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  1. masha Allah
    i’m very related
    all of my sibling are with my parents in our sweethome in philippines.
    while i’m here working in Saudi Arabia to provide something we need.
    everytime i heard or read surah Yusef my heart start melting and can’t control my tears.
    all of my sibling always make me hurt,but i don’t wanna figth,because im afraid to hurt them too.
    i always asking apologoze even it is not my fault,just to make them comfort and to rid her/his anger.
    i always chosing dawn and keeping patience for the sake of Allah.S.W.A
    its OK as long as they are happy,am happy too.
    always believing ‘wa sabron jamil-inallaha ma’asabirin.

  2. Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    Jazakillahu khairan Sr. Sana for writing a piece on this topic. Great article mashaallah.

    I wanted to add, coming from a big family, I think what contributed to us being so close and helped minimize rivalry growing up is that we had to share most things. We shared rooms, clothes, games, etc. Up to an age we even shared beds. Of course we all fought and argued, and still do but it hardly lasts. We did have our individual items, and we did ask permission to borrow but I think having to share rooms and sharing small spaces was the biggest factor in forcing us to work out our differences as we were always in each others face. lol.

    I remember learning in a lecture another helpful tip; to not get involved during sibling arguments unless its absolutely necessary (someone using curse words, or getting physical). But they should learn to work out their differences without interference because one child can easily interrupt your actions as taking sides.

    Just some thoughts, looking forward to hear what others have to add!

  3. well,no matter how hard parents try to hide or control showing more love to a child amongst their children.The others(children) tends to notice d preferential treatment.if a child is at the receiving from his/her parent.what are the ways u think he/she can use balance up with the rest without any major issue.

    As salam alaykum

  4. assalaamaliekum i really want to share somethg on this topic coz i have gone through it a bad phase of my life with my older sister were jealousy hatred and rivalry was only thing .but by the grace of ALLAH swt showing me the right path i tried to forgive her and pray for her .once i read the surah YUSUF i really understood what lesson it teaches us there are many lesson to be learned from this surah but most is lesson of forgiveness. Were you yourself find very comfortable after forgiving people who does wrong to us for no reason .inshallah ALLAH swt may guide all of us and make us understand the whole quran . Jazakallh khair

  5. First & Foremost it is a meaningful article actually siblings are own bloods but even then they are rivals @ sometimes each other and sometimes may be very jealous. But when a problems comes with other they will all get together and raise with one voice and oppose the other party because of own blood. I wish to convey my sincere thanks for publishing this article. “jazakhallah khairan “

  6. Masha`Allah very nice article Sister …Jazakallah khair..we are really in need for more tips to raise our children in Islamic manner .