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  1. Masha Allah sister, that is a good article
    . May Allah accept your efforts. In options 5. In the end, there is one sentence is written twice. Jazak Allah khair

  2. Salām, Sis. This is a good article and will be beneficial to many . Your reward is with ALLAH, SubhānaHU wa Ta’ālā. But, me out here, because it is obviously disturbing that many people when they write and want to quote, they fail to quote the Infallible,Incorruptible,Unassailable Holy Qur’ān but quote sayings attributed to the Prophet, best Peace, Salutation, Blessing and Honour of God Almighty, be with Him . Your as a case study, what’s difficult in quoting Holy Qur’ān, 40:60?
    It’s very unfortunate, this situation. As neither ALLAH Ta’ālā nor our beloved Prophet is being impressed. See Qur’ān 25:30-31.We seek refuge in ALLAH Ta’ālā and ask for HIS continuous guidance.