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  1. Well it’s very hard to pray with a baby or toddler. Pulling hijab, sitting on mom’s lap, climbing or touching stuff. Mind and soul are in different places :)
    But may Allah s.w.t reward you for traying.

  2. Alhamdulillah that kettles and pots don’t throw themselves all around the house in real life (lol). But I like the animation. It captures the beauty of Salah in the midst of chaos and unrest in our daily lives really well, maa shaa ALLAH.

  3. Loved the video and how to true it is our daily set salaah/prayers are truly a mercy from Allah swt. jazakum Allah khayr. Keep u the great work!

  4. I disagree with this animation. Yes, salah is a source of peace, but putting off tasks that affect the safety of others and put those you love at risk is unwise. Turn off the stove, ignore the phone, and hold the baby to soothe it while you pray. Time management and common-sense are essential to SAFELY giving salat and gaining the full benefits of this act.

  5. Yes..not entirely rgt…arent u suppose to calm the baby if it is crying even if u have to break your salah..u cant concentrate..plz correct me if i am wrong..coz my kids r little and some times i have to delay my salah coz i cant just leave them crying and pray…i feel im just getting the prayer out of my way….while my mind is still thinking how to calm the screaming baby..

  6. Salam alaikum,
    my thoughts on this are somewhat similar to Jilian.
    Maybe we could have a second version of this video, which carries a similar message but offers a different solution. Especially as a mother I am also alienated by the idea of letting the baby cry and pray just ignoring it. I think it is sunnah to comfort the baby and our Prophet (sas) used to hold his grandsons while praying. It must have been a man who procuded the clip ;-) (am I right?), because Allah put this rahma in a mother’s heart which would really make it hard to pray like this….
    Another idea: would be great to see the husband coming into the house and helping this poor sister with the baby.
    Nevertheless, thank you a lot for touching on this issue and raising awareness.

  7. i think this is the good video. though in the reality its so difficult to implement it. *sigh but everybody will face kinda this ‘madness’ in their life

  8. Great work, always interesting. Though I’d rather see how Salah helps out . I felt that the message was not completely conveyed through the video.

  9. Salah must be performed in a calm and unhurried manner. I do agree with Jillian’s comments. Time management is part of Ibadah.

  10. Just a little advice, at the end it should show how to calm down the environment around to achieve serenity in Salah. V true this is the situation of most of us in the mornings but enhance the wisdom behind the one who has the intention to Pray and how it works by the help of Almighty.

  11. I don’t think the animation is a good representation of “fighting madness of life”. Balancing life priorities and time management is essential. The video depicts a woman who did not do a good job in balancing her daily tasks. Her escape was her Salah amidst the madness. She did not fight the madness, she ignored it. Dislike this animation big time.

    • I also agree with Nadine. I love most productive muslim animations, but this one gives the wrong message to muslimahs.

  12. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu
    I absolutely loved this – I was laughing in the beginning and by the end crying! The chaos of everything rings true and yet we all strive for the tranquility of salah. May Allah grant us the tranquility and peacefulness in each and every prayer and make of those who love Him and strive for His sake amen. Jazak Allahu khayran for making this video.

    Wassalam alaykum
    Umm Halil

  13. That Was Awesome!!!
    I’m Not A Mother So I Don’t Have A Child But Do Get Rest Of Madness!
    Thus, Indeed Calmness Is In Salah~

  14. lol lol lol – subhanallah the video was humorous but I have to agree with Sister Jillian and others on the point of having to first find serenity in the environment before finding serenity in our Salaah, shame especially for the helpless crying baby… All in all Masha’Allah ;-) looking forward to more videos

  15. A salaam,the calmness of Sarah does work.When my toddler is having one of her ‘moments’,I say a prayer,when she sees me praying it seems to calm her eventually.It does take time and it is a test of patience but Alhamdulillah it works for us .

  16. BIG dislike! Video is bad representative, bad attitude … of fighting madness. As someone already said – she isn’t fighting, she’s ingnoring and agree with – she sholud turn off the pot, calm a baby and (maybe) ignore phone … and then in pray in peace, and “recharge her life battery”.

  17. I dont think the video is meant to be taken literally. I think its just a funny way to show how crazy life can be.But we always have our salah to calm down. I think its a great video for tepresenting the contrast actually.MaashAllah.

    • Agree with you

      I’ve heard this saying before
      “a busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier”

  18. Salam,
    This video is funny with a beautiful meaning! Prayer is a mercy and blessing. AlhamdulliAllah! Blessed to be a Muslim! May Allah reward you for the video

  19. Salaam. i totally agree with sister Qoseen. as with all media nowdays, we have to look at the deeper meanings. as in this animation it was to show probably the amount of responsibilties a women has. and yet inspite of all the madness and rush we have Allah Ta’aalah alone to turn to in times of need, indeed this grants us tranqulity and peace.[and Allah knows best} Love you all for the pleasure of Allah the One.



  21. Cute video and I appreciate the thought however most Sisters have way more stress than a baby a teapot and a phone. Try adding a job many children bills to pay and a husband in jail!,,

  22. This is amaaazing! Mashallah!! May Allah reward you and your team with best of this dunya and the akhirah!
    Jazakallah Khair!