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  1. Jazakalllah khair for these great tips! Now that Summer is approaching us these tips are very helpful in helping us to avoid laziness!

  2. Very Very useful tips! There’s one more thing. If I make dua’ to Allah swt, make myself clear, that although I will not be able to change the situation HE CAN.

    So I imagine, that although I feel a bad characteristic is part of me like the blood running through my venes, for ALLAH swt it’s so easy to change it, easier than blowing a feather from my shoulders. 

    Making yourself clear, the He can change you. Just ask Him, sincerely.

  3. thank you for another useful, Inspiring, blessing ……………… topic ! Your topics are motivating me toward the true path and making me productive ! 
    I tried to stop wasting my time on facebook but I couldn’t. But now I can live without wasting my time on facebook because now i have ! 

  4. Very good tips :) shall work on my laziness today. but can i have a bit of advice? The thing is with my laziness is that it happens when everything falls out of place. like when everything i planned dont go as they used to…i lost the motivation to continue on the other things i planned out as well. Futhurmore, im lazy when it comes to studying the subjects im not interested at school. So how do i tackle such problems? :)

  5. Good yours knowledge is well enough.but reading such article wont help me.i need some powerful push to get rid off my exsiting problems whether of this world and hereaftaer .I not much educated instead I am totally uneducated person as one can emigane from my English and spelling.hope you will answer me.

    • Brother don’t say that we need to ask Allah as he is our creator our sustainer .I do think it is because we don’t have a steady relationship with Allah that we fall in such troubles ,we know our life is run down with various problems but how many times have we gotten up made wudhu and prayed asking Allah from the very core of our heart ,telling Him our issues to help us ,all we do is whining ,remember nothing is more powerful than asking Allah .

  6. Jazzakallah khair fr ur article. I think I am finished. But Allah showed me a way.
    Inshallah from now I m trying to b active.

  7. JazakAllah Khayran Khathiran!
    Dear brothers,make du’a for me,for I’m,insha Allah,about to head for my final exams.

  8. Jazakallah
    Nice article, actually I am a very Iazy person, nd I’ve lost my years at college due to this behavior, I will have to work really hard to make things good again. I will make sure that I try these. Will anyone please provide me with the link for the first part

  9. jazakaALLAH im very lazy i spend 24/7 hours on bed do nothing at all…i will try to follow these tips . i wanna overcome my laziness.

  10. Salam alaykum,

    Ma shaa Alla, article full of meaningful content ! This is true that laziness is a real struggle.
    However, I would like to add that laziness is often a consequence of other issues, especially health, which looks like to be laziness. Someone depressed is lazy to do things he/she usually enjoys ; someone with nutrients-deficiencies will be tired and regular activities won’t be stimulating enough to make the person being active ; adrenal fatigue, for example, makes someone so tired that there is nothing much they can do – even if they wanted to.
    This is why there are a lot of facilities ma shaa Allah that Islam has for people who could not do things as they should do them (like praying laying on a bed, etc.).
    Finally, qualifying people of lazy with a broad definition can make some people guilty, sad, leading to more serious issues such as depression, if they don’t realize that there might be something explaining their state of laziness.

    For months, I couldn’t stand up for Fajr and had to pray sitting or laying down for other times. There was nothing to do with laziness, I just could not but it was not easy to realize that as everyone would consider that if you don’t have any broken limb, taking medicines or something visible like that, you are fine. Allah swt knows our situation better than others, as well as ourselves.

    • Salam,
      I agree. I was having low hemoglobin and thyroid issues. And since I just began working after graduating from colg, my health started to take a back seat, and work stressed me out by the end of the day. When you are not conscious about your health, you may feel weak and unknowingly attribute it to laziness. And feel guilty later on.
      So one should focus on giving priority to health & relationships over anything else, and ask Allah SWT to help you and guide from laziness in mind, and laziness arising out of body weakness.
      Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT helped me out from my situation and i am better abl eto manage my laziness now.
      JAK for the amazing article!