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  1. It is interesting how a routine can change (for good) every single family member. As a stay at home mom ,homeschooler and dedicated wife, I realized that having a routine have made my life (and for my husband and kids too) easier. It feels good to know that when my husband gets back home from work,when my oldest son gets back home from Koteb (and even my youngest boy and my baby girl),they find the house clean and organized.I complete agree that  having a “after school” routine  is a good way to estabilish a continuous and loving relationship between parent and child.Sometimes, there are days that things do not go by the book butthat is okay too, it works for us. Ameera, your article is not just an inspiration but also a reminder. Thanks for taking your time to share your thoughts,ideas and experiences as a mother,wife and educator. It is good to read and benefit from a well written article,specially on those days when us, as an individual feel drained after doing our best, for ourselves and our family. Lots of love, your dear friend, Carolina :-)

  2. assalamu alaikum, as an 16 year old student, I find this article enlightening and i am going to implement it insha allah :D

  3. Masha’Allah! This is an excellent article with lots of valuable advice. I have 7 children and as you can imagine, we have keep lots of charts and schedules to keep us on task. Everyday that the kids come in after school and ask for this or that, we just point to the schedule on the wall, and they scurry off to perform whatever tasks are required before they can have snack or free time.

    I love that you mentioned the value of family time/sharing at dinner. Ive found the kids to be really sad if I or my husband dont sit with them at dinner, its really a time to chit chat and joke around and engenders love between us all, so whatever beefs or arguments the kids had during the day are all melted away as we hang out and dinner and we can all go to bed loving one another again, lol!

    I think its beneficial to note that moms and dads can use personal schedules as well. Its important to take care of ourselves and hold ourselves as a priority so that we can be at our best for our kids. Scheduling Mom-time at least 1x per week and having it posted so everyone knows is a great way to ensure that we can get that 1-2 hours of undisturbed time, so mom can take a long bath, or read a book, etc, without the standard interruptions of the crying baby or fighting siblings, lol.

    Masha’Allah, schedules are great for everyone, and children truly thrive with order and predictability! Be sure to make your afterschool schedules flexible and reasonable, so that divergence now and then doesnt disrupt your child’s sense of comfort and routine, insha’Allah. 

    Shukran again Sis Ameera! An excellent read, masha’Allah!

  4. assalamu alaikum ..I am in 12th grade & beacuse of my boards..I am not able to give much time to Quran & Hadees .. which is very sad.. So please help meJazak’Allah ..