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  1. Are these available to be delivered now? I ordered mine on 14th December and the status of my order still says “viewed”. I have emailed Siratt a number of times and have had no response.

    No where on the site does it say when they will be sent, it just says “in stock”.

    Please help!

    • Salams @ee8760451f562c7648aca3a0f87fc1aa:disqus! Hope you have received yours by now!
      There had been a delay in the shipment due to New years’s break, but normal shipment has resumed now. Let us know if you still need any help!
      I pray that the Lifebook really brings a positive effect in your life. Ameen.

  2. I just got may lifebook as well and i really like. Especially the tips that we get weekly to keep our day productive but i feel like i’m not using it properly. I feel overwhelmed by it. Regarding the cost i havent checked my credit card to see how much it turned out to be. hmmmm

  3. I love the life-book!! Alhamdulila a great book, I enjoy reading the
    chapters such as ‘Swallow your pride’. I have already brought a few for
    my friends and they also love theirs…one downside for me is that the
    times are only from 8am to 7pm, which means I can’t jot things for other
    times, but overall a fantastic book, May Allah reward both Productive
    Muslim and Sirrat, Ameen.

  4. I received the book yesterday and I was beyond delighted! Everything from the font, layout, and pictures is beautifully organized! May Allah (set) reward you for all your efforts! ps. Elhamdulillah I ordered it before it became out-of-stock!

  5. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu!

    I recieved my Lifebook two weeks ago and I think it is the best journal for any Muslim! Totally awesome! It is the only one of its kind in the market, and I am sure if you could supply it in International stores, it would be the best-selling journal. I regret not purchasing it earlier, since I lost a whole month now.

    I think it would be better if you could release the Lifebooks for the new year by October-December, for the former year. So that we could pre-order and get to use the diary right from Day 1 of the new year. It would be ideal for people like me (I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) who live abroad, to recieve it in time since delivery takes a lot of time. It would be even more reliable if you could make the Lifebooks available in International stores, at least in the major Muslim countries like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia or any other country where the demand is high, so that we can purchase it at a lower price since delivery charges are more than the journal itself!

    Also, if you consider releasing the Lifebooks sooner (in the course that I mentioned above), then maybe you could make all the Lifebooks in the future following the Hijri calendar! Wouldn’t that be cool? You could add some interesting stuff for the important dates and make it look even more cooler. It would become an Islamic diary, wholly.

    Another thing I would recommend, is to make a Habit list for every month. There are 8 Habit lists in the current Lifebook, but I think one for each month would be better. We could then ✔ or ✖ against a habit for every day of the month. The crosses will serve as reminders to stick to the plan and the ticks as morale boosters. I think this way the Habit list would be even more effective.
    You could add more worksheets of different function also, since the ones you make are totally attractive and interesting! :D
    I also recommend you to add more space for each day or adjust some space elsewhere, to record daily events since most of the space is taken up by the ‘to-do’ list.

    Lastly, if there is going to be a section for Prayer Times, why should Londoners have all the fun? ;) Consider adding more for those living elsewhere as well :P

    These were few suggestions that I feel if implemented would make the Diary even more effective than how it already is Insha’Allah.
    Looking forward to next year’s Lifebook already lol

    Jazak’Allah khayran!


  6. Asalam wa alaykum, I would like to purchase a diary, when will you bring more in stock? . JazakAllah khair

  7. Salaam alaykoum , the Lifebook is just amazing machaAllah, there is just a little thing to improve to me for next edition: it is the sense of reading of the page made to develop habits or destroy ones, to me it is not practical because we have to turn the Lifebook to write in it and it is quite hard for a daily use. But it is absolutely a very little detail compared to how useful this book is to me everyday. BarakAllahoufikoum for your job and may Allah reward you Jannah. A sister from France (sorry for the mistakes).

  8. Are there enough blank pages in the 2014 lifebook so it is like a daily journal? I am on the hunt for a planner and daily journal and if ProductiveMuslim combined these two into one, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a lifebook from here in the USA.

    • @Sabrina – There are just a few blank pages at the end of the diary where you can journal. I’m afraid there aren’t enough for a daily journal. However, there are some lines on each page for you to jot down ideas/quick notes of the week.

        • @Sabrina – Apologies for the really late response. I was double-checking the changes between the two versions. Here’s what’s new in the 2014 diary:
          – Full page colour doodles for practical productivity tips. Previously there were no doodles, only Islamic art pages.
          – New articles
          – Two bookmarks instead of one