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  1. Assalamo Alaikum

    My husband works as a builder and feels he cannot fast, his job is strenuous and
    he often feels faint. Can he pay fidya instead?


    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullah Sr. Raquia,

      I’m afraid we don’t have the expertise to answer fiqh-based (Islamic jurisprudential) questions. We’d advise to refer to a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence for an answer to this.

  2. Al hamdu Lillah it happened to me the 2nd day of Ramadan. But al hamdu Lillah it looks like I applied your tips before I saw the video as it turned out to be the easiest day of Ramadan so far. Allah is really the most merciful.

  3. I am a girl of 10 years old. In the year 2012 , in the day before Muharram I told my mom to wake me up for suhoor and on the day of Muharram I woke up in the morning saying that my mom did wake me up for suhoor and I started crying. I did not know what to do but last night my mom prepared my favourite food and I ate loads of it so on Muharram I can fast with that food. Actually my mom told I did not wake up when she called me. Now if this happens ever again I will know what to do. Inshallah and Jazakallah Khair