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  1. This article was clear and to the point. I usually try to plan ahead of time for time like these. I either have an iman-boosting video ready, read a book that shoots my imaan sky-rocket, or I visit Productive Muslim site (which I set as my home page).

  2. Especially during the long hot summer days fatigue can overtake the best of us so jazakallah khair for this immensely helpful post!

  3. helpful and not helpful at the same time….but medical school advice might be more helpful!! — my hubz is going to medical school and could use some how to get funding tips

    • ASA .

      With regards to your comments on the helpfulness of the article, I would be keen to have you clarify your comments?

      As regards to funding for medical school, there are usually a lot of grants available, whether it would be through the university itself, institutes that grant funds and sponsor worthy causes, and organisations like the army etc. I guess it would depend a lot on the country you reside in and where you wish to study. I wish your husband the very best and ask Allah to reward both your efforts.

  4. when my mind and body can’t go on i pray and shut down-go into a dark room and sleep. inshaallah, 2-3 hours later i’m good to go again (like now!) our bodies have a right over us as do our obligations. :)

  5. I tried to ensure that my sleeping pattern is consistent, and I set my alarm for roughly the end of a sleep cycle (on average a sleep cycle is 90mins), in studies they found that waking individuals during the middle of a sleep cycle/ especially REM sleep (ie deep sleep), you’re more likely to feel groggy & tired than if you were to have less sleep but woke at the end of a sleep cycle.

    Also fruit juices do wonders, and at the end of the day if Allah swt has loaned us these bodies, then we should take the best care to ensure we nourish it accordingly, because If someone borrowed something of ours, we expect it to be returned in the best condition possible, likewise with our bodies.

    Also whilst this may not help fatigue much per se, however renewing our intentions & remembering Allah swt / following the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) & maintaining ihsan in everything we do may give us the motivation to excel in our daily activities & thus psychologically help with fatigue.

    • Start small & build up, Allah swt loves when you carry out actions for the sake of Allah swt, and keep it consistent…for example 5-10mins of Quran/ day, having a money jar & putting an insignificant amount of money which you wont miss in there each day to spend in the path of Allah swt, doing dhikr after your fardh salah, smiling, spreading Salam, learning a new thing about Islam each day (e.g. There is a Daily Hadith app which is very helpful), renewing your intentions with every single act you do so even your sleep can be an act of worship if you go about it in the correct manner (viz following the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) ), as human beings we are likely to lapse, but it’s important to remain steadfast & remember that Allah swt doesn’t burden you with more than you can handle =)

  6. Very good article mashaAllah! Trying to answer the question I think it is important to know one’s limit as to how far you can carry on depending on your physical, mental and emotional capacity. Know when you have to stop and rest when your body tells you to. There’s nothing wrong with being all out and work hard to achieve your dreams, but also be realistic and accept that sometimes things can go wrong. Finding the best way that suits you is probably best by doing regular reflections. After that, accept you as who you are and try to make yourself better in any way you can.

    The best thing I like about being Muslim is that we BELIEVE and we can communicate directly to Allah SWT. So even when things go wrong, you go and do your prayers, make du’a, read the Quran and vallah, Allah has spoken back to you, saying this world is temporary and there’s nothing to be sad about. The world of the Hereafter is forever and better for the righteous. So keep on the right track, be patient and persevere, smile, treat everyone with respect, contribute to the society, strive to be a better person, be a bit selfless and make this world a better place to live, especially for the future generations.

    If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He abandons you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allah alone let believers put their trust (3:160)

  7. Since zumzum is what we drink for, we can drink zumzum (eg. in suhoor) with the intention of being healthy and strong during the day.