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  1. you pin pointed the main problem many of us are facing.

    We make plans to visit our bro/sis or call them up just so that you can know how thet are doing. But when the time comes for taking action, shaytan makes you feel it is not so important to call this person.

    a great reminder

    • Very true. One practical way I found around this, is to schedule the call/visit in your calendar so it’s part of the day, and not an ‘extra-bit’ that you need to do. Also, consistently putting phone reminders helps as well. (but sooner rather than later should be the rule as mentioned above).

  2. Asalam, Thanks for all good work you’ve done. May Allah reward you.
    Really really i thank you, it was such a blessing for me to discover your webside, wAllahi. BarrakAllahu fikum.
    May Allah bless the Ummah, and rise it.
    Your sister in Allah, Hayet fm France!

  3. aslamolaikum wa rahmatulllahi
    it’s really beautiful mashallah what if we have some problem and we want u to give us the solution of that under the light of quran and sunnah wsalam ume gull