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      • No I connate see anything either
        I am accessing internet via work computer and we are limited to watch movies or audio (any media)
        This article is therefore meaningless to me
        Need transcript

  1. I have friends who watch porn & have explained them how bad it is and that’s what makes it haram for us. And this audio right here explains it all! JazakAllah khair!
    I wanted to ask a question. Most of the people (Muslims) that I know say they watch these kind of vids to only learn about sexual pleasures. They don’t want to blankly sit next to their spouse in future not knowing what to do. So is there any other good way to know about things? JazakAllah khair (:

    • There are a lot of guideline given by the prophet Muhammad PBUH regarding sexual enjoyments with one’s lawful spouse. You can read Like A Garment by Dr. Yassin Qhadi to know more.

      Pornographh shouldn’t be our teacher when it comes to sexual intimacy, because what they are teaching is nothing but perverted ideas of what sex is.

      Wael Ibrahim.

  2. How come something so destructive became so widespread? Indeed Shaytan is ever an enemy to mankind. I pray Allah (SWT) to free the entire Muslim ummah from the evil of pornography. Ameen.

  3. Really great interview. Alhumdulilah learnt a lot about the basic psychology of humans. That when our brain, which is already designed by Allah Ta’ala where the man can enjoy basic things the ‘halal’ way, is disturbed from it’s actual function, it just releases hormones without control. Didn’t knew that what makes a person so addicted to something. Very informative. I make dua that you and your team would accomplish in re-uniting people with their lives once again and help them lead a positive and healthier lives. Few people like you are really taking up the effort to help the suffurings. Jazak Allah hu Khairan.

  4. I just want to know some details on the physical problems and disadvantages of masturbating so that I can help some of my friends be awre of what they are doing.How can i ask these questions privately with mr.ibrahim

    • Excessive masturbation could lead to Erectile Dysfunction for males which could lead to further depression and anxiety. I have dealt with couple of cases so far which ended up with this tragedy. I think this is sufficient for anyone to think millions of times before masturbation.

  5. Brothers,
    Few years back, I had a notion that I am not addicted to it and it is only the age… but I think it is indeed an addiction and it has increased year on year… Earlier I was in a position to avert it with my will-power but now it is getting difficult…
    Alhamdulillah that I am not seriously addicted but I think I am not less addicted….
    Earlier, the addiction used to get stimulated after accidentally looking at a lewd video or image now it gets stimulated after watching a regular Movie/serial for entertainment because of inappropriately dressed people in it.

    So this is the cycle… you end up dong immoral things… you admonish yourself to keep away from it, you practice this for few days, you keep up with yourselves till accidentally you stumble upon something which stimulates you. And then the cycle repeats.

    The cycle can be 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month etc… but it will be regular, because you start where u left.
    If the time is more, then there are some some positive affects.

    The reason I am writing this is to open up eyes of many of us who think that they are not addicted.
    As a yardstick, you need to understand that there is no reason for you to get into this things, but if you are getting in, then you are addicted.

    Apart from the obvious physical and psychological issues, there are many more problems
    1. Wasting time – imagine what all can you do if you use this time correctly
    2. Reduced level of iman – it constantly dips
    3. Getting away from your daily worship – a direct consequence of 2
    4. belittling your evil acts – you get used to things and say everybody does it and it is not major sin

    I have taken the below steps but even if you are not addicted, better take them
    1. Stopped watching TV – one of the biggest and common carrier of porn, this is where you start.
    2. Stopped watching YouTube/any other entertainment videos – there is a trick here, if you clear the history of you tube videos and only keep your history to Islamic videos, you wall will never see any lewd video
    but depending on your addiction, it might be advised to complete stop going to You-tube.
    3. Start a productive Islamic habit and get addictive to it
    Read more and more Quran – try doing your own Qirah
    Learn Quran Arabic
    Memorize the Quran
    Start working out
    4. Pray Tahajjud regularly – this will be the ultimate win
    5. Give charity for every act of immorality and increase the charity every time you repeat
    6. Practice istagfaar.

    May “Al-Ghafoor”, “Al-Ghaffar” , “Rubb” protect us and bring our positive change in the Ummah.

    • SubhanAllah,most excellent advice. Cut off the root- TV&Youtube&pick up lofty habits-MashaAllah.It’s like resetting the mind.

    • Great tips. However, you should be very aware of the fact that withdrawal symptoms are going to strike any moment, for which you will be left irritated, anxious, moody, bored and so on. You have to learn how to deal with this phase. The best advice I normally give in this case is to leave the house for some serious and productive work. Don’t surrender to any idle moment during this time.

  6. I told myself to stop watch and I go good for 1-2 weeks and even a month but always come back to it show. How do I stop it permanently?

    • You will have to develop a NEW lifestyle. Don’t worry about how many days you can quit, rather establish an environment where relapses are not to be tolerated. i.e. download filters, talk a professional coach, cut out Internet connection after certain hours of the day, especially the usual time of relapses i.e. Past midnight etc. Be serious about it day in and day out and don’t be fooled by false quitting i.e. a day to 3 months free from porn. Keep going and be mindful of the triggers which could lead to relapses.

  7. JazakAllahu khair for this post. I have been struggling for years with this and the shiekh hit every point of escalating and not being hastily with one kind. Alhamdulillah its calmed down alot but it’s still a problem. When is the next interview,?

  8. Assalam Alaykum?

    My name is Omar from Zanzibar Tanzania in East Africa,
    From my heart i have been highly chocked up with this topic because it touches the youths life among the Muslims at large, we as the youths are highly affected by the porn and the bad thing is that we can not easily get out from it due to that our total life style has captured by the Internet and the phones which are the highest motivators of the pornography.

    I am very happy to hear it today, that it will be away forward for preventing my self from it but also reminding my fallow friends about it and how it affect us.

    However, i am asking for a favor if the Muslim Productive will have a special programs for organizing an international liberation of Muslims that will be organized though out the world, especially passing through schools and colleges where by my of the Muslim youths have forgotten their Islamic culture.

    I am deeply asking the programs like this to be conducted in my own country with the Productive Muslims.

    Thank you, JAZAKAMULLAH

  9. Alhamdulillah, it’s ramadhan and Allah guide me through this page and it’s very informative and helpful.

  10. The problems of muslim youth in a “muslim” country are no different than that of those in “non-muslim” countries. There is a concept of ‘anchoring’ in NLP which is very powerful and can help over come bad habits and instill good habit. do research.

  11. How wonderful it would be,if there was a brother interviewing the brother.As a matter of taking hayaa,higher.

  12. Would like to know the brothers blog address to subscribe to.And during the interview the sister needs to allow the brother explain what he needs to explain clearly, not all of us know what he is alluding to!

  13. AssalamuAlaikum, I hope that I may benefit from it someday. But since I’m hearing-impaired and depend on lip-reading it’s struggling to listen to mp3.

    • May Allah protect you sister Maryam and cure us all Ameen. Kindly email me and ask any question, insh a Allah I will attend on your emails in writing to ensure that you have comprehended the learning content.

  14. Porn addiction is a seriously debilitating habit that can only be managed by professional who is trained in mental health. Trying to handle it through the eyes of religion is not progressive and gives rise to negative feelings for the person in question. Our primitively brain is primed for such stimuli.

  15. I watch porno because am single unmarried sexually deprived accordingly frustrated most of the time angry so i do blame my pornography addiction on not being able to get married.
    Marriage can solve a pornography addiction; i would not be watching porno had i been married & satisfied sexually!

    • Unfortunately this is not true. Marriage has never been a solution for porn addicts. It is a solution for those who would like to protect their chastity and not to fall into Zina. However, if you had fallen already into addiction, then marriage won’t really solve the problem, it could relief the urges etc, but it won’t solve it permanently. Couples, therefore should seek professional help.

  16. Alhamdullhi I must start by expressing my deep apprication to you for finding time to lead and operate a productive Muslim live this imitative we go a long way in correcting the Muslims lives I applude you for taking this topic pornograpy to lecture on it . It has become a soure of concern in our youths life expecially the porn on the internet . Thank you

  17. After Ramadhan 2016 I spent over a month asking for Allah SWT to forgive me and spare me from Shaytan with the conclusion that I abstained from sexual activity (specifically masturbation and watching lewd material) during this period. In the end I recovered from a mental illness that made me experience the whispers of jinn and see strange occurrences. I was spared for that time after Ramadhan, which I felt tested most, as during Ramadhan I did not spend fruitfully in my submission. During Ramadhan I admittedly came across very sexually arousing images and I can see how much I was tempted by all these images and people who I came across giving me very violent urges at night. I ended up masturbating directly after Ramadhan–I was extremely weak-willed and wasted my time and efforts. I was “robotic,” as you say, and corrupted. Directly after my masturbation spree, I was visited at night both in the dark and in my dreams, likely by jinn and other beings out to spook me and I was experiencing a metaphysical experience beyond just thought. It was a frightening experience that soon worsened. Eventually, I was shown how Ramadhan should truthfully be spent in repentance and how Allah is truly Rahman and Walee, Al Khaliq, when I was specifically protected from the jinn who crept near me at night during my walks home from work. I took the effort to memorize ayatul kursi for Fajr and Maghrib and 3 qul. Then, I remember a final day in a hospital, an entire day, where I waited hours claiming la illaha il Allah and that none but Allah decides my fate; if he throws me into the Hellfire it is his will, if he spares me it is his will and that is what I should expect. If only I knew better Dua instead of improvising my own thoughts at the time. That day in the Hospital’s waiting room the whispers I had been hearing the month after Ramadhan disappeared but I was reminded to repent to Allah for hours on end. I was debating to do sajdah and even salaah because the Evil Eye appeared in place of my qayam and sajood area where I look, and I felt my salaah became more tainted throughout the period. But, in the waiting room, I could only debate in my mind, although refraining from praising Allah. I refused to sleep during this time out of fear knowing my mind could be overtaken at any point–something I knew with all the signs I had been seeing to that point. The day came to the conclusion that I was asked if I wanted to stay inpatient or outpatient (immediately) knowing that a school’s semester was about to start, but I said I thought the doctors should decide because they would know better–despite my fear that I would lose all progress in schooling. I assumed the doctors at the time were Allah himself or at least agents. What was I thinking at the time and should I have felt stupid? Because I said that I was made to wait a few more hours before being treated outpatient. But I was forgiven and the severity of my mental illness did not overtake me and I was forgiven at the time when I was about to experience a New World. I saw glimpses of dead corpses whenever I blinked within the days of recovering from my tremor. I saw a black figure at times when i blinked upon healing. I was at the very edge of experiencing something grave and I cannot entirely comprehend what I was about to experience if it was not a Hellfire. Al hamdu lillah.

    But when I started to be free of strange occurrences due to my mental illness I returned to masturbate. I feel so ungrateful despite my experiences. I was invited to eat during Isha and Fajr when Muslim brothers from Qatar were visiting after Eid al Adha, but I was fearful because I was impure from masturbation and could not even do salaat. Now, in the past month I’ve almost been masturbating daily despite my urges to wake up do ghusl then Fajr and stop masturbating. This is the worse I’ve ever been. It has become an endless cycle that I do not even understand what happened because the fact that I was spared from a grave fate. Then I was notified of this podcast series. I look forward to listening in on the next two parts of the series. Jazakum Allahu khairan katheeran.

  18. This was very real and useful, I’m happy to hear about real life issues being discussed and solutions prof erred as opposed to suffering in silence and being unable to talk about subjects considered taboo, I’ve always read romantic novels and have decided my daughter will never read them because they set me up for failure and dissatisfaction with my sex life but till now I never realized that it was part of porn addiction and it’s true because I have escalated to reading erotica. Alhamdulilahi I have cut back a lot but lim looking forward to the solution to this problem once and for all inshallah

  19. assalamu aleykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
    first of all thanks for your initiation on this critical topic.
    -today pornography,killing machine of future generation, is one of the most dangerous enemies weapons bombarding good sides Islam. once person engages in such shameful act(by seeing,hearing …..) it is hardly possible to delete from mind. specially as Muslim, Islam expects more from us. currently our ummah is in need of alim(scholars), trust leader(amir),justice,……………if community swim in such bad deeds where is success and victory in both worlds. may Allah protect us.