – Not at all. I’ve tried this personally on many flights and if anything it attracts inquisitive minds and makes a great way to start a conversation with the person next to you.

      One should never by ‘shy’ or ‘ashamed’ of their religion and you have every Human right to practice your deen in public in good manners and consideration of those around you.

      I hope you’ll try some of these techniques and be a beacon of light and guidance on the plane for others.

    • if you have any worries, try to do it without getting  other people’s attention, how? you can use Quran program on your phone / tablet PC. in this way, you  will be able to read Quran with nobody even look at you. for Tasbeeh, it is so easy to do so silently also.

      • @2ffa93f3bc73d35aaaf7a0dd2dafc919:disqus Just for the sake of discussion (& there’s nothing wrong with your suggestion) but why do we need to hide our identity? It’s as if we’re doing something wrong by opening a Quran in an aeroplane and reciting quietly to ourselves or doing tasbeeh or performing Salah… We should be proud of our deen, proud of who we are as Muslims and our acts of worship.

        Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

        • I completely agree. One of the best forms of da’wah can be through actions! We want more people to know about and understand Islam, not hide the fact that we are trying to be Muslims! Alhamdulillah. May Allah guide us and give us success in this life and the Akhira, ameen.

        • Agree with you, I only mentioned this for people who are scared and have some worries, so that they don’t lose the opportunity of  making use of there time. in the normal situation, it will be a plus point for you to “double the time” by reciting Quran and making some sort of “Daawa” in the same time.

  2. Thanks for the tips.  It will help me to get over this long trip that I am planning to take – I hate flying; so, I’m not at all thrilled about the idea of crossing the Atlantic in the middle of the night.

    I hope my choice of words below are suitable.  No offense to anyone is intended nor is it meant to provoke any kind of argument.  If I may have seemed to put words someone’s mouth again this is not intentional and only due to my imperfections.

    I actually thought of an electronic Quran but not for the purpose of hiding my identity but for the convenience of having fewer items to hold on to.

    I can understand some people’s apprehensions and it may depend on the circumstances they may find themselves; however, in a way we cannot assume that all or most people are going to react in that way.  That would be wrong. 

    Just as we don’t want to be judged incorrectly by trying to ‘hide’ our identity under those circumstances, to me, is indirectly passing a judgement on others.  At the same time it may deprive someone of getting to know what is truly Islam and allow those who misrepresent Islam to get away with doing so.

    We don’t have to pretend to be perfect either because none of us are but we do need to be genuine and sincere and speaking in an appropriate manner.

  3. Tasbeeh…do it using your right hand fingers just as our prophet (peace be upon him) did. In this way you wont capture someones attention but also folllow the sunnah :)