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  1. Go on Hajj
    Pay for my parents for Hajj
    Pay for my parents to go somewhere special
    Write a very inspiring,good and beneficial book
    Help someone become independent by helping start a business
    Teach atleast 2 kids how to recite Fatiha
    Become a nurse or doctor
    Give someone shahadah
    Become someone that enjoing the good

  2. On my immediate bucket lists and also lifelong goals are performing hajj, learning Arabic to understand the Quran, perfect tajweed, do more volunteer work within community, make my kids hafiz Quran ;)

  3. My bucket list goes like:
    *Control my negative thoughts.
    *Hajj is always on my mind :D
    *Learn Tajweed.
    *Learn Arabic.
    *Dig deep in my Deen and spread the word.
    *Volunteer for more productivity.
    *Put a board in my home and put little notes on it like verses of Quran and Ahadees and other nicer things.
    *Except of watching movies and listening to songs in leisure time, paint,cook, write, make beautiful notes and handmade presents for your friends and family.
    * Support one or more child(ren) get educated.
    *Control my speaking habits(Like extra speaking :D)

  4. As’salaamu alaikum. On my bucket list, I would like to further my education in Psychology and own a business in mental health counseling, specifically for women and children. I would like to become debt-free. I would like to perform Hajj. I would like to study Arabic so that I may be able to recite, read, and understand the Qur’an in the language it was sent down in in shaa Allah. I would like to travel (I’ve never been on an airplane). I would like to get married again in the future, to establish a beautiful family for my daughters and myself, hoping for success in it in this life and the hereafter.

  5. I know that in the busy lives we lead there are so many more important that still need to be done and even though there should be order in how and what we do I think there should be fun in things we do and some even spontaneous!

  6. Alhumdulillah Thuma Alhumdulillah my Productivity Bucket List, extends a long way :) I worked with a Bank in Bahrain and wanted to travel to Canada so here I am, by Allah’s grace! We thought of getting our daughter into an Islamic School even though it is expensive and Allah blessed us with that as well :) Leaving an entire life setup in Bahrain to come to Canada and being blessed with a decent job right away by Allah is another Bucket List wish completed and May Allah never Let Go of our Hands..Aameen :) Now we just want Allah to Bless our Daughter with HifzE Quran while we are here and call us back to his Holy Land so that our daughter can go to Uni. of Madinah or King Abdul Aziz University to be an Aalima and allow us to visit his Holy Ka’aba and the Prophet’s mosque regularly is all we ask Him Insha Allah. Much more to Ask for and Allah will keep us giving Insha Allah :) Aameen Ya RabUl Aalameen

  7. -Learn Arabic fluently
    -Study and deeply understand the Quran
    -Understand prayer well, its power and its meaning as well
    -Pray 5 times a day on time once I have a deep understanding of prayer
    -Marry a good Muslim
    -Find a job where I can contribute to the world and that has meaning to me
    -Continue studing Quran and Life of Excellence and help others to find this wonderful book by Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed

  8. Summing it up, it looks like learning arabic, learning tajweed and having a deep understanding of Al-Quran is on the most if not all on our bucket list. Rabbi zidni lima! (My Lord increase me in knowledge). InsyaAllah May Allah give us the strength to this!

  9. My Bucket List:
    – Build a business that in turns create new job opportunities for the new generation
    – Pray 5 times a day perfectly
    – Khatam Al-Quran
    – Hajj
    – Get Married and have kids

    Not easy considering my current situation but insyallah, this can and will be done.

  10. -Lead a life by example
    – To become a good muslim which will ultimately make me a better human being.
    – Help the ummah and do something which is really worth for which my family will be proud off before I leave this world.

  11. Please Allah before I die
    Try and complete my responsibilities to my parents and children
    Be role model and teach
    Be financially independent
    Set up good foundations for family to progress in the future
    Own a sports hall

  12. -Become a Hafidh
    -get an ijazah in tajweed
    -become a doctor
    -build a fun hospital + islamic centre combo type institute where everyone learns something from everyone
    -rid myself and my family off junk food
    -make my children scholars of the ummah and surround them with a learning environment at home
    -make all my children do hifdh
    -Absolute fluency in Arabic
    -Learn graphic designing to make funky posters for islamic halaqahs
    -Buy a DSLR to capture islamic workshops/events and nature more beautifully
    -Understand the wisdom/lesson behind every single ayah of the Quran

  13. My Productivity Bucket List:

    Following my MITs in an every day routine
    such as: (reading dhikr, quran surah al baqara every third day without getting distracted)

    Doing my arabic-learning online (shariaprogram online course)
    Learn reading Quran and understand it at the same time
    Completing my education as teacher of languages (German Language course)
    Beeing a good wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend

    Living my life the way, which gets me closer to Allah

  14. I want to concentrate better on my prayers
    Be a haafidh
    Improve my relation with people around me
    Understand Quran better
    Choose a good career which will help me both in aakhirah and dunya
    Read more Islamic books
    Help a person revert to islam,in sha Allah
    do all the deeds in my life without riya’

    • Sis Allah test us in many ways and one of the major test is of children and Allah knows how he test us. You know whenever there is a hardship peopke have three kind of behaviours
      1. Complain to Allah that why this happened to me. They get the sins.
      2. Dont complain just be quite. They get no reward no punishment.
      3. They do sabr. They are rewarded.
      4. They are thankful to Allah. They get the reward and Alkah make them among the muqarabeen ( the closest to Allah)
      I understand you are going through really tough time but the thing which you really need to quit is plz dont curse your daughter dont make bad duas for her rather be quite

      Just pray to Allah and say الحمد لله على كل حال. Say with your tongue that Allah it was your decision to test me with my daughter give me courage to accept it

      But do remember dua is the biggest tool go in sujood make a lot of duas for your daughter our hearts are in hands of Allah amy time He can change.

      Get your self closer to quran and Allah because its my personal experience i am blessed with a special child whose brain not developed properly she cant see may be not walk, talk or even eat by herself as she is on tube feeding but in all that situation i started to learn the quran with understanding and Allah filled my heart with happiness and i say thanks to Allah to giving me a special baby so i connected to Allaj otherwise i had another option to cry cry n cry for my daughter but quran gave me so much power to do the things. So plz connect your self with quran

      You there are children in this world who even beat their parents and put them in chai s of even throw them out from their houses think of those who are worst than you then you will be relax. Because there is hadees that in matter of dunya look at the peopke worse than you and in matters of deen look at the people higher than you.

      Remember sons of yaqoob AS one day they left their bad behaviour and became obedient but the reason was he was patient when they thrown yousaf AS in well he know really well what they did he only told them uour heart has made this thing easy for you and then turned to Allah and said i will talk with my Allah. He didn’t thrown them out of the house and didn’t made any bad dua for them so read about him and make him your role model.

      Do a lot of istighfar as its a solution to sll problems.

      Try to offer tahajudd prayers as Allah is on the firdt sky at that times and asks: is there anyone ask me i will give him, ask forgiveness i will grant him forgiveness.

  15. I would do my Masters, M.Phill & Doctorate in Islamic studies to get deep in the knowledge and then do Da`wah…….. in sha Allah

  16. Asalaam alikhom?Allahamudillah***,my bucket list :

    InishallAlIah I would living my life in a way,that gets me closer to Allah.

    *Settle down after marriage.
    *In my country the Islamic curriculum among kindergarten children is weak and this bothers me a lot because when one misses out on the foundation it affects the way they will live so hoping inishAllah to be one of the initiators.
    *Learn Arabic to understand my religion better.
    The list big,oh making hajji too is one of my priorities.

  17. “As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely guide them to Our paths (i.e. Allah’s religion — Islamic Monotheism). And verily, Allah is with the Muhsinoon (good-doers)” (Al-‘Ankaboot 29:69)
    Born to Muslims, entire adolescence spent in schools and madrasas, seeking a job on reaching maturity and continued to strive and studied and rose up in ranks and during this period, pushed to an area where predominantly Muslims, organized with them many social activities such as Tabligue plus economic upliftment, religious discourses with prominent erudite Muslims on mass scale calling this as Hadhis Majlis for three consecutive years, at the end of this, how they all made Du’a on my behalf where the whole crowd said Ameen, and this was 52 years ago.
    Soon after retirement, pushed to join Iththihadul Muslimeen as :Propagenda secretary, visited all Jum’ah Masjids in this country, with the best Alims, for 3 years organized community centres, self defence and Unity of the community. Thereby got to know most of the Ulamas of this country.
    During my lifetime, hundreds of incidents took place where I had esc aped unhurt miraculously.
    Today in the year 2014, I stand at 91+, a retired man, Alhamdulillah. Still pursuing my Daw’ah work vigorously, producing many books (shown below) on Islam and distributing them freely after Jum’ah prayers in many masjids in this country in addition to thousands of emails sent to various groups.
    1. DVD-contains A – Z of the Qur’an followed by Yusuf Ali Commentaries and the relevant Hadhis on each subject, running into 2600 pages. Focus on Islam on over 100 subjects;
    2. AWRADS from Al-Qur’an in four languages;
    3. SIN & REPENTANCE – in FOUR languages, Arabic, English, Tamil & Sinhalese.
    4. DU’A – Weapon of the Believer in Yasir Qadhi.
    5. Prayers from Al-Qur’an in all four languages.
    6. ADAB as Salaat- Mistakes and Refutations in English, Tamil and Sinhalese in concise forms.
    7. Brochure on Friday Prayers (Jummah) in English and Tamil.
    8. DU’A – Weapon of the Believer in English and Tamil by Yasir Qadhi.
    9. IN SEARCH OF THE MESSAGE- a-z OF THE Qur’an on vital subjects in English, with Yusuf Ali Commentaries and relevant Hadhis, in 5 Volumes, 2600 pages, suitable for Libraries in Universities, and Major Colleges. Only 5 sets are now available.weighing about 3-4 kilos, postal charges may be heavy.
    10. SALAAT- Mistakes and Rulings by Sheik Mashhur Hasan Al Salman, abridged by me in English-93 pages, few copies still available after distribution,.
    11. –do- in Tamil -do- in Tamil.
    12. My Website is:
    How does all this happen? Its just Allah all the way. Firm, unshakable Trust and Belief in Allah was the weapon that had enveloped my entire life, and career. Alhamdulillah, Thahajjat prayer for nearly half a century is another secret weapon. Most of my humble requests to Allah being granted in some form or other, is the greatest felicity and supreme achievements. When wrong is done by me, 2 rakats of prayer of thauba never missed, and all my efforts mentioned herein are inspirations I am answering to this date for Allah’s sake. Abideen

  18. *Hajj
    *Learn Arabic to understand Quran
    *Memorize Quran
    *Write a book (islamic topic)
    *Finish Bachelor’s
    *Be part of an Islamic humanitarian org
    * Adopt a child

  19. perform my prayers (fard)
    do dhikr
    read Quran
    establishing my duties towards my family and everyone
    learn more about islam
    keeping away from unlawful things
    hav 2 perform hajj and umrah!!!
    nd also nafl prayers!!!

  20. On my bucket list,is complete memorizing the juzzu amma very soon In sha Allah(i have managed to memorize upto surah fajr by today Alhamdulillah),2.get to learn Arabic so that I can understand the noble Qur’an as I recite 3.Study Islam in it’s entirety at an Islamic institution.In sha allah

  21. Alhandulillaah for whatever I already have first and foremost..In my bucket list iwish for ;

    Making full use of Nouman Ali Khan’s study of th Quran and Arabic.

    Wish the Quran to be my companion everyday.

    Bring my kids up to be strong ,well mannered ,focussed and Deen loving individuals.

    Help my mother become a stronger Muslimah.

    Be financially so strong that i’m able to relieve my parents’ and step parents’ worries.

    Be a source of inspiration to others through my manners.

  22. In my bucket list i want to do every action that will make my RABB happy with me and also wish same for my parents,family,friends and all mulims.

  23. May Allah make it possible for everyone to meet their goals. Amin.

    1. Make Salah on time and with Khusooh

    2. Be an ideal muslimah, mother, wife and daughter, and support my children to be productive Muslims

    3. Understand the Qur’an

    4. Hajj and Umrah, and again

    5. It is quite long, Barakallahu fih to everyone!

  24. having deep understanding of Quran
    Complete my study on politics
    become a writer
    Perform hajj
    get a foriegn scholarship
    write a book
    stop thhe habit of gossiping
    Anger management