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  1. Jazahalahu hairi if dunia Wal akhira for this great piece. May allah reward you,your family and your work for enriching us with these tips. May allah guide use and ease our tawbah for us and the sunnah at large .amiina

    • Ameen to this very precious dua and may Allah shower you with His Generosity and accept your deeds and beautiful sincere intention. Wa Jazakum Allahu khairan, Sister.

  2. ALHUMDULILLAH and thanks you to. This article is so useful for me JazakALLAHkhair 🙂. ALLAH Will give you reward for it.

    • AlhamduliAllah for this! It’s the Mercy of Allah. May Allah continue to bring us what benefits us, and help us act on it. Ameen.

    • No way!! SubhanAllah. My beloved sister Fathima was thinking of me! This made me so happy. May Allah accept from you Fathima all what you’ve done for ProductiveMuslim as our Chief Editor, and all the beneficial work and excellent performance you made sure to present to the Ummah for the sake of Allah above anything else. May Allah continue to reward you immensely for that.

      And see… Allah always brings you what you need to hear at the right time! :) May you always be so close to Him, in this life and the next!

  3. جزاك الله خيرا
    Great article
    May Allah accept from all of us our repentance
    And protect us from sins ameen
    May Allah get pleased with your efforts and accept it from you ameen

  4. JazakAllah Khair for the very beautiful message.what will happen to the person who did very wrong to many many they cannot be reached now I can not face them or it is too much unable to pay back.That is something personnel.How somebody can justify it They are in different countries.I repent all the time I pray for them And ask Allah (SWT) forgiveness for themselves for myself.But it is very hard for me to get going.What more can I do for myself for themselves

    Thank you,
    Jazak Allah,
    May Allah Bless you,
    Ameen Ya Rabulalameen.

    • Jazak Allahu Khairan for this sincere comment. It is very clear alhamduliAllah that you regret whatever you’ve done and that you sincerely repent from it.

      I’m not sure what exactly is the wrong that has been caused to others, however, what you can do is:

      1- Ask Allah in sincere dua to help you rectify this wrong and open the door for you to do that. Allah Almighty has His way of inspiring us to do the right thing. He can enable you to find those people and reach them somehow to apologize. So, keep making dua and have the strong sincere desire to find them and apologize for what happened.

      2-Try to take the means. For example, try to get their emails/phone numbers/Facebook accounts so you may send an apology.

      3- If you are unable to do that directly/personally, maybe find a trusted person and let him/her deliver a small gift and your apology note on your behalf.

      4- You can mail them a gift and an apology if they are in a different country.

      In any case, alhamduliAllah you have sincerity, ask Allah to open doors for you to further apologize to those you’ve wronged, and I’m sure Allah will help you. Allah always helps the sincere seekers. This entire process insha’Allah will help you heal and will help clear your conscience when you do everything in your ability to fix the wrong within the means available for you.

  5. Assalam Waalaikum Warahmattullahi Wabarakt’hu

    Jazakumullahu khairun for what you are doing. I am happy to read about repentance that filled my desperate heart with hope. I have been struggling for Tawbah for more than two decades. I do a very ugly sins in my life that I can not give up. I think my life turned upside down because of the continual sin I do. I lost the most precious things in my life and I run away from my family and society because of the malicious rumors of my sin. Sometimes I think I will not be rewarded for a suffer I am experiencing because my sins was the reason. I am struggling to pray my five salats and memorizing some suras from quran.. However, the things I lost cannot be forgotten and I am in deep regret and fear my life will end in same situation. The problem with me is that I know what I am doing and it is not ignorance. I need my some of the things I lost to get them back but I think that Allah is punishing me and I am not going to get them. I need to come back to my family and teach my kids and wife the correct aqidah and make my self keep in straight path. However, it seems to me too late. I wish Allah gives me this chance and live a good life again. I will appreciate your advice.

    • Walaykum ASalam waRahmt Allah wa Barakatuh,

      The fact that Allah allowed you and facilitated for you reading a message of hope MEANS that He wants to give you hope, inspire you to repent, mend your affairs and accept from you!
      It is He who sends us messages, signs and inspires us to repent so He may forgive us …

      “And [He also forgave] the three who were left behind [and regretted their error] to the point that the earth closed in on them in spite of its vastness and their souls confined them and they were certain that there is no refuge from Allah except in Him.
      Then He turned to them so they could repent. Indeed, Allah is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.” (Qur’an 9: 118)

      “He turned to them, so they could repent.” Your desire to repent is a Mercy from Allah and a sign of His acceptance. This is your answer. So continue on the path of repentance and mending your affairs with the Help of Allah.

      If a human being with limited capacities would read your comment and have mercy towards you, don’t you think that The Creator and Source of Infinite Mercy Himself would have more mercy towards you?

      Now, it is worth mentioning that we do not know exactly what the sin or problem is; we might not be licensed or authorized to deal with these types of situations. So, we encourage you to seek professional help to get back on track. However, what you need to know is:

      1- There is no such thing as “it’s too late.” Giving up is not an option. It is NOT an option. Allah forbids us from giving up.

      “…and despair not of relief from Allah. Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people.” (Qur’an 12: 87)

      If you’re still alive, you can fix it. You can fix it! It is a Mercy and a Gift from Allah that He is still allowing you to live and giving you time to fix what you need to fix. Your test is not over yet, and Your Judge is The Most Merciful.

      Jabir bin ‘Abdullah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
      I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying three days before his death: “Let none of you die unless he has good expectations from Allah.” [Muslim]

      So have good expectations of Allah Glorified and Exalted.
      Allah says:
      “What would Allah do with your punishment if you are grateful and believe? And ever is Allah Appreciative and Knowing.” (Qur’an 4: 147)

      If you are sincerely repenting and you are struggling for the sake of Allah persistently, then do not think He won’t accept. The only one who would deter someone from Allah’s path or His Mercy is the Shaitan, do not fall for His tricks.

      Allah says:
      “And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good.” (Qur’an 29: 69)

      2- Please take the 5 daily prayers very seriously and do not leave them or give up on them for any reason

      Remember that in Surat Al Fatiha that we recite 17 times throughout the daily prayers, we actually say to Allah “You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help” — so bring this message to life.

      Ask Allah desperately for Help, and Allah will always help the sincere seekers.

      Allah never closes His doors on us. Never. Allah’s Name is The Opener (Al-Fattah). Please remember that.

      Pray in the masjid too so you would be surrounded with righteous companions insha’Allah and would commit to your prayers and to the right course. Also, find halaqah with righteous friends
      to study your deen further (Qur’an tafsir, Seerah, purification tazkiyyah…etc.) All of this knowledge and good environment would provide you with sustainable hope and enrich your soul and strengthen your faith.

      3- Please take the means to overcome the sin you mentioned. Seek professional help from God-conscious, God-fearing experts who would tell you how to practically deal with your problem and overcome it. Nothing is impossible with the Will of Allah and His Aid. Find online or offline professional counseling services to help you as soon as possible.

      4- Please do not disclose your sin to anyone, do not reveal what Allah has concealed–except with the experts who would practically help you and whose job is to protect your confidentiality.

      5- You mentioned “I need to come back to my family and teach my kids and wife the correct aqidah and make myself keep in straight path.” PLEASE do that! Do EVERYTHING in your ability to do that. Make a plan and take practical steps to do that and seek Allah’s Help. It is not too late. You’re still breathing.

      So, in sum: Allah’s Doors are open. Make dua to Him daily. Pray daily. Seek professional help to overcome the wrong you’re still doing. Fight it with all your ability and Allah WILL help you if you’re sincere. Nothing can defeat you with the Help and aid of Allah. Do everything to return to your family and kids. Apologize to them for whatever happened. Apologize again and again and do not give up on them. Start walking on the right path together and seek purity from Allah The Most Pure, learn your deen together and have sincerity in pursuing Allah in this life and His Closeness in the eternal hereafter.
      There is always, always hope.
      May Allah help you and help us all.

  6. Jazakallahu khairan
    I really needed this. It came at the perfect moment. I was depressed but now feeling so much better Alhamdulillah. Make dua for me.
    Keep doing the good work. May Allah grant you Jannatul Firdaus.

  7. Jazakallah khair for this post. Very beneficial Ma sha Allah
    Keep spreading the khair 😊
    May Allah grant us an ability to always repent. Ameen

  8. Jazak Allah Khair – Good approach to make the one who has sinned confident of Allah’s forgiveness before putting him on the right track. This will apply to one and all in a small way or a big way.

  9. Jazak Allah Khair! This is so beautiful and it is a great reminder that Allah is the most merciful and forgives who repents. I will share this with my friends on facebook, keep up the good work! Assalamualaikom!

  10. JazakAllah khayr Sister for this helpful solution. I like this:
    ” You are in control. So control the sin and do not let it control you, define you or steal your life from you.”

  11. Thank you so much for this wonderful column or advice.. so much appreciated especially to someone like me as a beginners.. know nothing.. thanks mike.. Jazakallah… May Allah Subjsnahu wa ta’ala bless you more barakah in knowledge and wisdom.. Alhamdullillah for your life…

  12. Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullah wa barakatuhu. Thank you for this very educative and important article. My question is about seeking forgiveness from people that you have wronged. What if the people you have wronged are too many that you cant remember most of them and what if you don’t know where to find those you wronged a long time ago? what do you do in this situation.
    Jazzakallahu Khairan

    • Walaykum Asalam wa Rahmat Allah Wabaraktuhu,
      Jazak Allahu khairan and May Allah accept your sincerity and your efforts to rectify any wrong.

      The issue is we do not want people to live in misery or heartache, or any sort of damage because of something that we have done. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “No one of you becomes a true believer until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.”[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

      We certainly won’t like it if someone hurt us or damaged us in anyway, and then they went about their lives as if nothing happened.

      So, the point here is for us to have a heart and mind that are awake and compassionate and full of mercy and justice that we don’t simply harm others carelessly.

      To answer the question, what one could do is:
      1- Make sincere dua to Allah to enable you to mend the wrong and sincerely apologize to others and bring them their right back.
      2- Make dua to Allah to bless those people and shower them with His Generosity and heal their hearts and heal them from any damage or wrong you have caused.
      3- You can start speaking well about those people in the same places and with the same crowds where you’ve wronged them before (if that’s the case).
      4- You can make a Facebook post for example saying you’ve hurt people before out of heedlessness or lack of awareness and that you sincerely apologize to each one of them wherever they may be and you make dua to them and wish they are in the best of states and wish they forgive you.
      5- If there is someone in specific you remember and you can still approach them somehow, then at least fix it with that person. You can send apology note with someone else if you are unable to do it directly, you can send a gift…etc, there are many ways, ask Allah for inspiration, and He will open doors. (Please see more tips in the reply for Br. Yaqoob above in the comments section)

      And of course, we do all of that bearing in mind we take the halal means and that we don’t fix the wrong by doing more wrong like approaching a non-mahram exclusively or privately for example…etc.

      So basically take the means within what’s reasonable and what’s available for you. If there is nothing you can do and it’s absolutely impossible to reach someone…etc., then just make heartfelt dua for them. And may this issue humble your heart and make it more awake and conscious, and help you be a good and inspirational example for everyone around you in the present and future insha’Allah.

  13. most of time we r reminded to do tauba but what’s done specifically in the act of seeking forgiveness. thank you very much.

  14. MasyaAllah, what a beautiful article. I can feel the compassion you’ve put into every single word in this article. That in itself must be Allah’s great blessing and love he sprinkled onto you. Jazakillah khairan sister, may Allah continue to bless you and your family.

  15. Baarak Allahu feeki Sister Dina

    I especially loved the line
    ‘Islam essentially is about fixing yourself for your own inner peace, for Allah and for the people so that you neither harm nor reciprocate harm.’

    May Allah stengthen us through the Quran, sunnah and each other aameen.

  16. I simply loved every word mentioned in this article. Makes total sense. As long as we are deeply, emotionally connected to Allah swt , we acknowledge his existence and do not associate our emotions to tangible objects ( say priest, rock ) calling them a diety and hoping for them to solve our problems, it is fine ! Allah Will bring us back , and keep us in His safe hands.

  17. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    I most say that, this is a powerful piece, jazakallah khair for reminding us of the importance of tawbah and also how Allah (SWT) loves us when we repent and seek His forgiveness. May Allah make us among the tawwaboon. Ameen.

  18. Jazakallahu Khairan ……May Allah reward you ..Its a good Article on tawba ….Thanks a lot…Its very helpful for me …

  19. Very beneficial article for every muslim and muslimah . Thank you for such a beautiful post which is easier to understand and very much relatable.

  20. Very beneficial article for every muslim and muslimah . Thank you for this wonderful post which is easier to understand and very much relatable. May Allah bless you.

    your article really helped myself getting awared of tawba more clearly.
    May Allah (s.w.t) forgives us all.

  22. Whoever has written this great, reassuring and compassionate article, may Allah(swt) grant him ease and forgivess both in this world and next. Ameen.

    Our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us to hate the sin and never the sinner, for only Allah(swt) knows truly how much the sinner has repented and for how long.