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  1.  Excellent. It’s beautifully describes how to make the relation
    with Allah Almighty. In order to get the way of God, it is necessary for an
    individual to follow His instruction and guidance in a better way.

      • Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, nobody comes to the father except through me”. Now for the truth, we just don’t know. Are all jews, christians, hindus wrong ? If you were brought up in a christian country you would probably not be a muslim. If I was bought up in Pakistan I probably would be a muslim. Get it ?

        • Dear Dave, thank you for your response. As Muslims we believe in all the prophets, including Jesus -peace be upon him. All the messengers of God have in essence been the same throughout the ages. Regrettably the messages became changed, modified or forgotten. The Quran was sent to a people steeped in idolatry. To a believer, the Quran is a unique book, the only book in the world to contain only the Words of God. We view Prophet Mohammed (SWS) as the final prophet in a long line of prophets that will conclude the era of revealed religions. The mission of Prophet Mohammed (SWS) was not to bring a new message but to endorse, with fresh vigour, the message delivered earlier to Abraham, David, Moses , Jesus and other Prophets, peace be upon them. The Quran, of all revelations, is the only one preserved in its original form, has been for 1400 years and will be preserved for eternity.

          Our greatest difference to most Christians is that we do not believe in the divinity of Christ. Christ to us was very much a man. An exceptional human being, born of a virgin, given the power of speech from early infancy and blessed with the ability to perform miracles. (Unitarian Christians also believe this.) We have a verse in the Quran which states: “To you, your religion and to me, mine” (109:6). Only God, praise and glory be to Him, will be the judge on the day of resurrection. What is important is that we believe in the Creator and understand that this life is only a test. God created man with unique powers of sentiment, consciousness, initiative and choice. Use these precious gifts to learn more about the life and times of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, and you may come to realise that we have much in common. Kind regards, Khadijah.

          • As-salmu Alaikum, Islam is for all mankind till the Day of Judgment, and the Qur’an invites all people of other religions. It is the duty of every Muslim to spread the message of Islam. Whoever has heard about the Islam and do not accept it will be accountable on the Last Day.

          • A while ago I was wondering what the original language of the Bible is. Maybe if we learned the bible through its original language we would be able to understand the similarities of the two monotheistic religions: Islam and Christianity. Surely, meaning change and don’t exactly mean the same thing in a translation. The Quran explain everything one must know and be confused about, please give the Quran your sincere effort

          • If those were words of god then how is it possible that those were changed by human?How can you say that even quraan has not canged since its revelation? In each and every era revelation were send down by god, then what about era coming after thusand of years from now?

        • Hello Dave. As an individual you have the right to search for God and fins him. If someone is brought up to something they still need to search the truth and see if it makes sense to them. There are a lot or Muslims that do not practice the religion the way it’s suppose to be practiced. I believe firmly if everybody practices their religion right and sticks to it, there would be less evil in the world. We were made different people with different races and cultures so we get to know one another. Not judge each other. The more you know others in the right way without hatred the more space we can give each other to love one another. And appreciate our differences as a beauty and a sign of God’s existence :)

        • Wrong mister the globes belongs to allah and prophet Muhammad salke alai wasalam is a mercy to mankind in pakistan there are Sikh Hindus Christians Shias pakistan is a country which allows all religions.besides allah say travel in my land and witness my glory and see what happened to the nation before you.
          Do abit of research and you will be amazed

        • wrong….when prophet jesus (isa) as made that statement prophet muhammad wasnt on this earth and also he advised his followers after me there will be the arrival of the last mesanger who is prophet muhammad followers if you here of him or what he is teaching follow on that as he is the last messanger of allah swt (god).
          even prophet musa ( moses) as was told about prophet muhammad pbuh.
          so fact isnt where you are born.the fact is what is the truth and what youre heart belives.i am a muslim and proud an I also belive in the holy book of injeel (bible)

        • Hello Dave, Jesus is our Prophet and Hinduism also has our Prophet and even in Hinduism it says that there is only one God evreyone should worship and human can never describe how a God looks like. And Lord Krishna is also being beleived one of the untold Prophets in Quran (I googled it). Allah says that he sent guide to every kind of people around the world and nobody has been left behind. Even now many scientist convert to Islam by comparing their reasearch with Islam. Sorry for bad english :P

          • aslamualaykum brother muslims could be anyware you don’t have pakistanic to be a muslim because some pakistanic people are not muslims. that’s all I had to say if you like my response alhamdulilah if you didn’t please forgive me

          • Isa a.s have said every prophet has counterfeit and lord khrisna is his counterfeit. Firstly khrishna is one of the names of one god. Like Brahma, shiva, Vishnu, khrishna.

        • Allah Hu Akbar Very well said and
          the Verse of Quraan Shareef too Excellent
          Masha Allah
          Subhan Allah
          From Mauritius

        • Isa a.s says to his disciple baptize people in the name of son, father’s, holy sprit and god. Father’s refer to holy tree from Adam a.s to all prophet before is a a.s. but followers of isa a.s to spread their religion accept pagan philosophy. Like pagan worship stars or father as god nauzubillah, Christian start same. Christian worship sun and father are polytheists or pagan. Ibrahim is monotheists. So come to Islam a monotheist religion or isa a.s is follower of monotheist religion not pagan

        • Narrated Abu-Huraira:
          Allah’s Apostle said, “No child is born except on the fitra and then his parents make him Jewish, Christian or Magian (Zoroastrian), as an animal produces a perfect young animal: do you see any part of its body amputated?”
          – Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 441

        • Dave, Yes I get it. Allah is never unjust. He knows what you’re saying better than you and me.
          Note that’s why God is the only One who can judge.
          That being said, when Jesus peace be upon him said that, I believe and agree with him, he says that whatever he follows is the way. And keep in mind, he himself followed the Torah commandments did he not?

          So since all this time has passed, every born muslim and born Christian should look for the truth.If he doesn’t, he had just followed what his parents taught him.

          In my humble opinion I believe that Allah SWT will make me and you go back to him if he knows we’re looking for the truth.

        • If he had been brought up in a Christian country and He loved God, he would (insha Allah) have found discrepencies and interpolations in the Injeel(gospel) and Torah(old testament) that would have caused him to seek even further into the matter. Allah SWT says in Quran: “whoever seeks a path to knowledge, I will create for him a path to Jannah. I myself was raised a Christian and am now following the True religion of Prophets, from Abraham to Jesus, and Muhammad SAW. Jesus revelation was revealed in Armaic and translated into Greek. Muhammads religion was revealed in Arabic. Try to find two closer languages. Not even latin and spanish are as close. Allahu Akbar!!

        • Brother human beings is the most wonderful creation of Allah . every one is grand grand childrens of adam (a) and havva (a) and names dont define muslim..the one who believe in god (allah) and prophet, submitting everything to allah is muslim every thing allah created is muslim except human .they can choose either obey allah or not.he send somany messenger to show the way of life but some people believe messengers are god .jesus(isah (a) is one of mighty messenger of allah .every religion says about last prophetMuhammad(s) and islam is final . And allah give the power to human that which is right and no one get true path until we search. research your scriptures and then only can understand meaning of life . It is very short on earth and infinity in afterwords . All are testing of allah to check who is better amongest you . May allah give you the true way

      • I committed big sin that is zina do i become close to allah? plz answer me. I’m full of sad
        What i have do now for to Allah Azzawajal..
        Plz answer me….

        • Allah has clearly mentioned in the quran numerous times of his forgiveness…
          Quranic verse reveals that : ‘O My Devotees, who have committed excesses against their own selves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Surely, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed He is the most Forgiving, the Merciful’ (Quran 39:54).
          It is clear that Allah is pleased with those who asks his forgiveness….So have no fear.
          If you sincerely turn to ALLAH in repentance, he shall forgive you…

    • really great info being productive is very important as a muslim may allah bless us with his mercy every muslim worldwide

    • What a profound article. Simple ,elegant and to the point. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please can we have more articles in connecting to Allah . Possibly taking each one of his 99 names and expanding on it.

    • In my view Allah is the one that I trust the most he his my god my teacher me leader my world my everything.after I read this it’s made me want to start a new life that only has the world Allah and his beautiful creation in.allah is the one that made me and if I don’t follow his rules and his things then what am I.I also know that one day in life we will all meet Allah almighty and he will ask us about the right and wrong deeds we have done in life.And that day I want to feel proud in front of him i want to say all the good things I’ve done,I don’t want to be quite and feel guilty and bad of what I’ve done.I know that everyone in life falls in love and I have to but probably I can’t get him but the good thing of it is that I have full hope and trust in Allah that one day he will give me all the happiness in life

      Hope you read this and understand that if u are a Muslim start a new life that in,y exist ps whith Allah and don’t follow the wrong path.thank you

  2. Jazakallah khair for these very helpful tips to help us get closer to Allah (swt). For those of us who are still in school summer is quickly approaching so Inshallah we can use this time productivly to get closer to Allah (swt).

  3. Beautiful- and thank you, brother. In staying away from poisons, I almost always have to come first from Allah al Rahman and Allah al Halim to keep from shame and guilt that keeps me paralyzed. When I taste even a drop of Allah’s overwhelming love, it makes it easier to want to stay away from poisons, rather than beating myself up because of my mistakes. Astaghfir Allah.

    • Subhanallah! This is how I feel. Shame and guilt. It wont take me anywhere, but still shaytan knows how to ruin it for me. InshaAllah it will get better.

    • I can relate with you brother. My own inability to stay away from sins cripples me. And I imagine how can Allah forgive me now? How can He love a wretched like me? But He rescues me with His love. Like literally pulls me out of a black hole. Alhamdullilah

  4. Sub’hanaAllaah, its a great artice. May Allah reward the author for this and guide us all brothers and sisters, ameen.

      • Mashallah,Subhanallah,thank you vry vry much i was realy vry much confused how to get closer to allah. your message was realy vry much heart touching may allah reward u n all muslims with more n more knowledge of deen

        thanks alot

  5. Maashaa Allah so eloquently written. May Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’ala reward you abundantly sister, ameen. 

  6. Great, staying away from bad friends and sins it’s not easy but when we have giood intention to avoid it, Allah Subhanahou wa tala will help us.

  7. I have just realized that Allah and getting closer to Islam is the only way to get inner peace and to remove my low self-esteem. I have been trying to ignore getting closer to Allah for far too long. Now I am at war with my inner self (and shaytan) to truly surrender to his will. It is one of the biggest struggles now in my life. But I will keep fighting until I surrender. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and with Allah’s will I will reach his light.

    • brother Omar, I like your honesty in expressing your inner struggle with negative thoughts or temptations allured by Shaitan… I am.too, a man who has resisted to surrender to the will of Allah. For me the biggest challenge has been the UNfair world that we see around us: My main issue with surrendering is the undeniable fact of Victimization: I mean the sufferings of children and innocent people through any evil that mankind do or nature caused. But, I try so hard to turn a blind eye to those facts and still seek refuge to Allah….

      • Brother, we do not have to turn a blind eye to ‘suffering’. we simply have to surrender that Allah (set) knows and we do not know. what helps me is being reminded that children are not taken to account. a child who dies will meet their parents on the day of judgment, bearing water, but will not themselves be judged. and any suffering by those other than children, is an expiation for sin. would you rather suffer temporary discomfort in this world, or eternal torment in the hereafter. Allah (swt) knows and we do not know. and all is from His Will.


  9. Thank you so much for posting and taking your time whilst doing so. Hopefully for the sake of Allah Ar-Rahman and Al-Malik. And If any of you my brothers and sisters are reading my comment please make dua for me that I became a better knowledgeable person for the sake of Allah and know the deen Allah SWT blessed us with and don’t let this dunya (life) get me distracted for the real purpse I was created. Amin!!

  10. Attachment to god is the real secret of detachment from this world.
    Thank you for this beautifull information, great article!

  11. Assalamo alaikom!

    JazakAllah for this wonderful reminder.

    I just would just like to quote something from the article: “And if he remembers Me in his heart, I also remember him in MY HEART”. I believe this kind of translation needs to be verified.


  12. Jazakallahu Khairan. this is a very good message frm our dear sister, may Allah in his infinite mercy reward u abundantly. may Allah guide us all and see to us abiding by the points elaborated by our sister. AMEEN.

  13. JazakAllah khair! Words are not enough for me to express how happy I am on this iconic article. You are global fellow indeed, keep it going. Once again, JazakAllahu khair!

  14. Very well written. It is worth reading again and again to help us staying in siratum mustakim. May Allah reward you.

  15. Jazakallah reham for sharing such a wonderful thought. I m from india but wud really like to meet u in person someday inshallah!

  16. Jazakillah ! i literally needed some help and feels like it added a motivation in me a bit enough to start again !
    May Allah Reward You ! Ameen

  17. MashaAllah brother your article moved me to tears, you must be very close to Allah (SWT),may he bless you and all the ummah of our dear prophet Muhammad (SAW) ameen:-)

    • Ma’shAllah my dear sister. Thank you for taking time out of your busy and productive life, to share this with your fellow Muslims. I am going to show it to my husband who has been rather ill for a few years and has not prayed. I know he remembers Allah always in his heart but the
      weariness he feels due to his illness, makes him feel unable to even attempt to take a wudu.
      Your article does not mention the rituals, but goes straight to the centre of what will enable us to love Allah (SWT) and know that he will then love us. This simple truth, I know will inspire him to go back to prayer. May Allah bless you in your mission to be the best possible person you can be. Yours in the love of Allah (SWT) Khadijah

  18. masha ALLAH….. jazaakallah sister…you made my day. this was the right time i read it….. may ALLAH bless u more aammeen

  19. Assalamoalaikum, JazakAllah Khair for this article.. MashaAllah very well explained. May Allah give us the hidayah to gain HIS pleasure and closeness towards HIM before we die, Aameen. Sister, where do you hold halaqas in Houston as I live in Houston and would like to attend. JazakAllah

    • Thanks for your message it was so heart touching after reading it I embrace islam 23rd ago believe me since then my spiritual level with Allah has improved a lot not praying 5 times a day is just like offering that day to the devil may Allah continue to guide us to the right path.

  20. itz really gud one to get closure to allah (swt) …..jst reading is not essential but has to follow it….insha allah i follow da steps for myself

  21. assalamalaikum masallah. This is one among the most wonderful and motivating articles i have read or come across. May ALLAH(SWT) keep guiding our hearts and minds from shaitan making it easier to observe and perform all that this wonderful article has shed lights on. ALHAMDULILLAH, ALHAMDULILLAH, ALHAMDULILLAH. So grateful may ALLAH (SWT) bless you and the whole muslim ummah. May ALLAH(SWT) expand your knowledge and guide you from shaitaan.

  22. awesome article, this is the push I needed. May Allah SWT bless you for this article that helped me get closer to him, inshallah.

  23. i am very happy with this and i am taking all these in jazakullahakairan for sharing this with us
    inshallah this will make us all connect with Allah (SWA)more and feel more closer there is no bond that is better than the bond of the creator and the creation may Allah(SWA) guide to the straight path of islam and strengthen our imaan ameen

  24. wonderful advise… especially that loving Allah and reaching ihsan will make us confident in our lives..when I truly feel close to Allah I feel like i can do anything!! THanks for reminding us about how important the love of Allah SWT is to every muslim.
    Jazaki ALlahu khairan

  25. SO INSPIRING. You have really changed me, thank you so much. May Allah bless you!!!!!!! I really mean it, thank you sis :) thank you loads. Allah is tthe Greatest and I love Allah so much!!!!! Servant of Allah

  26. Thank you for this and Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless you for these pointers that you have so selflessly shared.

  27. very beautiful read may ALLAH Bless you and forgive me my sins
    i hope that ALLAHS nation goes back to the way it used to be just like the time of the most beautiful prophet ever Muhammed PBUH inshaALLAH


  29. plz someone guide me .all the time my mind is full with negative thoughts .I cant concentrate on anything.Alhamdulillah I am muslim but these thoughts are ruining my life .I cant pray I cant read Quran. if I want to pray suddenly a thought comes in my mind that if I read prayer I ll die .if I read Quran I ll die …plz someone help me.i cry all the time.i want to become good muslim but I am fail .

    • O, my dear. May Allah strengthen you with his mercy and compassion. Please get a book called Don’t Be Sad by Dr A’id Al-Qarni and watch Mufti Ibrahim Meng on YouTube
      Remember that there is nothing that happens in life without Allah’s (SWT)knowledge. Put your trust and faith in Him. Look for him in all the beauty around you and banish Shaitan by
      Saying: there is no power except Allah (SWT). Allah SWT says: “Call upon Me and I will answer every call”. There is no need to be afraid when Allah is with you.

    • Dear erum, its very easy. .think about you dying while in a prayer or reciting Quran.what next? You dying as a true muslim. Thats a huge privilege. Think about this every time you think of dying if you start doing good deeds. It will help. Also remember that at least you feel Allah but you just cant be closer to him bse of shaitan. You may start by listening to teachings of different scholars to lubricate your heart before you immense yourself into serious prayers. However, remember that time is not on your side. So hurry up looking for the truth before actual death comes. Inshaallah you will se the right path soon. Amin

  30. I love this article, Reham. I’m going to use it at a halaqa I’ll be giving shortly over the exact same topic. Very helpful!

  31. MASHA ALLAH may ALLAH (the most glorious and merciful) grant Jannah to every person associated with the work of tabligh and that too through internet …

    this is a really great website for mumin muslim …
    may Allah (ever loving) help us in loving him and the holy Prophet Muhhammad (s.a.w) and guide us all towards the right and proper path..

    ameen , suma ameen\

  32. Bismillah Al-Rahman Al Raheem. Mash’Allah :) Tabaraka Al-Rahman. It’s been two years since I wrote this! Alhamdulilah for this blessing. Alhamdulilah that Allah inspired me to say some things that would benefit myself first and others. I sometimes need to look back at this article to train myself again and again to keep getting closer to Allah. I am very humbled by the beautiful comments, they actually made me cry. Some of the comments were made during times of struggles for me, some of them were duas that might just have been the reason I got through the hardships :) Alhamdulilah for being Muslims. Alhamdulilah that Allah makes us reach places that lighten our hearts and make us feel his mercy shiver on our skin. I just want to ask for a favor from all of you who read this, I recently had a baby boy called Adam. Please remember him in your duas and his future brother/sisters and the parents too :) Lastly, I like to thank for giving me the opportunity to take hassanat and inspire the Muslim community to be better muslims. Love and peace your sister Reham Ibrahim. Wasalam Alikom Warhmat Allah Wabarktu.

  33. Mashallah my tears wear falling down my eyes when i read this article i love to be really close to allah but sometimes i be so rude and forget that i should pray and all i want from allah is his blessing and help me what the things i am badly struggling in school. Ya Allah please give my dad a really good job and help me with the things that i am reallly struggling. Allah i reallly dont understand why is it always me who always get the blame in school my aunts son just always bugging me just becuz i grassed on him and i feel like this pain will never. Allah please make him to forget about this becuz i just want to be frends with him please allah please help me. forgive me allah for the bad sins i had made from the past few weeks and days . show me the right path open my heart and mind and make me very happy girl. Allah i always cry day and night for frends and they always hurt me never took care of me and in my old school i just had frends like them they loved to tease me and hurt me every single day allah please make me to have a good frend and help me!! thank you allah for everything u have done for us I LOVE U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AND NEVER EVER FORGET U IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • well,
      i just like to refresh ye memory here dear Rukeiya its nt only you, who Allah face prblms we have prblms, all we need to do is keep faith in Allah & remember Allah tests us in so mny different wayz, jus b patience n keep remembering him, what ever happens in our life is for our betterness we don’t know
      Allah knows the best,
      hope things ll be better for you soon In shaa Allah

  34. well.
    Asallam 0 alikum,
    I’ would really like to appreciate all yr work.
    It was an aweome info about how 2 get closer to the All might Allah(swt)
    may Allah reward you I wish u long life health prosperity harmony peace & more love.for Allah (swt)
    Jazak Allah khair.
    stay safe

  35. Mashaallah..may Allah guide our steps and never let us go astray.I love Allah so much and Alhamdullilah I’m always trying harder to be close to him.shukran for the article

    • Well guys.. anyway i need friends here to be closer with me because without a good friend, sometimes i cannot consistent to change really i need anyone here to add me on wechat Fety12

  36. this is great because it’s short, simple, and to the point. many people are trying to get closer to Allah (swt) and this will help many of us. jazak Allah Kahir

  37. Thank you for writing this. Very inspirational. May Allah bless you for the good you do and for the lives you change and inspire. Keep it up.

    • Never give up keep getting up. And have faith in Allah’s strength and plan for you. We are all in the same Jihad. Allah loves those who do tawba abundantly. Keep going back to Allah. Keep trying your best. And expect nothing, but the best from your Creator. May Allah make your heart firm on his Deen. And may He make you comprehend this religion and Dunia the way he loves amen to all the Muslimeen.

  38. Masha Allah!!! its really a great article!!!!!
    Jazakallahu khayrun!! :)
    May Allah bless you n ur family with His Love :)
    Love u for the sake of Allah :)

  39. Subhan Allah, Alhamd-u-lillah, Allah-u-akbar, thats the love of Allah- lord of universes and beyond everything else that he created to think read and feel about the love of Him.( Alhamd-u-lillah) ^infinite.

  40. Slm my brothers and sisters. Jazak Allah what a beautiful article! I’m a newly Muslim based in South Africa, I must say it a bumpy ride in terms of changing my life around and deep down I know this is my path. I too have been fighting within my inner self against Shaitan to build a stronger bond with God, inshallah through faith and believe things will fall into place. I’m still learning about Islam and realised I’ve got along way to go but I’m loving every minute of my journey! I’m glad I came across this article. God bless :-)

  41. Alhamdulillah. Allah is the only god. There is no other god except Allah. Allahuakbar. This article show Islam is the truth religion and Allah is almighty. Thank you for this good article about our one and only god. I LOVE ALLAH.

    This is RahamaTullah from Andhra Pradesh, I want to change my job and I am doing all my practices, and I am asking dua in every namaz, so please ask dua for me

  43. Thank you i realize that being muslim is the best thing that ever happened to me I’ve been crying a lot of the this I have done before And I was repenting asking for allah to forgive my sins and my mistakes I cried to allah to be one a new person and a grate muslim I love all of my muslim people inshallahu allah would take us all to our home (heaven)

    • Assalaamu alaikum Zainab,

      Sincere apologies for the delay in responding to you. Unfortunately, I do not know of any such center in Lahore that we can recommend to you. However, there is an online, sisters-only course that I came to know of which will help you gain a closeness to Allah and live for Him in a very practical way while achieving your dunya and akhirah dreams.

      You can learn more about it here: and register here:

      I hope this helps!

      Deadline to apply is 1st October, 2014 and there are limited seats available.

  44. First of all, I would like thank my dear sister for actually taking time out and posting this religious post for all of the muslims and non-muslims around the world. May Allah give my sister countless rewards.
    Second, The reason for my comment isn’t just to appreciate the work of my sister but to convey a message and the message is that if anyone who has been living with the uncleared direction I would ask them to forget everything and give your life a re-strart from here. Note down all these instructions and start living from here. It is your chance to give yourself what you have always wanted and you can clearly do it from now onwards. Its simple and easy to understand and have major rewarding outcomes.

  45. Hello I’m 13 and really want to be on the path of Islam I before have had quiet a tough life and still do which I was never able to read the Quida, Quran or enything so far I’m proud that I have learnt mamas and will try to do it I love Allah a lot and want to be close to him also I would like to learn more about how Allah can help us please help thank you

    • Firstly I would like to congratulate you for realising that you love you have to prove your love for allah subhanallah watalah and that is to learn the quran and few surahs by heart and remember some darood.start today or now.its better to realise your mistake and rectify that mistake. Be proud to be a practising muslim star your namaz today and ask dua for making you and all of us better muslims and to do our at most best in this life test.well done stick to it time is ticking always read your namaz as if it’s your last namaz best of luck inshallah

    • Assalaamualaikum Sr. Shyliza,
      May Allah reward you for your perseverance and dedication towards becoming more connected with the Quran and Allah – you’re efforts are truly an indication that if we commit ourselves to something we really want, we can definitely attain it! These are some websites and apps you can use to practice the Qaida and Quran:

      To draw yourself closer to Allah, start with your five daily prayers. Ensure that they are prayed on time and in full concentration. This is a beautifully written article series which talks about how we revamp our prayers:

      After this, try incorporating as much as you can from the points mentioned in this article: But of course, take it one step at a time! For example, you may want to start by making the resolution to fix your fardh prayers and reading your morning and evening duas everyday ( In addition, are there any habits you want to get rid of because you know they are disliked by Allah (e.g. backbiting, using foul language etc.?) You may find it beneficial to keep track of your progress – not only with this help you be more consistent in your efforts but it be a great way to motivate yourself as well:

      There is a quote that says: “Sometimes we fall because there is something down there we’re supposed to find”. Sometimes when we face hardships in our life, we see them from a negative perspective and question why they are happening to us. But remember that when something comes from Allah, there is always good in it. So although you may be experiencing difficulties in your life, think of them as a blessing in disguise. Perhaps if you had not gone through them, you would not have been so determined to become a better Muslim :) Finally, remember these last two verses: “Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity” (; “Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.” (

      The help of Allah is indescribable because as He tells us himself in the Quran: But Allah is your protector, and He is the best of helpers.” (3:150). To illustrate this, reflect on the story of the Battle of badr where the Muslims had about 300 soldiers and the disbelievers had about 1000. With barely any arms to protect themselves and camels/horeses to ride upon and despite the disbelievers being fully equiped, the Muslims went forward, determined and motivated. And the way Allah helped them is truly spectacular: Allah made the size of the opposing appear small in number to the Muslims and despite the odds, the Muslims won the battle (3: 13; 8:44). Likewise, reflect on the story of Prophet Yunus who was stuck in the belly of a Whale and by Allah’s will, was released. Or the story of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Abu Bakr when they hid in the cave of Thor as the Quraish pursued them and the spider made a thick web in the entrance, giving the impression that no one could have possibly entered.

      One common feature among all these stories, however, is that in all three situations, there was sincere faith in Allah. And Allah gives us every reason to believe that He will always be there for us during our times of need when He states in the Quran: “And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided” (2:186). He is there to be your guide, your sound of reason, your support, your best friend, your motivation and much more. And only He can help you in ways that no other human being possible can because it is only Allah who is the Most Powerful, the Most Loving, the Most Merciful, and the Most Forgiving. His abilities are unmatched by any of His creation. And it is for this reason that He can Help in ways we never thought possible. This is a short lecture on Ayatul Qursi which truly captures Allah’s greatness is:

      Hope this helps!

  46. Thanks for everything you wrote…. I need you to answer that… how can you be free of shaytan life. If you leave AND work in place that all what I sell is haram in Islam. How can you keep praying..and remembering of allah.. All things I do is haram who ever I am meeting is doing harm. . And having children form women not your wife. If I combined the good AND the bad. More than likely .bad things happen to my life is great. So now how can I fix the past. How at least I can restart over. .. which the important things I like to say I memorized the Quran when I was younger. Sorry but I have been lost for a long time now. I don’t know what can I do. I even went for Umurah, and I still can’t find my self … jazaka allah khayran. Just the guilt part is killing me and stress is greater than you can imagine. Including using.. I THINK you know what I mean and nothing is getting better. Again jazaka Allah

    • Do salah in time and ask for forgiveness after every salah. Cry to Allah with all your heart and capability and ask him to forgive you. This should be done by everyone including those who are not doing any obvious sins. Also if you could read my message at the bottom, it might help.

  47. Jazaka Allah! It must be helpful to us…… I want to give an advise to our Muslim brothers that when you go to your bad at night for sleep please think what did you do in a whole day. If you did wrongdoing close your eyes then say Astaghfirullah! And recite Kalma tayyaba(100 times) and recite sleep prayer(sonay ki dua) without opening your eyes sleep……… Insha Allah this act will increase your love towards Allah (subhanaho wata aala)

  48. A salaam alaykum brother
    I thank you for your help and may Allah guide all of us to jannah and forgive us
    You have helped me a great deal

  49. Never be disappointed from Allah’s blessing
    he sometimes tries her person from different styles.
    I am also in his trial. Last day I offered prayed and wept a lot. One of my friends called me after this for paying my loan who was not giving more than a year. I am very much confident that Allah will bring me out of crisis. You also just believe in him only. Also pray for me.
    You can also help me by purchasing products on cheaper price for my help. just drop email to me for list

  50. Thank u s0 much for the article may ALLAH SUBHAN WATALLA reward u m0re m0re and m0re blessings,,,AMEEN
    may ALLAH PAAK guid us to the right path AMEEEEEN,,,

  51. Thank u s0 much f0r the article..
    May ALLAH SUBHAN WATALA rewards u m0re m0re and m0re…AMEEN..
    may ALLAH PAAK guid us to the right path AMEEEEEEEEEEN:-)

  52. Its amazing And its quite helpful, like it is a spirtual curing of oneseves
    O ALLAH ALMIGHTY I truely need you, at this time and for the rest of every moment every one drift away even those who promised that they would not But Only YOU are with us no matters what we do just we have to call you.

  53. Alhamdulillah, I found the answer for my search……Jazakallahu khair for such a beautiful work….may allah reward you best for your hard work

  54. JazakAllah khair for this. May Allah grant you and all at productivemuslim and all the muslim ummah jannah alfirdaus. Your quote about the pearls really touched me…i feel that one small good deed I’ve lost lead to others going too :( this article has motivated me to try and get close to Allah, I struggle doing things I used to as I am very busy with my baby son but I know that Allah will come more closer if I make even a small effort. IA I’m starting straight away to try and get my small deeds back into my days. Jzk so much

  55. this website is really useful.. it helped me so much and you deserve the positive comments about how to get closer to allah..
    Im gonna check out your account it seems amazing! thank you

  56. This is a very inspirational artical and i took notes … what i struggle in life is focus … with so many dream of wanting to be this and that i loose focus and i never get to be anything … because i give up so quick before i reach a level that i could consider myself an expert… the other challenge i have is with respect to the second point which poison … unfortunately my poison is within myself with adicction to bad habits; you go for 4 months without relapsing and then all of a sudden you are back to square one …

    today was one of those days that i went back to square one and all my progress comes crushing down and i feel destryed … and i figured that the only way i can rid myself of this desease is if i get closer to Allah subhana wa taala … did a search and came across this article

    as mentioned in the beginning of the artical Strong intention to get closer to Allah; Patience;.Consistency; Avoid doing nothing; my intention to stop my bad habits are there, but somehow i loose myself and i loose my consciousness and relapse just happens

    i will try the prescription set forth in this article, need the patiance and try to live consciously … if anyone has any pointers i will be happy to hear from them

    Thanks and Best Regards to all

  57. Alhamdulillah, thanks for posting and sharing this! I will try my very best to change my lifestyle and be better than before.

  58. [ya GOD for give me] …………….I WANT CLOSER TO ALLAH NOT MONEY AND WORLD …………………………………………………………………………………………………THANK YOU NICE PAGE

  59. Salam alk.

    What a great article. really what i was searching for.I really need help. I have been drowning away from God and islam and my head is already sunk only my fingers are still above water and I really need Allahs help to pull my fingers out and get me up again. i have moved from a very pious muslim boy who recited lots of dua growing up to till i was 26yrs old and now after that i started to sink till now that i am 33 yrs and i am still struggling to get myself back up. somewhere within my heart i know what is the sweetness of faith and what it is to please Alllah because i was there for many years but now i am so preoccuppied with the world that i dont know how i got there. Each day becomes tough and i struggle so hard to make it right thinking that i am the one doing it. my job is taking my life with islam. Allah has blessed me but i am struggling to be in islam. i am a muslim by name only and not by character. I have moved away from prayers and when i do pray, its only by physical and not by heart. there is no piety there again. i miss this feeling of closeness to God and i am so far away from it. each days gets worse and I need help. Unfortunately now somehow i am not sure if its Allah or shaytan,my work now moved me from my country where so many people are poor and you can remember Allah alot and there is a lot of worship to a more affluent country where people are not remembering Allah that much and neither are they much christians. I see this a s a punishment in disguise. Please i need help and honest advice. Sometimes i think about abandoning my things and work and just go away and return back home where people live lower lives and can see people still worshipping Allah again.

    • alykum assalam, brother, please read my message at the bottom (should be somewhere at the bottom). That might help bi idnillah

  60. May Almighty ALLAH continue to guide us to the right path and as well grant all our wishes as requested for INSHA ALLAH

  61. TQ Muhammad. May ALLAH grant happiness to you and your family. I miss Rasulullah every moment. YARASULULLAH pls accept me as your ummat. Aameen

  62. Assalam alykkum w r b

    Masha allah tabarakallah. Very good article. Many people dont reallize the importance of learning and trying to comprehend the 99 names of allah.

    It is only those who have knowledge (of Allah) among His slaves that fear Allah. [Fatir (35): 28]

    I want to add a few points to this and would be great if you could also consider adding these. First of all love of allah is strongly associated with His fear. If someone says that he/she loves allah then, he/she should be fearful about Him. A reflection of that will be there in his life, primarily his salah. The sahaba used to fear and love allah more than any other group of people and it reflected in their salah. Its reported in many hadith about sahaba that when they stood for salah, they would turn pale, and they would tremble and shake and tears would run down their eyes profusely. The same theme is expressed in quran as the first and most important sign of a true believer.
    Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their Salat (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness (fear). (surah muminoon :1,2)
    Quran in another place states
    For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord; (Al Anfal 8:2)
    This literally means that when a true believer hears the name “Allah”, his heart shakes and when he recites quran, he gets closer to allah in every single verse we recite or hear. For such a person, salah will be an intense form of worship, when he/she realizes that he/she is standing in front of allah. When he says Allahuakbar and starts his salah, he will say that wholeheartedly, it will not be just a word of utterance but truly coming out of his heart. When he recites Fathiha and other verses, it will come right out of his heart. When he goes into rukku or sajdah and praises Allah by saying Subhana ribi al adeem/a3la, it comes right out of his heart causing him to tremble and cry. He will not rush in his salah and will not lose concentration.

    This believer when he finishes his/her salah and asks Allah for help, Allah grands help and when he asks for protection, Allah protects him. His/her life will be like stream of water running down a hill, flowing effortlessly. Every thing around him will help him and aid him and Allah bestows his livelihood with out a struggle. For all this, he/she should have touheed deep in his/her heart and should understand that all the 99 names or qualities are for allah alone and no Human/Angel/Prophet/Jin/money/power is like Allah in any sense and every one/thing bows down to Allah in ultimate submission/humility.

    Secondly as you pointed out, there is no way to make Allah happy, except through the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W). Look for sunnah in every thing you do and make all your ibadah as similar to the prophet’s as possible with out any deviation. If anyone tells you, doing a certain thing is good, ask for proof that the Prophet or sahaba have done it. If its not available, just reject it.

    Thirdly and that should be the basis for all others, a person should submit every thing to allah wholeheartedly including his/her life, wealth family etc. He should not have any aim in life except for making Allah happy and should sincerely hope to die for Allah some day.

  63. Mashallah nice article . I wanted to get more closer to Allah that’s y I googled . I read ur article . My Allah bless u reham.jazak Allah khair.

  64. Allah has to be the top priority of Intellectual curiosity.
    All the things mentioned above are fine, but the only way to seek Allah and Allah’s proximity is zikr (remembrance of Allah).
    Last three verses of Hashr (59: 22-24) Allah mentions his beautiful names.
    Quran 2:152 he says: “Remember me and I will remember you.”
    There are numerous other verses in which Allah tells the believers to REMEMBER him e.g. in Al Imran : 191 he tells to remember him while standing, sitting, and while changing sides (on bed).

    Because for 5 times prayer WE get sawaab, and reading Quran, WE get sawaab and knowledge

    but remembrance of Allah is something special like he says in 29:45″ the remembrance of Allah is the greatest”
    This is the only way.

  65. jazakallahu khairan,may Allah bless each nd evry 1 of you who have contributed in increasing ar knowledge includin those who asked questons.Im 14years old nd wnt 2 be an ambassador of Islam In sha Allah,Im presently in my 12th grade nd its very stresful,I try evry day 2 get close 2 Allah bt skul work jst get me distracted.Im vry close to Allah still bcos dis dunya iz nt my main aim bt d akhirah is.I jst wnt advice on hw 2 stay organised nd focused on everything nd especially my relationship with Allah.Jazakallahu khairan once again.Khadija

  66. Ma, you said pakistans allow everyone to practice their various religion. Good ,then why do they allow the killing of ahmadis?

  67. Asalamoalikum everybody

    I don’t know what to say and how to say!!

    I am a person who lost everything in life. once i was very close to Allah. And that time was the best of my life. you know when u are close to Allah you just have to say something and that thing shall happen.
    I experienced many things . I Prayed for impossible things and they happened . I use to see some real good dreams which i cant share, i use to come to know things before they happen. I use to get the glimpse of things before their happening. Even a wish in my heart came and it was being fulfilled in minutes. Was able to feel even the existence of other creatures. And many more things.


    After all i am human like all you guys, i prayed for something for myself(wasn’t a girl let me clear that) , i prayed alot, even i use to say it that Allah give me this or take me away from this world. I mean that was my craze my passion but i didn’t get it………………… and i !!!!!! went so much disappointed that i got annoyed …… and left all prayers and everything…………………………….

    Then started my bad phase which is still on…………………………………………..

    My family my friends everyone asked me dont be a fool……… but i had my own logic that Allah love is more than 70 mothers then why cant i be annoyed with him and now i wont ask for anything , he will give whatever he wants to…. Whats the use of praying when he has to give everything the way he wants. etc etc

    its been two years….. i dont have anything.. there’s no power in my words , i cant see anything before happening and all…

    today a friend of mine made me realized how foolish i was.

    My sincere advice to you all

    Find Allah, And when u find him , hold on to him tight and dont let him go because of some stupid thing of yours.

    he will test u , and if u will pass u will be granted more and more.

    I failed……………………………. now i understand it was a test for me

    but Alassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know how i came here and why i am posting a comment here because i didn’t do any such thing in my life

    Take Care … Allah hafiz

    • @ awais
      Allah listens and responds,
      Don’t worry you will earn those ‘spiritual’ feelings again,
      Allah loves you, all you have to do is to repent and pray:)
      Your sister

  68. Alhamdulillahi………
    Knowing Allah is a perfect and a final topmost achievement on earth. Ihsan…..getting there is extremely hard …Allah will test you and Iblis may Allah curse him is very cunning.Is only Allah that gives Tawfyik no one may ALLAH GRANT US TAWFYK.AND MAY ALL MUSLIM REACH THIS STAGE OF IHSAN AND GET FIRDAUS…AMIN

  69. Dear Reham, it was really beautiful article SubhanAllah, starts from a very beautiful statement “The fact that you are seeking closeness to Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) means He wants you to remember Him.” and ends with beautiful advise “Be productive, seek knowledge and take action. The more you love Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He), the more you will do to get closer to Him. The more you get closer to Him, the more He will get closer to you. ” InshAllah I(We) will try to be productive and will take actions to become a good Muslim… stay blessed.
    Thank you for writing in such a beatiful way dear.

  70. Dear Reham,
    Thank you, thank you and thank you very much. I only wish I would meet you in person anytime in the near future. You have tremendously inspired me, and made me a better Muslim. Allah izidek al kheir w’al baraka w’alafiya w’al quwa w’al elm w’alumr.

  71. it is the right way to spread ALLAH word. Every body should help and love each other. if you love ALLAH creation ALLAH will love you.

  72. Mashaallah very beautiful article may Allah guide us to a straight path and help us to get closer to him.

  73. let me tell you that when a human is getting younger, an adult, so Satan(devil) wants him to be in his side so he tries to destroy all the ways to them …
    one example is love he tries to give them the idea of suicide that it is impossible to reach her or him so my friend give me some opinion about this topic ……


  75. This article so good and inspiring. I was born in a Hindu family and I never was a religious person. I used to believe in Hinduism earlier but now I’ve come to a point where I just believe in God I.e Allah(SWT).I believe in all the prophets sent by him. I believe in the Last Judgment. I feel different now. I feel as if Allah( SWT) is guiding me to the correct path. I constantly try to remember him. I hope I make a place in Allah’s Heart. May God forgive me for my sins.

  76. Thank you, I cried so much reading this. I felt really hopeless whenever I lost my way. One moment I was really dedicated to taubat, the next moment I crumble once again. Sometimes I asked myself, why do I keep making the same mistakes? I’ve always wish to Allah and myself to stop doing sins. I was really grateful when I found my way but turned really disappointed to myself when I do it again. Oh, how I wish my iman is thick like a wall. Thank you so much for sharing this I hope my strength and confidence increase, InsyaAllah. Please pray for me to be more istiqamah on doing good deeds because I really wish to be a good person for Allah in both dunya and akhirat. InsyaAllah. Thank you so much once again, May Allah bless you!

  77. Asalamalaikum thank you for this beautiful website it is very helpful mashaAllah , I have one question I do not know how to read Qur’an because it is written in Arabic letters but I found a site the has the words and it is also rad as same as the Qur’an but just wrotten in English alphabets for example : bismilahi Rahman arahim kul huwa lahu ahad alahu samad lam ulid wa lam ulid wa lam ya kulahu kufuian ahad so i want to know if I read this way is it acceptable in Islam or not?? thank you

  78. This is a very well written article Masha Allah which explains why we should get closer to Allah as well as giving practical steps on how to go about it.

  79. Jazak Allah Khairan for such amazing articles, both the writers and productive Muslim staff. I would like to suggest making these articles available as PDF downloads on Productive Muslim website for those who would like to make them a collectors item for quick, easy, offline access and guidance. Barak Allah Feekum.

  80. Assalam o Alaikum , I want to be part of your mission to enlighten Muslim Ummah towards actual belief of deen and cause to devote oneself rightly for the sake of Allah Subhan wu Taala. I belong to Pakistan and my country is wrapped up in all types of social and moral evils , Islam is a peaceful religion but my people are engrossed in aggressive and fraudulent activities towards each other leading to all sorts of moral and social evils and sins . I want to serve Allah’s message by conveying true message of Allah and prophet Muhammad Sallallah o aleh wasallam. JazakAllah

  81. Jazakallahu khairan, i’ve really gained a lot, may Allah SWT increase you in knowlegde and all the good things that will be best for you, your religion, in this world and in the hereafter. As’salam alaykum warahamotullah wabarokatuh.

  82. Assalamo elaikum wrwb, jazakillah khair sister, mashaaAllah barakillahu feek, very beautiful tips to get closer to Allah SWT, may Allah SWT help us to act accordingly, Ameen

  83. Assalamu Alaikum.
    My question is: why do you need Allah’s love?
    Why do I need to Love Allah?

    I m sorry if it seems childish but I am very depressed because I’ve been a failure in all my life and most of the duas are not accepted and I failed my exams today. I’ve actually had a bad life. I dont understand. I pray like everyday. And be a good person. But my depression has gone worse that I started to think evil things like say bad words. How can u love somebody who tortures who? Even though I want to believe in Allah, I am starting to unbelieve without my control. I want to ask that question because I literally dont know the answer. I swear If I die, u cannot say that Allah gave a burden that I can bear because I mentally couldnt so thats y I even died.

  84. Assalamualikum brother. Jazakallahu khairan for your precious write up. It helps us a lot. May Almighty Allah rewards you in this world and thereafter.

  85. Assalamu Alaikum
    thank you very much indeed for this wonderful article. needed to write a speech asap for tonight and I got so much inspiration. article is written beautifully. it gives us a reminder that regardless of the fact that we are muslim by birth, we should constantly (waseelah) seek closeness to Allah(swt) :)

  86. I’m a non practicing Catholic and somehow have lost my way. Starting to take small interest in Muslim but not quite sure. Can you make me more interested in how becoming a Muslim will make me feel like a better person?

  87. thanks,alway feels weak when it time for salat and my mind will be out of praying what can i do to stop this

  88. How is it that no one knows allah swt every literate person says do’s n don’t that everybody has instinct but nobody explains about allah
    Please reply

  89. This explanation was cognizance,very comprehensive and very much utilitarian… Inshallah by following these steps I could make some difference in my life …the way I want to see it :)

  90. Brother, you have no idea how much this has affected me positively, I started crying at the first quote from the Quran, and the way you explained this touched my heart.

    I ask Allah (SWT) to bless you, your family and all Muslims and to guide us to the right path and grant us all Jannat in the akhirah.

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  92. Jazakallahul Khair for these wonderful answers to my questions! This truly an amazing article. MAY ALLAH BLESS U !

  93. i am doing zikar, observing all round myself, reading Quran butttttttt i cant pray. it seems like my heart is forbiden from prayer i dnt know whta happening but i really missing even all the prayers of the day

  94. May Allah always guide and bless you for all you do to make Islam known and loved. I ope you never stop to spread your knowledge as Islam is a knowledge based religion.

  95. Subhaan Allah this is really good it actually made me realise no matter what people say about me an look at me because of my nikaab I should stay strong an follow what you said because people out there make feel weak but this has actually made me feel so much better it has given me strength to walk on my right path because I am never alone….Alhumdulillah