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  1. Assalamualaikum ! They dont ship that to India as i see ! How do we get that ??!! And… Is the shipping free ??! I hope it is !!

    JazakAllah Khairan Fid Dunya Wal Aakhira !

  2. Salaams, I’ve watched the youtube video and went straight to to order, completely missing the part about the free gift, so was pleasantly surprised and it was perfect as I’ve recently moved from the ME to London and wudu suddenly became a challenge.  Jizaakum Allah.   

    P.s there are many sweet little surprises in the lifebook itself, it is very through, MashAllah,  keep up the great work!  

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I just received the life book today and its amazing! Tabaarakallah, I loved it! It’s very good and I would love this life book to continue on being produced every year and the years to come.

    May Allah reward you in this dunya and the Akhira, Jazakallahu Khayraan Kathiran Kathirah! 

  4. Asalamualaikum

    Jazak Allah Khair for producing such an amazing diary suited for a
    muslim lifestyle!! i purchased the book it is amazing!! However I would
    like to suggest one thing. It would be a complete life book if u add end
    of year vision or goals for example one can have the goal to pray
    tahajjud everday but alot of muslims including me whenever our eman feel
    high we decide to do all acts of worship in one go (e.g tahhajjud pray
    all the salah in mosque with all the sunnahs start reading quran stop
    listening to music etc) then eventually we stop!! … now thats the
    problem we never keep our ibadaat continous but once we start having a
    vision or an aim things will work better for example one can keep his
    intention to pray tahajjud everyday but because he knows its difficult
    to maintain it he can start gradually … in his lifebook if we have the
    end of year goals to be achieved page he can mention “praying tahajjud
    everyday” to achieve that he can work on it through the daily taskinator
    worksheets and weekly target ! so he can start by keeping his weekly
    target as pray tahajjud once a week on any suitable day for 3 months
    next 3 months pray tahajjud 3 times a week and next 3 months will b 6
    times a week then the remaining 3 months he will start praying tahajjud
    everday and will have achieved his target of the year inshAllah !! :)

  5. Ssalamou alaykoum,
    Baraka Llahou fikoum for all your efforts. I would like just to make a small suggestion, it would be very interesting to have this Life book in a numerical format. Almost every one has a smartphone or electronic agenda, so it could be useful to have it in an electronic format. Baraka Llahou fikoum

  6. I can’t get one! I don’t have paypal, only iDeal. I’m so sad! I was like so happy for a sec. and then poof! Bye bye happiness :(. I wish I could get one…

    • Assalaamaualikum Br. Mohamed, free gifts are not offered with Lifebook purchases.

  7. Assalamualikum Brother ans Sister,

    I am From Bangladesh and I want to Buy this notebook of 2016. But there is no shipping here . Is there anyone to help me that how can i get it ??

  8. Assalamualikum Bro and Sis ,

    Is there anyone who can help me that how can I get the Notebook ….Because i am Living in Bangladesh and there is No shipping here by the said Shopping site

  9. Assalamualikum ,

    I want this book but Shipping is not aval in Bangladesh. Is there anyone who can help me b his/her suggestion ?