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  1. As wr wb abu productive,thank u 4 itaskinator.but it’s only 4 those who use iphone.
    what about 4 those of us who use sumsung gallaxy S II or android?

  2. Yes pleaseeee for android!!! Soo many people I know all have androids and only 1 has iphone. They could soooo benefit from this inshaAllah!!! :)

  3. We´re desperately looking forward to the release of the android version of your app!! Please tell us sth about the release date!!

  4. Salaam, still no update on the Android version of your app ?? Would like to use it on my Android devices… Don’t want to be forced to use an Apple product just for this great :-(

    • @Maher – very soon, in sha Allah – We will be making an announcement when it’s out so stay tuned!

  5. Feeling good after listening it, I use an Android phone nd i was waiting for months for a ProductiveMuslim iTaskinator.. Hope you will make it soon InshAllah!!

  6. Hope you all make a robust app for Iphone users as well! Although, free app would be ideal I understand the effort that goes into app developing and think most people would be willing to pay for the app if it is useful and effective.
    I’ve used stacks of papers for daily taskinators over the years, so it would be nice to have one convenient mobile daily taskinator. =)

  7. salam brother , it would be great if u made a productive muslim app? as I could access all your articles on my android whilst im not at home like when im going to college etc

  8. 2016 now! I still waiting for productive muslim application for android or windows phone. Why it take a looong time to publish it? If it have to purchase, I will, below 50$ I hope