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  1. asalam alykum. just from the highlights I can tell that the interview was quite beneficial but , unfortunately the audio was off pitch and not clear at all. I was unable to listen to it.
    if there is a different format of the interviewi would really appreciate if you could send it. of course, if possible.
    jazakallah for all your efforts, may Allah make your journeys on the sirat on yaumul qiyammah easy just as you all work so hard to make our paths on this dunya easy and beneficial…amen

  2. Jazakallah for the lovely effort but I could not hear it properly because voice was not clear so could you please send another recording plz assalamualaikum

  3. Thanks a lot Abu productive for the effort you do to make these interviews. Unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy that valuable interview because the voice of the interviewee wasn’t clear due to having the interview over the internet. I suggest that you let the interviewee record their answers at their sides, and then you merge your questions , or simpler let them say both question and answer.

  4. Some points

    Delicious food in Ramadan:
    Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.
    Add more good
    Make the same foods healthier

    Food that burns slow:
    Some foods can keep us full.
    2 Hunger hormones. Can be thrown offside.
    Take adequate protein and fibre
    Not all carbs are made equal, some are slow releasing carbs.
    Water intake…?

    3 benefits
    1 Produces endorphins, happy hormones.
    2 Cardio (works out heart) and strength training (muscles intact and bone density)
    3 Exercise makes you have more energy.

    Add exercise throughout the day. Use your body weight if you don’t want to go to gym or don’t have equipment.

    Can anyone add something else?

  5. JazakAllahu khayran

    Good interview, but I was some specific details were perhaps missing.
    -Best time to exercise? After taraweeh? After Fajr?
    -What specific regular foods best for Suhoor?