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  1. Ma sha Allaah. I can relate to this post being in the medical field as well. Recently i have been reading about the importance of medics in islam and i wish i had known them before pursuing a career in medicine. This is because it holds so much esteem in islam that i would have been more dedicated. Its never late however, and i would pray and hope that more muslims come into medicine. Its a world of selflessness and sacrifice. May Allaah make all our affairs easy. Amin. Thank u the productive team.

    • Firtstly ProductiveMuslim great interview, thank you for that!
      Salam Aeesha, me myself as a muslima interested in pursuing medicine next year would be happy to hear about your experiences in this subject. Was it difficult for you to study and practice medicine while wearing hijab and is a successfull combination of family, work, and spiritua/social life possible? Thanks in advance.

      • I wish u all the best karima and dont be discouraged by ur grades. Pray about it and trust Allaah to make it work for u. Salaam Feyzanur, sorry for the late reply. As a muslima two issues usually come as a barrier in most cases. The fact that u are a woman and secondly wearing the hijab. Funny enough i came into med school timid and left bold Masha Allaah because i realised along the years that my status as a muslim woman is such an esteemed role that not all women have been chosen by Allaah to become. My advise is never abandon ur hijab for anything or anyone no matter what. It was easy for me though because i am in an environment where majority of the populace practice islam. Nevertheless if u find urself in a place where u are the only muslima, still wear ur hijab. And trust me girl its so pretty worn with the white coats that i look forward to making new viels and hijabs just for my ward coats. :).
        As regards social, family and spiritual life, studying medicine was a booster for my deen Alhamdulillaah. It exposes you to the reality of life where people like you are struggling with one ailment or the other. I can write so much about this life changing experience dear sister. It all starts, continues and ends with Allaah! Follow the sunnah as much, purify ur intention and let urself breath. May Allaah’s will be done in our lives. Amin. Good luck to all!

  2. Ma sha Allaah, this is a very inspiring post! I am going on to study medicine in the UK, and this post really does summarise the intentions/ skills required to be a caring doctor. If anyone knows any other good posts or articles relating islam and medicine, please could you post some links? This would be really beneficial, keep up the good work! Thank you so much to all at ProductiveMuslim :D

  3. MashaAllah may Allah make it easy for Doctors. A truly admirable profession, or should I say vocation. I think also it’s important to remember that such skills can be put to even better use in countries where healthcare is of low quality or doctors are thin on the ground. InshaAllah that way the life of a medic could be even more productive!

  4. Very nice post.. I am trying to get into med. school but I’m having somewhat of a hard time because I don’t quite have the grades to get in.. Please make dua that I will get in so I can benefit the Ummah and please Allah, inshallah. 

  5. Salaam Wr Wb,
    I am currently in my first year of A-levels and I just can’t decide what I want to do! Medicine sounds great, and I would love to do it, but I’m just not sure if it’s for me. I’ve always wanted to do something that will help people, and that is rewarding, however, the hard work, long, un-sociable hours and what seems like a life-time of studying just puts me off. Any ideas or thoughts?
    Jzk Khair

  6. Assalamualikum
    this post is truly beneficial for me, i am only 15 and the fact of just helping others is causing me to increase my eager everyday. I am really worried about my GCSE i am really trying to aim high but only Allah (swt) could help. After this blog it has inspired me to create my own.insha allah.