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  1. mashaallah a great efort indeed .We all need to think in this way and bring new ideas.Apart from this it a means of dawah too.

    • Thx – exactly!!  I mean what better way to reach out to the community of non-Muslims than thru their own schools & along side our kids!!!?  And our kids are no longer ignored, but celebrated, recognized.   I can use all the help I can get…please join our group wall on facebook!  :- )!/groups/345790285449079/

  2. Article right on time. I have seen muslim festivals go unnoticed and its is difficult making it feel special for the kids especially. However, what is also true is that our festivals are not necessarily filled with ‘material’ celebrations like others have – the beauty of Eid lies in its simplicity. I personally never thought of it that way, until a non-muslim friend actually said so….”The beauty of Eid is in its simplicity”… but then again, we sure should work on some practical ideas to make Eid special without copying the way of the others.

    • Salam – this Marjana, Founder of Project Eid Awareness!  Jazak. Asma for your reply.   How do you deem it copying?  May I ask you to elaborate?   Is it wrong to want Muslim children just as recognized as children of other faiths?  Wouldn’t asking for such recognition open doors of communication…thus dawah?  Is it not simply enough to design a banner?  I see no other faith hanging up banners in these schools?  They trees or wreaths for X-mas, candles for Hannukha…..  Hope to hear from you soon!

      • Asma…I meant ‘is it not simple enough’?…lol, not ‘simply’.   Also – I love how you brought up materialism….yes many holidays, especially Christmas here in America, has become about ‘stuff’. 

  3. thanks for your article, it make me realize that islamic atmosphere in my country is very good. When Eid comes, our mass media, television  change their program to support Eid.

    Your Brother in Islam

    Reza (Indonesia)

  4. This is a great idea! Many schools are also using iPads in the classroom now and children can read about Eid in a fun and interactive way.!/id453925553?mt=8

    I have written and created a storybook app that can be used to help explain Eid-Ul-Fitr and Ramadan for children aged 2-7. It has a fun nasheed and game on it as well!

    Ramadan Mubarak Happy Ramadan – estorybook app for iphone/ipad. Only $0.99 and an easy gift to give a teacher or a child.!/id453925553?mt=8

  5. Salam Caleikoum,

    Jazakala sister for this wonderful job. If possible I wanna see some picture of the banner.
    I tried to go to your link above but nothing appear.
    Can you help me.