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  1. Thank U very much. Jazak’Allah khairan. May Allah SWT make ths Ramadan better than all the previous ones we’ve witnessed.may He make it easy for all Muslims to make the best out of it. Ameen Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum

  2. subhanallah u are doing a great help …may allah reward you fr ur work immensely in here n here after.aameeen:) thank uuuuuu sooooo much..jazakallah hu khairan

  3. Barakallahu feekum! I loved the well defined article which is going to help overcome laziness and definetely tell my daughter to watch them too at young age its important to learn these concepts! May Allah reward you for your efforts in spreading beneficial knowledge and help for Muslims :)

  4. Thanks and many blessings and barakat for u. No wonder that u came from the land of Barakah, Baytul-Maqdes, the blessed land in and around Al-Aqsa Mosque!

  5. Jazakallah khair!! This is very handy and a reminder how important Ramadan is and the full potential would should be getting from the holy month

  6. Masha Allah a very beautiful tips and a very advantage lesson about Ramadan,,,thank you so much to sharing this three elements of productivity,,,,
    May Allah bless u more knowledge for sharing with us…

  7. Walaykumus Salaam WRB. Very inspiring talks and reading.Like to share with my friends and implement and make this Ramadan productive.Jazak Allahu Khairan..

  8. Assalamualykum Wa rahmtullah,

    I have been checking aticles on Ramadan recently. And this one is covering everything I desired. May Allah except your good deeds and reward you with the JANNAH.

    May, I translate this article , in Bangla?

  9. Congratulations and thank you Abu for such great motivation! We now have all the useful tips to be more productive and may Allah bless us with much strength to fight the syaitan and get rid of all the negatives and excuses we normally use in Ramadhan and bring us closer to Jannah. Ameen.

  10. Maasha Allah. Brother, Jazakallahu khair. This in shaa Allah will help me and other muslims on the long run even in VOLUNTARY fasts.

  11. Assalam o alaikum!
    Productive article for productive Ramzan.
    Inshaa Allah
    Jazak Allah Khairan

  12. I really love this site and have read all of the articles since signing up for the newsletter. This by far was my favorite article! However I’d love one quick fix; it looks like you posted the same video for both parts of social productivity. Can you add the second video? I would love to watch it. Really thank you so much. This is site is so motivational and inspiring and helps me to think more about Allah on a daily basis. I understand way more about the Quran through this site because it puts things in perspective. May you receive all of the blessings from Allah, and have the most rewarding and productive Ramadan yet.

  13. Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah.All these articles are very useful for us .May Allah ammend for these good deeds.I expect more articles from you , my brother.