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  1. Jazakallahu khairan! This is truly a strong admonition and yet a soft welcoming one all at once.
    Ya Allah, please keep our hears firm on your deen.

  2. Assalumalaikum sister!
    Beautiful article! May Allah bless you and your family and grant your heart and soul peace!

  3. SubhanAllah !! JazakAllahukhairan for sharing such important information. Indeed the most beloved time for me when i was going through the difficult time was salah !!! i felt that Allah was so close to me….. something that i recall a lot of times !!!

  4. Subhan’Allah! amazing article i’ve read so far sister, Barakallah Feeki may Allah swt ease your trials for whatever you may be going through yarab, ameen!
    truly a helpful article indeed!s

  5. May Allah continue to strengthen Sana’s heart and bless her with peace and tranquility. Wonderful article that clearly expresses the plight of so many people. Despair, anxiety and hopelessness characterises the everyday existence of many and the author’s suggestions for reviving and calming the heart, if properly implemented , are sure to bring relief and restore an individual’s spiritual and physical equilibrium. Allah is Peace and from Him comes peace.
    I can personally identify with (1) reading and pondering the Quran regularly, (2) observing Salaat times and performance conscientiously,(3) expressing gratitude for Allah’s Blessings, big or small and (4) helping the needy and unfortunate.
    The author’s reminder that Allah is always near to us and answers our duas is tremendously reassuring and comforting.
    May Allah bless us all and incline our hearts to Him..

  6. Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah.
    I am not known to ever comment on articles I read on the internet. But after coming across this article i feel compelled to do so. I just wanted to thank Sr. Sana Gul Waseem on this very much needed article. For over a year now I’ve been hit with a number of difficult trials which affected my iman drastically. I felt hopeless and abandoned. I searched all over the internet looking for answers and guidance and found nothing that truly relates to how i feel and what im going through. This is the only article i came acrosss after over one year of searching for answers and some sort of couseling to help me go through my struggle. I will take your advice sister Sana and i pray Allah increases you and you’re entire family with countless blessings and bounties. I just want you to know that you’re are such an amazing person. May Allah make much more people like you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    Sana Gul Waseem

  7. Salaam o alikum,

    Jazaak Allah Khair for sharing. That was really beneficial!

    I knew it was Desi writing when I read ‘dhak dhak’. lol



  8. Ma-shaa’-Allah!this is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. It’s true most people become forgetful of Allah swt when they are not being tested and everything is going great. We should be either in a state of continuos gratitude or asking for Allah swt to help us. Jazakom Allahu Khayran.

  9. Beautifully written and very helpful. I actually am going through a tough trial and this article is a ray of hope.

  10. May Allah reward you for helping us outhere who is struggling just as much… how can i not fall in love with deen !!

  11. “if God may please;” and think of your Lord in ease you forget, and say: “Perhaps my Lord will show me a nearer way to rectitude.” (Surah kahf ayah 24)
    I always force my self to do dhikr during tough times to revive me heart,

  12. Assalam aleykum. Thanks so much for the wonderful article. it really inspires me when i read from one paragraph to another. It reminds me of the numerous blessings from almighty Allah that he has given us.

  13. I appreciate the entire content of the article, it seems like is talking about my own personal life and the present state of my heart is really in a bad shape both spiritually and psychologically. Please i need you to help me out. Thank you!

  14. Aselamu Aleykum Sister Sana,

    It is something that I needed to hear and will try to heed Insha’Allah. We often forget Allah in our despair and try to find other ways to remedy our hearts.
    Jazaki Allahu Kheir for reminding me that this is the biggest mistake we keep making and to always turn to Allah be it in good or bad times.

  15. thanks for sharing beautiful peace, I mostly talk to Allah, and sometimes also like listening Qurran with translation and at times I talk to my friends who makes me understand my trial with common examples….

  16. جزاكم الله خيرًا
    Thank you for sharing. سبحان الله
    I subscribe to productive Muslim so I get all the articles but I don’t always have the time to read them. But I decided to read this article and I really needed it. سبحان الله
    May الله keep us on His path. May الله strengthen Mohammad Faris and his family to continue this programme. The Ummah needs this advice.
    بارك الله فيك

  17. Salam alaikum. Jazakumullahu bikhair I used most of the tips in the article and the most effective one for me was salat I was in a lot of trouble my heart was at a stage where I can’t even explain. The only thing I do was cry I got tired of crying and oneday I decided to talk to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. I got up and performed ablution I prayed to raka ats nawafil I talked to Allah in my sujood. I poured my heart out, I cried, I begged him to make things easy for me i told him what my problems were some I cudnt even explain I gave my 100% assurance that he is “As samad”( the satisfier of all needs) and he is the all hearing I was very sure that at that time i was really having a conversation with him and he is listening I poured my heart out and by Allah after I said my Salam I felt my heart was lighter and I was ready to see the miracles and by Allah that was the turning point In my life. My advise here is please brothers and sisters anybody that is facing trials in his/ her lives should be patient coz Allah promised to test us according to our level of faith and by Allah if you live everything in the hands of Allah having full faith in him that he ll make everything right at the right time shall see wonders in his/ her lives. alhamdulillah for Islam alhamdulillah for productivemuslim. Ya Allah make it a form of sadaqatul jariya work for all of us. Thank you

  18. Asalamu alaikum
    Jazak Allah khair for this wonderful advice…I myself was feeling a bit low..what with all the up’s and down’s of this life..ur msg felt like a beacon of light for me..thank u..jazak Allah khair and do pray for me

  19. Out of hundreds of emails lying in my inbox to read I picked this one and I do not regret my choice. I can relate to it so well that it’s as if someone wrote it observing me!

  20. Assalamo alaikom sister.
    Jazaki Allahu khayran for this helpful article.
    For me, the key to pass through trials and tribulations is to turn back to Allah, as there is no refuge from Allah except going back to him and asking him to forgive you and repent on you.

    wa assalam

  21. as salaam alaikum,
    I feel like this article was written for me and how I can get relief from Allah directly. I pray Allah will relieve all our difficuties, our trials and tribulations. We have to do our share by being steadfast in our Ibadaat and help ourselves. Rest is in Allah’s hand, the most Merciful the most beneficient.

  22. AL_-HAMDULILLAH !I’M SO INSPIRED.We should remember that ALLAH is always there to listen to our prayers.Jazakhallah khairan.

  23. Jazak Allah Khair …. beautiful reminder that i definitely NEEDED..
    May Allah swt make your tests/trials easy for you …Ameen

    Wa Salaam