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  1. Assalam Alaikum, I have all my goals and ambitions in place. I have them listed in a time table also. Everything is in place. But the only problem is “Laziness”. I leave the home in the morning. I eat and then i sleep in the car, for hours…. Evryday… i spend soo much money on eating… i have become so lathargic… that at times i dont even feel like getting out of the car, so i go through the drive way and order the food… every day i say to myself.. that from tomorrow.. i will be strong , motivated and energized… but then the cycle repeats itself.. and it has been repeating since YEARS ! What i have realized is that… I do not have the help of ALLAH… you see I have all the tools and weapons in place… A Perfect Timetable with Islamic Aims and Ambitions… but all I dont have is the help of ALLAH ! I cry at times cause i feel so helpless… Cause i am unable to get up for Fajr.. cause i am unable to learn arabic… cause i am unable to do anything mentioned in the timetable except for EATING AND SLEEPING ! I am obese… i know what the healthy and unhealthy foods are… but WHY am I not able to switch over… I know i should exercise… But why am I unable to wear my track suit and go out for a walk ?! Why am i sooooooooooooo lazy… soooooo Slow….. sometimes i just hate myself… How do i control my nafs ! How do i leash it and control it ! So that when the alarm at tahajjud rings i dont switch it off and continue with my sleep… ! Help me o ALLAH… help me…

    Your article is mashaALLAH very nice… And you have mentioned out good valid points… And i can easily relate to them…  May ALLAH bless you for your work ! And may I learn and implement from your article.. I am really motivated by reading what you have written… You have got togther… many valid and related points under one topic… Jazaak ALLAHU Khairan :)

    • SubhanAllah brother.. im having the same problem.. im sooo weak.. sometimes.. i wanted to blame shaitan for my mistakes.. but when i think again.. its not shaitan, its me who answers the call of shaitan.. although it seems very small.. delay my solat for a moment.. or eat a little bit more.. it grows from that..
      very small things.. but shaitan will starts there.. MasyaAllah.. may Allah help us both..

    • Fast Monday’s and Thursday’s, wake up for fajr, let’s not forget Adam and Hawa were sent to Earth for eating, don’t take eating so lightly, over eating is a minor sin and is a tool of shaytan.

      Eating less also holds some great benefits. Describing these benefits the most eminent scholar of the 20th Century Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Sahib (rah) who at the age of 25 became an Alim (scholar). For the aid of the muslim ummah (generation) he began writing Kitabs (islamic books) regarding the muslim law in which he wrote a great number of kitabs which come to a calculation of over 950. Until now these kitabs are flourishing around the whole globe very rapidly. His kitabs can be found in every topic: Fiqh (jurisprudence), Qur’an, T.V, Music, etc. An article had been published in a magazine called ‘Al-Mu’min’ in which it states that he has scientifically warned:

      “Many sins are the consequences of providing excessive nourishment to the stomach, i.e.. Abstain from haram food. Do not become addicted to delicious food. Do not eat excessively. Leave some space in the stomach, i.e.. Do not eat to satiation.
      The benefits of eating less are:
      1. The heart remains pure. This leads to recognition of the Ni’mat (bounties) of Allah (sw).
      2. Love for Allah (sw) develops in the purified heart.
      3. Mercy and Tenderness become the attributes of the heart.
      4. Pleasure is experienced in Du’aa (supplication) and Zikr (rememberence of Allah)
      5. Pride and Rebellion of the Nafs are restraint and eliminated.
      6. The difficulty of even a little hunger leads to abstention from sins. The inclination for sins
      7. One stays healthy.
      8. One feels less sleepy, and laziness in regard to Tahajjud (a virtuous prayer read between
      the night and morning) and other acts of Ibaadah (worship) is uprooted.

    • Salaam. Have you ever considered eating Organic food? When Allah speaks about food in the Qur’an he says:”Halalan Tayyiban” meaning Halal and pure. Pure means in this context the income that you use to purchase the food must be pure and it also means that it must be organic. That is free from chemical pollutants or genetic engineering such as GMOs, MSGs, Pesticides….GMOs and MSG influence our brain and taste and makes us addict it to food hence they cause an uncontrollable impulse to consume more food. People who eat organic food actually eat less food than people who eat non organic food. Not to mention that they are healthier and have more energy! May Allah bless you and all Muslims with lots of energy and self discipline. Ameen.

  2. I struggle with this every day. Alhamdolillah i pray and try to do as much good as I can to please Allah. But when it comes to do my assigns like at Uni, to pass my exams I get stuck. Huge problem! And my family is upset with me. And i already focus on where I would like to work, but I havent manage to complete my studies. I feel so bad, I dont want to be like this and worry my family.

  3. I would appreciate if i can get the source of the hadith about 9/10th sustenance from business?

    On a more general note, the article is great!!!!

    •  Nu’aym Ibn Abd Al-Rahman narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Nine-tenths of the sustenance (rizq) is derived from trade.”

      • This was narrated by Na’im ibn Abd al-Rahman and Yaheya ibn Jabir and was recorded in Da’eef al-Jami by al-Albani with the designation of “weak.” It was also reported in al-Jami al-Sagheer of Suyiti and is considered Mursal. Such classifications render it unacceptable.

      • Do you need a hadith to see that ? Even if the hadith is considered weak by Albani, its meaning is still applicable in this day and age. All over the word the richest are those who have their businesses or engaged in some business trade. Whilst the vast majority of the employed by someone are struggling financially…

  4. I seriously seriously struggle with laziness and struggle with my ibaadah. Ibeg Allah sometimes fr barakah in my time but I’m unable to receive it. Admittedly I pray but pray poorly bu evn the times my faith is strong I still fail to get barakah in my time and in my life. Please advise!

    • Barakah in our time and our life are as a  consequence of what our own hands send forth.
      This is no way means that it is not from the Mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and it would be Really stupid o believe that.
      However, one must realize that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, IS The Most Merciful as well as The Most Just.
      So it would be kind of unfair to answer insincere prayers the same ways as sincere prayers…
      Yet, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala gives us, all of us the opportunity to mend our ways, unless we are trangressors and rebellious…which alhamdulillah, is not, the case here.

      Brother/sister, I’m not at all trying to offend anyone, except of course the shaytaan and his allies…so i hope u’ll take heed for own good.

      I have basically two pieces of advice for you… (from experience):

      1.Indulge in Dhikr Therapy

      2.Feed the hungry

      and finally and most importantly, Guard Your Salah!…

      And Please DO NOT despair the mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

      Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala informs us that He is to His slaves as they think of Him…so ALWAYS have a Good Opinion of your Lord.

      Take a few steps towards Him and you’ll find Him running towards you 

      I really hope that this naseeha would be uselful to you and to all others who read it (me specially!) ameen.

      BarakAllah feekum…

      Indeed, all mistakes and flaws are my own and from the shayateen and what Goodness and Khayr can there ever be, except from Allah The Most Gracious?

      Wassalam .

  5. Assalamu alaykum,
     Kindly clarify why the articles no longer seem to be print friendly. :(

    inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon.

  6. subhan`Allah loved this! esp the employment bit, i recently heard the trade/business hadith and it inspired me to start my own abaya business,alhumdolillah it feels awesome to know that Islam is all about entrepreneurship! 

    alhumdolillah suma alhumdolillah we are the followers of one cool religion

  7. Love this article. But Please indicate the resource of the said hadith on 9/10 rizq is from trade. I’ve been searching the correct resources for I had the intention to share the hadith.

  8. It seems to be that the hadith about the nine-tenths of riqz come from trade is weak :

    “The following hadith (tradition) is what you may have been referencing:
    Nu’aym Ibn Abd Al-Rahman narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Nine-tenths of the sustenance (rizq) is derived from trade.”

    This was narrated by Na’im ibn Abd al-Rahman and Yaheya ibn Jabir and was recorded in Da’eef al-Jami by al-Albani with the designation of “weak.” It was also reported in al-Jami al-Sagheer of Suyiti and is considered Mursal. Such classifications render it unacceptable.”

  9. Jazakallahukhairan kathira. Good reminders for me and the beloved people around me; my children, colleagues and my students.Very true that laziness is a serious disease.

  10. According to Imam Al-Ragheb, laziness is “lack of energy and enthusiasm of doing something that you should not lack energy/enthusiasm for”.

    Thats a really good definition subhanallah, I struggle to pick myself up from prayer not because I want to but because I just can’t get myself out of bed like I would when I am awake.

  11. Not all communities are broken due to laziness, just to make that clear. For many broken communities, you will find poverty due to years, decades, and even centuries of oppression the root of the cause. You need to specify.

    • Agreed. And then there are individuals who are lethargic due to sihr (black magic), others who don’t have the oportunities to do what they wish they could do, others have other obligations, others have problematic parents blocking the road to productivity etc.

      To admins.
      Is laziness really ALWAYS something you can change when there are factors out of your control?

      Me for instance, i get lazy when i smell a smell i don’t like. I have a smell disorder so i am very sensitive to cooking smell, perfume etc and it causes me to lose energy and be unable even though i hate it and wish my body and mind wouldn’t react that way.
      I ususally don’t pray right away and often end up praying when it’s only little time left of the prayer because i can’t keep my wudu for long and we “only” have two bathrooms in the house, one is used by my elderly father who gets urine and other najas over things and he is almost always in there so i cant go make wudu there. The other bathroom is shared by three people minimum and is often not available so i have to wait for it to become available, or i will be waiting for bowel movement to happen so i can go to the toilet before praying in order not to lose my wudu during prayer but in order to get a bowel movement i usually have to eat and drink first and then wait for it to happen. I have to make wudu around 5-6 times a day or more, including cleaning discharge, going to the toilet, washing the privste area and other hardship that im not mentioning here. Imagine doing this while your sister often will be banging at the door telling you to hurry up which causes stress and gas. So going up to pray isen’t exactly easy for me so im lazy about it. I do it with laziness because of these obsticles. I didn’t choose this type of laziness yet i worry about it especially whenever i see these verses about the hyocrites who go up to pray with laziness. I pray that Allah will guide me to worship him better which i really want but i currently don’t know how to.

      This isen’t the first time i come here for motivation but end up feeling bad and feeling like the artcle is unjust. It’s like they are written by someone with a simplified, unqualified understanding of the greater issue (i mean the articles i have read and not the entire website which i haven’t read). I think i read 3 artcles that have been unrealistic for many who don’t have the means to be and do what the articles suggests yet the article will be written like it’s a fact for everyone and “how it is”. Wallahul musta’an

  12. Assalam u alaikum ..i m 17 years old i dont know what’s going out wity me ..i mostly think not only for sometime but for hours its spoiling me…..i think of something which is not going on …i will be present in the class …but i am wbsent from my soul …please i request anyone of u to guide me ….what should i do …..please i lost in vague thoughts help me ….. i request with my deepest soul …i will be thankful for whole of my life if u guide me