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  1. Really commendable all are facts and she has focused the attention from he Holy Quran and I wish Sister Naryam to continue and May Almighty give Her strength and keep Her in good health Aameen.

  2. JAZAAKALLAHU bi khairan. Let me thank PM and Sis Maryam for this extremely important piece about The Glorious Qur’aan. More grease to your elbows Siddington. I followed the link to suhaibWebb and couldn’t help to notice that you NEVER qualify The Glorious Qur’aan, you write Qur’aan period! Being a haafizha, you’re very aware how ALLAH SubhaanaHU wa Ta’aalaa, and HIS Messenger, best peace, blessings and ALLAH be with Him,qualified it severally, eg Holy, Glorious Majestic. Is a there is a reason?Remember, there are 3 categories of the chosen who are given the inheritance of The Book. We ask ALLAH SubhaanaHU wa Ta’aalaa for HIS Mercy and favour.

    • Dr.,

      I appreciate your concern for the Qur’an, but especially as a hafitha, I am more than aware of the places that Allah ‘azza wa jall also does not use an adjective to describe the Qur’an.

      I’ll leave it up to you to find those :)

      The point being that whether one describes the Qur’an with an adjective or without one, Allah Most High Himself has done both.

      It is important not to instruct others in a way that may confuse those who do not have knowledge of it, without oneself having without full knowledge of those matters. May Allah bless you.

      barak Allahu fikum,
      Maryam Amir

  3. Masha Allah,Alhamdulillah.sister Maryam has achieved awesome things at this young age.Alhamdulilla,Im in the journey towards memorizing and it has helped me loads. Alhamdulillah.

  4. Oh my God.. This reminded me of the time when I desired to memorize some surahs only to fall to ruin again. Since memorizing surah Maryam, and a little over half of An-Nur from last year, I haven’t been active with any memorization b/c of feeling disheartened with my capabilities but this article motivates me to finish where I left off and start new surahs. Jazak Allahu khayran.

  5. Masha’Allah very valuable tips..Jazakillah khayr my dear sister, I shall certainly stick to your advices and recommendations Insha’Allah..