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  1. Again, I’m speechless! A beautiful article!
    Whenever I’m feeling restless or have too much thoughts in my head, I just shake it off and make wudu, then I go to pray 2 rakats. These two rakats after making wudu is also a virtue on its own so doing it whenever possible is great. Also, don’t worry about the littlest things. Take it from me because I’m a huge over-complicater, haha. Leave things to Allah, then it turns out just alright!

  2. Assalumalaykum!!
    Jzk for such a beautiful and practice article. These are all strategies that are easy to use everyday, much easier than some I’ve been finding!

  3. Thank you very much, it’s very clear and helpful. Just to let you know that listen is one thing, looking and reading it is another thing. I had listened but I intend to forget to say Bismillah and now I see, I read, and i shall keep it in my mind all the words you had given, InshaAllah it will remind me to say Bismillah before begin with anything. Thank you again…

  4. s and He knows what is best for us and our deepest desires. Sit and raise your hands to Him and empty your heart out to Him . Knowing that your life is in Allah’s Hands will give you ease and contentment with what you have. Allah loves to give to us when we ask – so make dua in times of ease and hardship.” ~Author
    These words touched my heart to the core. May Allaah accept all your efforts and enable us implementing all the beautiful tips you reminded to be a grateful and patient slave.

  5. I shared this immediately after reading it. May Allah swt reward you, your family and the Productive Muslim abundantly, Ameen. 🙂 Do include me and my family in your dua’as as well. Shukran wa Jazakillahu khair for the beneficial article.! And may you have a blessed friday ahead 😇

  6. Asslamualikum,
    I just want to know why am becoming so lazy like if I pray one time Salah then I miss two times How can I remove this bad habit.please help me and I looking for how to chat with you about my problems so i don’t know how to ask you that’s y I am asking you here.Sorry for that

  7. Asalamu aleykum warahmah
    Thank you for your great advise.i normally read your articles only that i don’t leave message.sorry.
    i was wanted to buy some books but am not in your next area i men that i am in somalia now but live in kenya.
    so,how do i receive those books because they are usefull and helpfull.may Allah (Subhanahu-wata Aalla)rewards your effort.i wish i live in your area i could receive more knowledge than now.

    thanks again

    Muhidin Mohamed

    • Wa alaikum as salam warahmatullah, you are very welcome Br. Muhidin. Thank you for your kind comment. Well, my first book The Basic Values of Islam is available to view for free at my website My second book, How to be a Happy Muslim insha’Allah is available to listen to for free on my youtube channel (My website has the link). Hope this helps!

  8. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Just amazing!
    May Allah azzawazal give us ability to attain the peach of our hearts may HE put barakah in our time and make the ummah that our beloved Prophet sallallau alaihi wasallam wanted us to be….

  9. This type of information is a food for mind and is necessary for the healing of soul. Modern people actually need this. I need you to produce such kind of information so people may be guided to the right path. Thank You for sharing with me such personality and soul developing information.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this enlightment with us. I’ve been having an unsettling heart, messed up routines and an overall negative cloud over me.

    It’s very easy to deviate from the path with all of the distractions, problems and time-consuming work with all the pressure it brings along. But this is not an excuse to remain like this. I’m in more need than ever to return to who I was and even better. I need to open a new page with a better attitude. I shouldn’t let the world’s negativity get to me for as long as I know that Allah is with me. Allah, the creator of everything. What else do I need to seek but His mercy? His acceptance?

    This was a really good kick for me to start to wake up to make the best of everyday. Start a new habit.
    I pray from Allah more guidance. I’m already grateful I’m starting this lovely journey again. And If I fail -which I hope won’t happen- I’ll retry again and again, coming back to this to remind myself that amidst all the darkness, there is light. There is a chance to be a better person.

    Astaghfer Allah lee wa lakom.
    Gazakom Allahu khayran.

    • You are very welcome, Reham. Thank you for your inspiring words. Yes Allah is going to help us and we need to keep a positive attitude. We need to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts: thoughts of Allah’s mercy and kindness.

  11. Loving it!💖
    Ma sha Allah! One of my favorite website, I love reading article’s here.
    May Allah bless each and every single one involved doing this great work!

  12. Salamualaikum,
    Masha’ALLAH, awesome.

    One thing I would like to add is: HAVING KHUSHU IN SALAH
    Believe me this work for me, is not an easy task, but any Salah I tried my level best to perform well, it makes me feel great & happiness inside.

    I really enjoyed this article,
    Jazaka’Allah khairan