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  1. Esselamu aleykum,
    during your visit to Sarajevo (Bosnia) and training, I have found out my sleep cycle was 2h … and it had worked since then, but it seems it has changed recently (is it possible for sleeping cycle to change??). Now, I wake up after cca. 5h, naturaly, without any clock, mobile phone … I tried to sleep 4,5h, or 4h but it doesn’t work, I wake up like a dead. WHAT is my sleeping cycle now? It can’t be 2h, it can’t be 1,5h.Can it be 45 minutes? Any idea what has happened?
    Thank you

  2. Salam 3lykum….hands down this video has given me the best advice in my liiiifffeee!!! AlhamduLILLAH
    Barak ALLAH feek

  3. Assalamualaikum Abu Productive i still dont understand how this sleep cycle will work if you are trying to catch up with sleep in patches of one or two hours at a time. i am still unable to wake up for tahajjud prayers and feel so down and tired when i wake up for suhoor. please help.