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  1. You might want to resize the pics so instead of being like 2800 x 2100 px, they’re smaller and load faster on the page. It’ll also improve clarity.

  2. Cute, but I would argue that lazy Muslim is, in fact, building a time machine and productive Muslim is not doing anything but preaching to lazy Muslim, so you might want to revisit the imagery. :))

    • I did think of this, but I have noticed people often go out of their way to adjust to be more productive, or to get things done, when simple things (like waking up earlier) would do the trick. So the Productive Muslim is more efficient! :-)

      – Mezba

      • you’re right mezba, why re-invent a wheel.

        there’s plenty of advice in Quran e Hakeem and ahadees mubarakah.

        jazakaAllah for your effort.

      • lol you make a good point :) love your regular “teaching the qur’an to kids” comics too (I know they’re not technically comics, but they make me think of them :)

    • Very Clever JustAMuslim lolzzz but i like ur comment… next time maker should select engineer or Dr. to lead the lazy muslim :)

    • LOL!! I totally agree.  BTW the proof that the lazy muslim is building a time machine and the fact that he has it right is in that the entire conversation takes place at 12:01.  Even if he can’t travel through time, he has managed to stop it.  That is accomplishment enough.

    • u actually don’t know about Muslim scientists, mathematicians, experts of algebra and the founders of surgery.. they all were productive Muslims…:)

      lazy Muslims have got just one thing to do, and that is to criticize productive Muslims… :))

  3. And i don’t think a time machine actually create more time. :D it makes time travel possible. Time Travel, on the other hand, is impossible due to the mere fact that you can’t get both the time and the space (the place where earth was located in the universe) right!

    • Umm, time travel is technically possible.  And time travel to the past is actually not impossible just very improbable.  And that is not even close to the reason why its very improbable. 

  4. Asslamalaikum Warahamatullahi Wabarakatahu !! Wonderful way of teaching the the kids the fundamentals of Islam. Congrats Mezba & all tohers.Keep it up !!

  5. Assalamu alaykum wr wb
    Some poeple are too crical!
    Can’t you just appreciate the simple message?

    Well done to all involved,
    I love this site
    Jazzakhallah khair 

  6. I really  like it , I hope every Muslims  have  behave like that .