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  1. Really great masa2 Allah …. jazakom Allah kol kher … but I think this article not only for productive mothers but for any one who experience this low eman time

  2. Masha allah, your words have great meaning and help in guidance my heart to remember what is right. Because I am weak, my iman is weak and I find myself stressed out by those I love the most, my children. They continously break me down to where I feel defeated as a muslimah and mother. I feel defeated daily. But, your words help me to remember that I’m not alone and I have the greatest teacher, supporter, counselor in Allah (swt). Shak’ron sister, I needed your words more than you know. As salaam alaikum, Sister Sawuudah

  3. jazak allah khair salam aleikom! im so happy with this entry because i am a mom in this moment right now im low, i wanna be more productive and proactive also to my daughter see a good example on me! also me and my husband have problem with salat fayr if you have some tips for waking up early that maybe will help plz send ir to my email.

  4. Salam 3lykum..This article described how i really felt went my iman is low.keep up the good work.

    Jazak ALLAH kheir

  5. Salam alaikum everybody!
    I think this site is brilliant! I’ve gain alot of tips from it and I preciate it!
    But..lately I’m struggling With 1 bad habit that I also a big part of the muslim youth struggle With too. And that is the bad habbit of listenting to Music. So I was wondering if you guys could Write Down some tips to stop this bad habbit and so on..=)

  6. Jazakalakhair Sister Sana for your wonderful suggestions. You provided so many helpful tips. I like your suggestion of spending time with family. Enjoying time with family can sometimes be a great uplifter. Barakalafik.

    Your Sister in Islam,
    Grandma Jeddah

  7. I was feeling that dip in my imaan level but never had time to think how to resolve it . Jazakillah for such a nice article that reminded me of many things I forgot .

  8. Assalamalykum
    very useful tips indeed…I have been visiting your site for quite some time and hav always found it extremely useful.
    plz give some tips to fight our eternal enemy shaytan …couldnt find any article or lecture on it.
    I also face problem opening ur animations..They r so good.I used them in my summer children class..which is fee sabi lillaah..plz do upload them on on halatube or vimeo as youtube is banned in Pakistan.InshaAllaah many will benifit from it..If you have any animation on encountering shaytan plz email me.
    I ll be gr8ful…jazakallaah