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  1. Recite ayat ul Kursi and pray tahajjud and recite ruqyah on the afflicted. Especially surah Al fatiha, surah Al ikhlas, Al falaq and Al nas.

  2. I dont wait and watch out for evil eye symptoms as one will be at the risk of becoming paranoid and blaming evil eye at every point of life. Hence the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach.

    Ibn al-Qayyim said, “The morning and evening adhkar play the role of a shield; the thicker it is the more its owner will not be affected. Rather, its strength can reach to such an extent that the arrow shot at it will bounce back to affect the one who shot it.”

    Shaykh Uthaymeen said, “The morning and evening adhkar are a stronger fortress than the wall of Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj, for the one who says it while his heart is present.

    Ibn Katheer said, “Wear the ‘coat’ of adhkar so it can protect you from the evils of humans and jinn. And cover your souls with istighfar so it can erase the sins of the night and day.”

    So do the adhkaar after fajr and asr from the fortress of Muslim book, the morning and evening rememberance section to be more precise. And also recite and blow thrice the muadhathain surahs including surah ikhlas, falaq and naas over self as per hadith.

    ‘When you are hit by an evil eye, this is not due to your beauty, wealth or fame. This is due to your negligence of the daily Athkar! ‘- Sheikh Assim alHakeem

    And inspite of all these precautions if evil eye still hits you, then it is by the decree of Allah and it is a test. So you keep doing your thing till Allah grants you shifa’ .

  3. I personally feel A particular person. Whenever she talks or say anything about me and my family. We get evil eye. And get harm next moment. Once she was talking about me praising me. I met an accident. Next day she was praising my son next moment he got hurt. Sometime even though I recite duas we get affected. May be because we don’t recite with iklas sincerely.

  4. I feel I have the evil eye on me. I have sleepless nights, I feel I can’t succeed in my business ventures or work place. I feel sincere when I make daily istighfaar, thikr, duahs,recite Ayatul Kurs after evrery Solaah or anytime of day and try to make my Namaaz on time to the best of my ability. I try not to ill treat or be unfare to any another human being. I have no wealth to show yet I always try to pinch a penny to help or feed someone less fortunate than me. i have endless sabr and yakeen that everything I experience is ALLAH SWT’s will Algamdulilah. I make no space for shaytaan to play with my mind irrespective of my difficulties I’ve been going through for the pass 25 years I still believe and trust that ALLAH SWT knows better and will shine that Noor for me when time is right, Ameen thumma ameen. After all this I am human to wonder why is there an evil eye on me and my family….

  5. Firstly I must stop showing my successes but sometimes you cant for example if your children are doing well people see it. Try to be as humble as possible, read the three kul daily and there are some other good duas.

  6. I was affected by the evil eye and probably still am. The symptoms of such a disease are almost like a curse. In my experience everything good that I was achieving and participating in would start to deteriorate. My health took a huge hit and I spent a long period of time sick and unable to complete my normal everyday tasks. I stopped eating and my health took a huge hit. During the experience I was confused to why I was feeling this way. Nothing made sense to me. Everything I was good and passionate about was going wrong. Through this experience I have learnt that prevention is better than cure and that Allah is the best of protectors. I understood that my private life should not be displayed on social media, this gave people the opportunity to hurt me whether it was intentionally or unintentionally. Good things that happen to you should be kept to yourself or told to those you love.

  7. Salaam walakum my name is Omar and I am still trying to learn my Deen correctly at a young age and would appreciate any good advice or tips to be better and more productive Salamwalikum warahmatAllahee wabarakatuh

  8. I remember forgetting my S6+ edge at the mosque and ran back to get it and a few guys that I love a lot cuz their like my brothers (who also happen to be around 50-60 years old or older) found my phone and as I was walking to them upon spotting them from afar, I seen them examining my phone in what seemed like a attitude like “would ya look at that?” Amazed in one way, as they may not be use to the technology of such a smart phone. Long story short, I walked out the mosque thinking “did they evil eye my phone” (if they did, on accident of course, their truly close people to me) and in some time, I dropped my phone and it was cracked. I’ve had it for I believe 2 years and it never broke till this moment and my thoughts upon this. It further dropped like twice soon after and I’m like “yeah, they must have” I had a so sure feeling…
    I usually don’t drop my phone and the times I have (which was way worse then the drop in this story) it never broke. So yeah, my gut says it was eyin (evil eye) and I’m going to share one more story in another post that should be a good story for this.
    What I do to protect my self, I had a cousin who is a Muslim teacher tell me to read the last three Surat of the Quran (falaq, Nass, Ahad) and they said I should be safe. They assumed I’ve been hit with an evil eye as they gave me this advice and or remedy.

  9. Assalam Wa Alaikum,
    Once I woke up in the middle of the night scared and just felt as if someone had the evil on me, so I read Falaq, Nass, and Ahad in my hands (as I heard this was a Sunna before you sleep) and blew in my hands and started wiping my body and every where my hands rubbed on my skin, I felt coooolnesssssss and the heat I was finding on my skin was disapating was being like iced by my hands, rubbed off feeling. It was an amazing feeling rubbing my body cuz my hands were so cold and I remember wiping even my face and just feeling a beautiful feeling in my hands like absorbing this heat thing on my skin. I was so glad I was protecting and or rescuing myself (By the permission of Allah swt) if that was what was taken place(evil eye).
    I was barley scared when I woke because I know in life, stuff may happen and I feel so strong knowing that Allah can protect us and I felt strong knowing I’m using this fact to protect myself. I loved my reaction in this situation. Al-hamdillah! Makes me feel glad I have a mind as a human, lol. We can learn really well it seems ma she Allah.

  10. I agree with what has been stated already. I also feel it is beneficial to point out to people when they praise you that every ni’mah has some difficulty attached and every good thing looks better from afar than it actually is. They may not be aware. That being said, everything we have is certainly the gift of Allah subhanaHu we tea’la and His mercy on his subjects: wealth fame beauty good fortune success health, whatever is admired is never actually deserved by us and our deeds. It is a test from Allah subhanaHu we tea’la to see how we bear the good, and if we fail at shookr it will be followed by how we bear its absence, or some bad that will replace it. May Allah Grant His mercy on us that we may succeed in these trials and permit us to enter into His ridha and and may Allah be pleased with us.

  11. I have been affected several I am fine by the grace of’s really should recite Quran,Ayatul qursi,and consult any pious shaykh if needed as I did so..may Allah give us shi’faa from these evil eye induced diseases snd solve other problem..

  12. The Evil eye is real and I think we have all experienced it at some point in our lives. When we talk to people and share our happiness with them, a sarcastic comment is a small way of noticing what the other person feels for you. In order to protect ourselves, we need to share our happiness and success only with those who we think are sincere with us., and thank Allah for the blessing and happiness.
    This is something that I experienced lately and it makes me fearful just too think how people can not see you happy even when you have always been good to them and wished good things for them. Their hate and jealousy has no limit and this is why we have the beautiful Qur’an and its Ayahs to protect us.
    To my dear brothers and sisters, going through a difficult time just because there are people out there who cannot see their happiness, and are constantly at work (doing evil things); have no fear, because Allah knows how to deal with them.

  13. Whenever Iam suffered with pain, desease, obstacle in doing something good etc ,my productivity get slowed and I become very lazy, sad, . This usually happens when I forgot to offer my evening and morning supplications. So, I tried to be consistent on my morning/ evening and many other protection supplication. For this, I’ ve downloaded many APP of masnoon supplications in my phone like ” IYYAKA NASTAEEN by Alhuda” etc. Either I tried to read these supplications or listen.