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  1. Bismillaah.
    By the Will of Allaah, to get a sound heart, I’m trying to build up the following habits:
    1.Reciting Qur’aan, learning Tafseer everyday and reading Q&A of often bi-idhnillaah.
    2.Reciting Daily Adhkar & other supplications in various events throughout the day.
    3.Get in touch with people who helps me to boost my eemaan & rectify my character.
    4.Teaching in a pre school three days a week that revitalises my soul.
    5. Striving hard to either speak good or keep silent in order to get rid of grievous sins of tongue that corrupts our hearts and spoils our relationships with Allaah’s slaves.
    6. Excusing people for their faults or who hurt me, forgiving them and praying for my guidance and theirs.
    7. Asking Allaah’s Guidance, Forgiveness and Mercy for myself and all Muslims.

    ◇Things that drain my soul:

    1. An act of sin major or minor specially by tongue.
    2. If I go around toxic peaple.
    3. If I waste time by doing things that will not bring me closer to Allaah SwT or less loveable to Him than what’s more loveable to Him.
    And Allaah is the best Helper.
    P.S. I shared this in hope that Allaah grants this as a sadaqah and help the readers in a beneficial way. Aameen!!!

  2. Masha Allah, very inspirational. I was just reading about the heart and soul before coming across this article.

    Yes, to a cup of tea with biscuit/ cake and a book or journal in the morning. It’s my top formula for getting calm and creative.

    And of course, learning to say NO without guilt to 101+ requests helps too.

    May Allah grant us healthy hearts that will be used to serve Him in shaa Allah.

    • Alhamdulillah, I’m glad the advice resonated with you sister Amina! Love your additional tip around saying “NO”. That’s a big one, especially for us women. But as I always say – no is a complete sentence, which rarely requires explanation and allows you and others to honor boundaries.

      Allahuma ameen to your dua!

  3. Assalamu alaikum rahamatullah wa barakatu,
    Masha Allah!!! As always such a beautiful and inspiring remember to nourish our souls. I have been previledged to have listen to your session during the Me First Summit earlier this year and also enjoyed the give away seven days fill you cup first lectures. Also recently, i have listened to your talk on the Healthy Muslimah Summit. Jazakillah Khair and may Allah increase you in wisdom that impact on the ummah. Ameen