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  1. jazakALLAH brother.they are very practical .i guess that being productive is about being able to manage things according to time according to hikma’h(right decision at right time).

  2. I like the ideas very much except for host setting the example if “eating in moderation”. It is not the host’s job to show how to eat less when he/she has invited guests primarily to feed them! That surely must be against the ettiquiette of Sunnah!7

  3. Is there a way to find out ,how many people will be attending Iftar @ the mosque.
    How can you organize a iftar when you do not know how many people are attending. At times lots of left over food, other times not enough in all the mosques. Lots of food is waisted, which is against the teaching of Islam.

  4. I’ve always loved the idea of praying Taraweeh along with the guests of your iftaar party! We make sure to do it at all times when there is Iftaar parties at our house! You’ll be surprised at how you may be able to influence others to pray taraweeh that normally wouldn’t do so!
    Thanks for the great tips, and Ramadan Kareem everyone!